Wholesale 5A White/Clear Round Cut Melee/Accent Stones (Boutique Packages 10-10,000 units)

$18.11 USD

AAAAA diamond quality Wholesale Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Melee/Accent Loose Stones

Choose from a variety of different individual stone dimensions and package sizes below to find the perfect 5A melee/accent Cubic Zirconia gemstone(s) to match your jewelry needs. All packages ship from the United States within five business days of purchase. 

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Wholesale AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA Round Cut CZ Loose Stones.

Delivery Services: USPS, DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex, etc.  We will choose the shipping method that offers the most secure delivery to your location. 
Lab created (Synthetic) Cubic Zirconia
8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale
Treatments Applied:
Heat, Polishing
Optical Effects:
Jewelry, watches, shoes, dress decoration
High temperature, waxing casting 
Payments Accepted: : Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Paypal Credit, Western Union, Dwolla, Google Payments, Wire Transfer
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Packaging: Packed in vacuum bag

Wholesale Round Cut Loose CZ Gemstones --> including tiny to small top-quality CZ round-cut gemstones perfect for micropavé and channel settings and similar jewelry uses, certified safe for casting temperatures. Available in just about every size commercially manufactured including 0.75 mm round cut, 0.8 mm round cut, 0.9 mm round cut, 1.0 mm round cut, 1.1 mm round cut, 1.12 mm round cut, 1.15 mm round cut, 1.2 mm round cut, 1.25 mm round cut, 1.3 mm round cut, 1.4 mm round cut, 1.5 mm round cut, 1.6 mm round cut, 1.7 mm round cut, 1.75 mm round cut, 1.8 mm round cut, 1.9 mm round cut, and 2.0 mm round cut, 2.1 mm round cut, 2.2 mm round cut, 2.25 mm round cut, 2.3 mm round cut, 2.4 mm round cut, and 2.5 mm round cut. Larger sizes also available.

Typically, colored round-cut cubic zirconia gemstones may be purchased at wholesale bulk pricing from CubicZirconia.com in these colors: Amethyst simulant CZ, Apple CZ, Aqua CZ, Black CZ, Blue CZ, Brown CZ, Canary CZ, Champagne CZ, Citrine CZ, Emerald simulant CZ, Garnet simulant CZ, Green CZ, Lavender CZ, Olive CZ, Orange CZ, Peridot simulant CZ, Pink CZ, Purple CZ, Red CZ, Rhodolite simulant CZ, Ruby simulant CZ, Sapphire simulant CZ, Tanzanite simulant CZ, Teal CZ, Turquoise CZ, Violet CZ, Yellow CZ, as well as other Birthstone simulant cubic zirconia gemstones not listed.  Contact us about pricing and availability.

If you represent a jewelry manufacturer, gemstone or jewelry distributor, retail jewelry operation, or boutique anywhere in the world with a need for many CZ gemstones at the best commercially-available prices and quality, you'll want to establish a wholesale account or purchase directly online. Recurring wholesale CubicZirconia.com customers receive non-published bulk pricing on flawless cubic zirconia gemstones in a range of sizes from the tiniest to the largest, in grades of AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA-- direct from the world's premier online cubic zirconia supplier, online since 1999.


Every secure purchase from CubicZirconia.com is guaranteed by our free lifetime warranty. 

Shop with confidence. All items sold receive top grading from rigorous quality control evaluations to ensure that the item you receive is free from abnormal stone loss, breakage, or discoloration, as well as any defects in workmanship or manufacturing— and we guarantee your purchase will remain so for a lifetime of normal wear.

CubicZirconia.com Jewelry: Your finished jewelry purchase from CubicZirconia.com will be hand-made in the U.S.A. by our team of professional jewelers specializing in the best quality precious metals and Cubic Zirconia stones.  If at any time your jewelry is in need of service, repair, or stone replacement (including the largest center stone), CubicZirconia.com will repair or replace your item and/or its component parts.

CubicZirconia.com Stones: Our Cubic Zirconia stones are the highest quality, shipped to you from the U.S.A. with our lifetime warranty against breaking or chipping, and each stone is guaranteed to keep its brilliant shine. We will replace any stones suffering from breakage or discoloration free of charge.

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$18.11 USD

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