Proposal #2: Photobooth proposal

 photobooth engagement proposal

This stealthy proposal is clever and funny. Isn’t this the cutest couple, ever? Kudos to this groom-to-be for capturing a true moment with the love of his life. Nothing to hide here. In the privacy of a photo booth, he got her to say “yes,” and managed to record the love they share in that moment forever. Congratulations, you two! Keep on making each other laugh! You are definitely off to a great start together.

 Proposal #23: Restaurant proposal

 restaurant engagement proposal

We’re so happy for this couple, who got engaged at the Rainforest Cafe. Who doesn’t love that crazy, fun theme restaurant? If you can’t go to the jungle for a unique proposal, this industrious gent thought, “I will bring the jungle to us”! A beautiful moment, in a whimsical setting. We think there must be a great story behind this proposal. Whatever it is, it looks like these two will have plenty more great adventures where this one began. Way to go! All the best!

Proposal #26: Pet-witnessed proposal

 Pet friendly engagement proposal

No filter required here, just life as this cutie pie couple - and their dog - live it! That special moment when he asks and she (hopefully) says “yes” can be as elaborate, or as simple as you like. Simple can go a long way, when two people enjoy a more casual lifestyle. Most importantly, everyone is comfy, and surrounded by loved ones (or, in this case, a furry loved one).

 Proposal #36: Beach proposal

 beach engagement proposal

This is what pure joy looks like. Do you think she said “Yes?” You bet she did. We love to see this kind of happiness at this amazing moment in a couple’s life. It makes us happy, because we’re like that. It’s what we do - share in people’s love and joy, and help them make their commitment as memorable and beautiful as they are. Well done, you two!

Proposal #37: Picnic proposal

picnic engagement proposal

Such a humble, beautiful moment. Can you feel the love between these two? Look at him - he adores her. And what’s that in the background, on the picnic table? Can you say, “this guy made an effort?” Romantic, sweet. Lucky woman. Lucky couple. Congratulations!

 -- Tekla, staff writer

[Source: original pictures and title of blog post copied from "When 38 People Realized They Were the One" compiled by article editor Logan Rhoades at ]