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What Is Her Ring Size? Sneaky Tips To Learn Her Finger Ring Size without Ruining The Surprise


Not sure what her finger ring size actually is? These tips from our company will help you answer the question "What is her ring size?" without tipping her off about your plan for a surprise ring gift!

How to Secretly Find Out Her Ring Size

"I want to buy her an engagement ring, but I don't know her finger size. I don't want to ask her. That would ruin the surprise. Help!"

Sound familiar?

It's a common problem for men all over the world - probably not as common as finding a good parking spot at the mall on a Sunday afternoon, but that’s because you can shop til you drop but for all intents and purposes the gift of an engagement ring is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing rather than an every-other-weekend kind of thing.

Although we have encountered a lot of couples where the men allow their girlfriends to shop for their own engagement rings (for fear of screwing up and choosing something awful ugly), still there are a few traditional blokes who would like to take on this gargantuan task themselves, wanting the whole thing to be a surprise to their lady loves (totally old school!).

Now, if you're among these endangered species, one of the problems you'll surely encounter is knowing your girlfriend's ring size so you can buy the perfect engagement ring. Of course, you can't ask her outright. If you could, you wouldn't be reading this now, would you?

So, how are you going to find out what her ring size it without her realizing what you're up to?

Here are 6 tips on how you can accomplish your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. The easiest way would be to "borrow" one of her existing rings you know to fit and have it measured. Of course, you need to do this in secret. Be careful though - if you get caught, it would appear you're trying to steal her jewelry and she could dump you right then and there. Then who would you buy an engagement ring for?
  1. Maybe the worst way would be to hold her hand and observe which of your fingers comes closest to the size of her ring finger (maybe your pinky), then have that measured. This may not work, though, if you've got really large hands and your girlfriend has small ones (or the other way around - which is creepy...).

    However, we’ve worked with men who could really only get themselves to do this step, and in most cases they ended up having to get the ring re-sized after the proposal (just as we warned them). The point here is to create a point of comparison so you can do your best to guess a close enough estimate, but don’t expect this tip to get top results.
  1. If she's a deep sleeper, measure her finger with a string. Make sure it's not wound too tightly (the loop should pass through her knuckles easily). Cut the string (or mark it) to the correct size and bring it to a jeweler for measurement. This works pretty well.

    If she suddenly wakes up while you have a string looped around her finger, you can do one of two things: a) pretend you're doing a prank and planned to tie her finger to the post of the bed or to your dog's tail; or b) say “I was holding your hand while you were sleeping and felt this string so I'm taking it off or it might cut you. It must have come from your nightgown or something, Want some coffee?" (If it's still the middle of the night, you can leave that last part off). Sure that second one seems like gibberish, but since when are you totally clear upstairs when you just woke up suddenly?
  1. Secretly ask a friend of hers who has any ring (preferably an engagement ring) to say something like, "Hasn't your boyfriend proposed yet? I'm sure you 2 are perfect for each other! Here, let me look at your finger, try on my ring and let's see how your hand will look like engaged...". Ask the friend to give you some feedback on if it was big enough that it didn't get stuck on a knuckle, and fit at least well enough to use as the proposal ring (you can always size it smaller if needed later). Just don't let your engaged friend with really fat fingers do this lest the ring look like a small bracelet on your girlfriend.
  1. Ask a college friend of hers to pretend they're buying her a college ring because "we're offered this awesome deal by some jeweler" or something, so they have to know her ring size (then they can just say later that the deal with the jeweler is off because the jeweler went nuts or something). This might work if she went to college. And if she has friends that don't mind telling a white lie whopper on your behalf. Otherwise, you can't possibly say they're buying her a high school ring. That's not a thing. Or is it? Really, there are better ways unless you're desperate. See #1. See #3.
  1. If you're an artistic person, create a plaster cast sculpture of your hands holding each other (you can find videos of this on Youtube) and use that for measurement. She won’t suspect the reason you wanted to plaster cast her hands. You can even make the finished plaster cast sculpture as a gift for her. Then when you're married, you can use it as a mantelpiece decoration. Cool, huh? This is the coolest and smoothest in our expert opinion. But if you’re not artistic, probably better to choose any of the options above.
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