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Want to buy a special cubic zirconia jewelry piece for your beloved but don't have the cash right now up front? You'll love our different payment options that give you flexibility to pay.

If you need help buying the best jewelry while maintaining your monthly budget, please contact us about our in-house layaway program (no credit qualification), or apply to make your purchase throughAffirm.  

Option 1. Layaway program:

cubic zirconia jewelry gifts with financing

Order today and pay over time; receive your product once your account balance with is paid in full.  Flexible payment arrangement.

Minimum order amount: There is a minimum order amount of $750 required to qualify for layaway.

Setup Fee:  There is a $10 setup fee added to the total transaction amount (for example, if the total of your ring purchase including taxes and shipping is $1,000, the total amount you would owe is $1,010).

Interest Fees: Our layaway plan is interest free. 

Promotions and Coupons: You may use current promotion codes and/or coupons at the time that your layaway plan is created.  The price is locked in at that time and no future promotions or coupons can be added to the transaction. 

Payment Requirements: Payments must be made via Paypal; you may sign up for a free Paypal account (using Paypal, you may pay via credit card or bank account transfer). 

Payment Frequency: You may send any payment amount in any frequency you want until the full purchase amount is satisfied (for example, for a $1000 ring, you could send two payments of $500, ten payments of $100, or 100 payments of $10 during any span of time). 

Pleasesketch to cad to cubic zirconia ring note: we will not ship your item until you have paid the full amount. Nor are we able to begin the manufacturing process before payment is complete. The only exception is for custom orders from our "design your own" program that require a 360 degree digital design rendering (CAD); in these cases, total payments of $300.00 (US) allow us to give you the opportunity to choose at your option to have us begin the CAD digital rendering process and show these images to you for your feedback and approval as explained here: CAD deposit (this amount of $300.00 becomes non-refundable after the CAD is started upon your request.

Cancellation/refunds:  If at any time you decide to cancel your transaction, you will receive a full refund of the amount you have paid thus far, minus any transaction fees associated with collecting your payments.

Transaction Fees:  Transaction fees are calculated at $0.30 USD plus 2.9% of the amount received. This means that for a $100 payment, the fee would be $3.20 ($.30+$2.90).. 

Note: You will NOT personally have to pay the transaction fees when you make the payments for your layaway order. We will cover the costs of those fees when we collect your payment(s), but be advised that you will not receive the portion held aside for transaction fees back in your refund if you ever request one.


Fraudulent Orders: may cancel a layaway order at its discretion and without warning if it is determined that the purchaser is fraudulent or has attempted to order using a stolen credit card.

Get Started: Fill out the contact form below to let us know you're seeking Layaway order assistance!


Option 2. Buy Now, Pay Later:

Order today and pay over time; receive your product immediately while making payments to the lender. United States customers only. All orders over $300 eligible.

This financing program allows you to pay for your order up-front with no delays-- just like you had checked out with a credit or debit card. The biggest benefit is that we are able to begin manufacture of your order immediately.  A secondary benefit is that these customers receive payment flexibility for their purchase today.

Why pay upfront for your online purchase when you could buy now and pay later? Get it now and pay it off later – it’s that easy. Applying for an account takes seconds and you can use it to quickly secure those special gifts that are on your list.  You can prequalify for financing on any eligible product page by clicking "Prequalify now" below the cart button.

Or, simply add items to your cart, check out as usual and select "Affirm Monthly payments" as your payment method. Continue to Affirm with the "Complete Order" button.


Flexible Monthly Payments

Go Credit Card Free

Your rate will be 0-36% APR based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. For example, a $700 purchase might cost $63.18/mo over 12 months at 15% APR. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount and a down payment may be required.