Couple’s Vacations to Fall in Love Again

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Santorini, Greece

If you had to choose one and only one romantic place to visit for your next couple's vacation, you might as well choose Santorini. It has the sun, sea, wine, and cuisine. It has world-class hotels–if that's your cuppa–and inexpensive inns as well as rental villas. It has friendliness and terrific food. It has history, culture, and art. In short, you can't go wrong by planning a lovers holiday in Santorini.

Among Santorini's most celebrated sites is its volcano, which is located in a sunken caldera, which is itself a must-see natural wonder. Visitors flock to attractions like Skaros Rock, Oia Castle, the Oia Blue Dome Churches, ancient Thera (be sure to check out its sunset views of the Aegean), Santorini's Archaeological Museum, and the Lighthouse of Akrotiri. Throw in historic churches, a wine museum, and charming restaurants with outdoor patios and you have an island's worth of romantic ambience.

When visiting this sun-kissed island, you might want to plan an island-hopping excursion to visit nearby islands or enjoy some adventures at sea like snorkeling or scuba diving. With its beaches and breathtaking sea views, Santorini is Greece's answer to an island paradise.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is known for its stunning red rock scenery and unmistakable mystical ambience. No, you don't have to believe in UFOs or otherworldly forces, but there is something decidedly unique and wildly spiritual about Sedona. An artsy town complemented by distinctive desert terrain, Sedona attracts couples who love culture as well as outdoor excursions. Go off-roading or take a long hike at Red Rock State Park.

If you're searching for something more adventurous, book a helicopter tour of the region. Because the Grand Canyon is within easy distance, you can take a helicopter tour that includes the Grand Canyon as well as the areas surrounding Sedona. If you want a more secluded experience, book a private tour of the region. Depending on how long you plan to stay in Sedona, you might want to take an excursion to Verde Valley Vineyards for a tour and wine tasting.

Because Sedona is among Arizona's most popular tourist destinations, the city boasts a wide range of accommodations ranging from boutique hotels to charming (and affordable) whole-home vacation rentals. Search online to find a romantic place to hang your hat when visiting this sunny Southwestern hotspot.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a culturally rich South American city that brims with history, culture, and natural attractions. It's impossible to be bored in a city like Buenos Aires. Plan on your couple's vacation to take your partner out to enjoy an evening of tango dancing or spend a day watching exciting horse racing at the Palermo Hipodromo, which is considered to be one of the best dirt tracks on the planet.

Buenos Aires brims with historic architecture and boasts must-visit landmarks like the Casa Rosada (houses offices of the nation's president), the 200-year-old underground tunnels of El Zanjon de Granados, and the elegant city opera house–the Teatro Colon. Streets like the Avenida Corrientes are ideal for strolling hand in hand. On the other hand, you might want to catch a soccer match at La Bombonera Stadium.

As a glittering Argentine city, Buenos Aires features a myriad of parks, museums, and theaters. Couples will also have a dazzling array of romantic hotels to consider for their stay, including upscale venues like BE Jardin Escondido by Coppola or the Algodon Mansion.

Bora Bora

Part of the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a far flung island group that is worth the long trek to reach. Home to pristine beaches and luxury resorts, Bora Bora isn't just for jet-setters. Even if you have to save up for a while for your Bora Bora vacation, you won't be disappointed with the islands' postcard-worthy scenery and friendly atmosphere.

When visiting Bora Bora, be sure to take a glass-bottom boat excursion to tour the turquoise lagoons. The sea is a major draw for Bora Bora visitors. Feed sharks and rays or plan a snorkeling adventure. The Coral Gardens offer undersea enchantment for snorkelers, but you can also enjoy scuba or jet skiing with your partner.

The islands feature over-water hotels as well as seaside cottage rentals and first-class hotels. Shop for souvenirs like Tahitian pearls or gorge yourselves on fresh fruit and seafood during your stay. If you're looking for a South Pacific holiday, you'll be hard pressed to find islands more beautiful than these.

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands are Wisconsin's answer to Lake Superior fun. The islands are celebrated for their sea caves and pristine water. Visitors enjoy kayaking, hiking, and exploring Bayfield County's national seashore. If you and your love enjoy outdoor adventures, this part of the country's stunning natural scenery is spread amongst 21 lake islands. Check out lighthouses and distinctive rock formations or relax together in the comfort of your vacation rental with its stunning Lake Superior views.

Visitors to the islands often book cabins near the lake or set within an especially scenic woodland niche. Even during the winter, visitors look forward to the beauty of the islands and popular winter festivals. No matter the season, you and your partner are sure to marvel at the spectacular scenery that ranges from ice caves to orchards. Plan your Apostle Islands couple's vacation getaway in any season. If you get tired of boating or hiking, remember that the islands feature a wide array of charming restaurants and casinos too.

Paris, France

It's been called the most romantic city on the planet, so if you and your partner haven't been to Paris, maybe it's time to start brushing up on your ‘parlez-vous Francais.' It's home to the Eiffel Tower, of course, and Louvre, but the city of lights is also filled with gardens and parks, outdoor cafes, and world-class hotels. Dine on steak frites at a corner bistro, go bike riding along the hilly streets of Montmartre, or duck into Laduree for a box of scrumptious macarons.

There are many Paris venues that offer the perfect backdrop for lovers in love. Take a tour of the Museum of Wine, which also features a fabulous dining space. Walk arm in arm through the Musee d'Orsay, or take a couple's selfie under the Arc de Triomphe. Discover how the royal one percent lived by touring nearby Versailles and don't forget to kiss on one of the city's iconic bridges.

Vang Vien, Laos

Vang Vien's unspoiled landscapes offer a gorgeous backdrop for couples who are drawn to this mysterious Asian nation that has not always been open to foreign travelers. Laos is rich in natural beauty, which is evident in Vang Vien's lush mountain vistas and pristine forests. Home to a wide range of caves, Vang Vien attracts outdoor adventurists as well as those who simply want to experience the customs and cuisine of the local culture.

Some exciting things to do in Vang Vien include cave splunking, hike to the twin caves of Tham Loub and Tham Ho, enjoy a sunset at Pha Nygren Viewpoint, kayak down the picturesque Nam Song River, or swim between caves in the famed Blue Lagoon. Although getting to Laos may cost a pretty penny, accommodations and related expenses are incredibly reasonable. For couples who love spending time together outdoors, Laos is sure to amaze you both with its natural enchantment.

Asheville, NC

Beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, is a vibrant city with a glorious mountain backdrop. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer loads of backpacking and natural sightseeing adventures that draw couples to Asheville in all seasons. The region's national forests include Nantahala and Pisgah, which boast trails for all levels of hikers, waterfalls, and water courses.

The city itself boasts plenty for couples to see and do. Enjoy cultural city highlights such as the Biltmore Mansion, the River Arts District, the Asheville Art Museum, and more. The city brims with restaurants and pubs. Asheville has a thriving brew-pub scene as well as a celebrated music scene. Show up for one of the city's hot music festivals like the Brewgrass Festival or the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival. In addition to hotels, Asheville's accommodations for a couple's vacation include bed and breakfasts plus vacation home and cabin rentals.

Busan, South Korea

Located at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is a fabulous city that brims with markets, shops, microbreweries, galleries, eateries, trendy coffee shops, karaoke bars, and more. Perfect for jet-setting couples who love a thriving cosmopolitan setting, Busan may be bustling, but it's filled with excitement.

Couples will have plenty of places to choose from for accommodations such as budget-friendly hotels and upscale resorts. When designing your Busan travel itinerary, be sure to include visits to Busan Tower, the Kim Jae Sun Gallery, the Jagalchi Fish Market, and Radium Art Center.

Busan's famed streets are home to popular shopping markets as well as restaurants where couples can enjoy traditional South Korean fare. Looking for peace and quiet during your stay? Busan also features tranquil temples and parks for couples who could use some tranquility during their visit.

Budapest, Hungary

One stroll along the glistening Danube near the Chain Bridge and you'll see why Budapest remains one of Europe's most beloved capital cities. Although Budapest is filled with museums and historic architecture, you and your love might find it difficult to leave your seats at a river-side cafe where Rom musicians serenade you with violins as you dine on Paprikash and Tokay wine.

Since you are in a world-class city, you might as well visit its remarkable attractions like Fisherman's Bastion, Buda Castle, St. Stephen's Square, the Monument of Heroes, and Margaret Island. Budapest features art galleries, history museums, and historic squares where you can grab a coffee and people watch. For sheer romantic ambience, we've been told that few cities can rival Budapest for its beauty and friendliness. For a couple's vacation on a budget, this city is a cheaper version of most of what we love about Prague, Czech Republic.

Couple’s Vacations: In Conclusion

Shared travel experiences have a way of nurturing couples' bonds. As you discover new places and cultural attractions, you'll be creating the memories of a lifetime. While many trips do cost a considerable sum, just remember that you can't take your hard-earned dollars with you when you take that final journey. Spend your money on something as worthwhile as Paris, Budapest, or the other destinations outlined here. Truly, it's money well spent because it's sure to be an enriching experience that complements your love and enhances your time together.

Well, I really enjoyed writing this. 

My top choice for a vacay is the Greek Islands. 

I have been to Budapest so I was happy to see that on our list. 

Aside from Greece, that Venice Simplon-Orient Express train journey from Paris through all the glittering capitals of Europe to Istanbul is another trip I'd love. 

My youngest brother and his family live in Japan so I need to make it there in the next couple years. I have found that I am happiest and at my best when I travel!

I hope you enjoyed today’s couple’s vacation ideas roundup, and that you’ll travel soon with the one you love.

-- Written by Staff Writer JA Young


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