is your go-to source for the absolute, best quality cubic zirconia engagement rings manufactured one-at-a-time to your exact specifications by U.S master jewelry craftsmen with the highest-grade 5A cubic zirconia and set in your favorite, value-holding precious metals.

You’ve heard about cubic zirconia, of course: simply put, the smartest natural diamond alternative for discerning customers who expect quality, beauty and value when they make the important life decision to get engaged.

Need to know more about what makes “The Clear Choice” for your high-quality cubic zirconia engagement ring? Let’s talk about that, right now.

We are proud to help you and the love of your life create the engagement ring of your dreams, whether through our growing line of pre-manufactured CZ engagement ring styles that will be made as soon as you order and shipped usually within 7-25 days or through a collaborative effort with our custom cubic zirconia engagement rings program that will have you dictate each little detail for our team, approving every step of the way through to our manufacture of the ring you’ve already seen pictured in detail because you helped us digitally create it!

Note: By the way, “CZ” means “cubic zirconia”, of course, so in case you’d never seen that abbreviation you’re in the know, now.

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, our company offers high quality cubic zirconia engagement rings as a very large part of our business. It’s how we first acquire many customers we hope to treat RIGHT so that they become lifetime repeat purchasers happy to refer us their friends and family (as those are often the ONLY people who will ever know your engagement ring is made with hiqh-quality cubic zirconia rather than a mined diamond…if and only because you told them, maybe like past customers to brag on what a great deal you got).

The making and selling of the best quality cubic zirconia engagement rings available isn’t something we take lightly, since if everything goes as you (and we) hope, your purchase now of an engagement ring will be the first and LAST purchase of its kind in both of your lives.

 Best Quality Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?
The Difference sets us apart.

the CZ stones we use in all of our finished jewelry are 5A (AAAAA), diamond-quality stones with no visible internal flaws or imperfections, optically flawless, cut to diamond-equivalent proportions and dimensions and yes… these 5A stones are visually indistinguishable to the naked eye from the most flawless, expensive mined diamonds ever found. Does that sound like a wild claim? It’s true, and we are prepared to prove it to anyone including your local jeweler, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, or any competitor. 

Secondly and Thirdly, our cubic zirconia engagement rings are 2) made one-at-a-time to order, with care and attention to each of 5 phases of manufacturing by talented master craftsmen, and 3) set with only the precious metal of your choice. 

We don’t use “plated” or “filled” metals like the costume jewelry makers that mass-manufacture tens of thousands of identical rings from brass, exploiting cheap labor in squalid factories in Asia, plating each of the quickly-made rings with silver before selling them in wholesale lots of 100 or so at $15 apiece to small U.S., Canadian, British, Australian, and Indian merchants that then put these costume jewelry pieces online on eBay or Amazon, or else sell them at “flea markets” for $30 apiece to clear a 2x profit on their wholesale investment.

No, we made a conscious decision at not to follow the crowd of mass-manufacturers with that model.

We believe real mined diamonds have limited real value because their rarity isn’t what the mining cartels would have you believe, but that precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium do have intrinsic value because of their beauty, useful applications, and non-fabricated rarity. We also believe that a high-quality simulated diamond such as the best quality CZ stone deserves just as fancy and valuable of a setting as the diamond it was designed to replace, and we do it to give our customers the “Diamond Mystique” perception at a fraction of the cost. That’s why all of our finished jewelry is manufactured-to-order one piece at a time and ONLY from the precious metals

Choose .925 Sterling Silver; 10K, 14K or 18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold; 950 Palladium, or Pure 950 Platinum for your quality engagement ring from our company and because those metal designations you just saw described are regulated and strictly enforced by U.S. government agencies to protect the consumer public from unscrupulous jewelry sellers you’ll never fear that what you buy from our company is going to be anything different from what you get delivered as far as precious metal purity and quality.

Do you know what that means? Well, short answer: if you are looking for the best quality cubic zirconia engagement ring, we believe there is no better or ‘clearer’ choice for quality, value and the ultimate luxury of diamond-perception without diamond prices than the one and only

Fourthly, at we are truly excited about your decision.

Look at you…you’re getting engaged!

We want to help you make your proposal and engagement a stunning testament to your commitment to each other.

Is this proposal a surprise? We want her to be in jaw-dropping awe when you ask her and she sees the ring you picked out (even if she helped with ‘hints’ as some women often do :) ). That’s why all packages ship in plain boxes without any identifying company name or insignia outside.

Our designs strive to capture the character and personality of your story, embodied in the best quality cubic zirconia engagement rings, and we want YOU to be able to tell that story and not have your surprise gift ruined by a company that cares more about branding its packages in the mail than they do about you the customer and your hopes to plan the perfect proposal.

This is going to be fun. You are going to love the result, trust us! 

Fifthly, in case you need even more convincing that should be your CZ jeweler of choice for the engagement ring you’re considering purchasing soon, consider the selection of our CZ stones.

We have myriad styles to consider, including shapes that very few retailers on the planet carry because they just aren’t that popular.

We don’t really care what other companies do. If you can buy a diamond in a shape, we want you to buy the CZ we manufacture to simulate it in that same shape, too!

Unsure about the right stone shape to go for? Read our article Which Center Stone Shape Is Best For You/Her?

Unsure about the right stone size to go for? Read our article Which Center Stone Size Is Best For You/Her?

You can further customize with your favorite precious metal. And if you're not sure about which precious metal is right for you, read our article Which Precious Metal Is Right For You/Her?

Add side stones in your choice of shape and setting. You can use our secure website’s smart menu (on the left side of all URL pages in your internet browser bar) to filter your search and experiment with different design features.

You will be happy to find that we offer high quality cubic zirconia engagement rings in an accessible way that will be fun to shop, and has been influenced by our customers and their suggestions (thank you!). 

Get started today to find or create the quality CZ engagement ring the wearer will put on the first time with joy and the thousandth time with pride.

We’ve created a shopping experience that you can enjoy.

No intimidating glass case here! For guys shopping for that special lady in your life, we strive to make this experience as memorable as your upcoming proposal. Well, maybe not that exciting, but as shopping experiences go, we think we do a pretty good job!

For the extended answer to your questions about our company, quality of manufacturing, stones, or references, go ahead and surf our website, check out our testimonials, review some of our other educational blog articles, read our frequently asked questions pages, or just reach out and contact us via phone or email.

We will take the time and care to answer your questions whether you’re buying an engagement ring, or just a single loose cubic zirconia stone.

You can also click here to view our full collection of high quality CZ engagement rings.

Or click here to set the ball in motion to get a unique, custom-made CZ engagement ring made just for you/her with our “Design Your Own” program.

~ Tekla, Staff Writer

    And don’t forget, we’ll be here for you long after the successful proposal, still, when you celebrate your growing love and happy milestones together as the years go by. And you’ll be doubly glad that your search for a high-quality cubic zirconia engagement ring led you FIRST (or eventually) to our company,, because your non-custom ring purchase comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty.