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Jewelry Repair Services

Contacting about a product under CubicZirconia.com's lifetime warranty? No problem, please follow the instructions provided under the "Warranty instructions" heading at the link in the last sentence. We'll quickly send you the Warranty/Repair Form and clear email instructions for shipment and the proper address to ship your repair package.

Need repair services for a cubic zirconia product not purchased from CubicZirconia.com? If it's made with precious metals-- gold, sterling silver, platinum-- we can help you, and since we'll likely with your permission replace any other CZ stone(s) in the jewelry with our 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia, your piece will return to you not just repaired but sparkling better than ever. You'll start with the Free Non-Warranty Jewelry Inspection product shown below-- you'll just pay shipping to get our estimate on what's needed and we will do exactly what you want and approve and no more.

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Not sure what you're looking for, exactly? At this link you can read a bit more about some of our more popular jewelry repair and company services. Or dive in on a certain topic with our Warranty, Services & Repair FAQ