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top reasons to choose cubiczirconia.comHere's the Top 25 reasons to shop with our company as the Clear Choice™ in the cubic zirconia jewelry space.

1. We’re passionate (perhaps somewhat obsessively passionate) about cubic zirconia. This wonderful diamond simulant is our primary focus. We know it. We love it. So will you!

2. Your online payment is secure, because we've invested to build our e-commerce store with secure SSL-protected online shopping, same as or any well-known online merchant. We don't store your payment information after purchase. In fact, we never even have access to your credit/debit card details directly, since your payment goes through a secure "gateway".

3. We're an online-only shop so our ring, necklace, earrings, and pendant prices aren't inflated to cover paying the exorbitant overhead costs of running a brick-and-mortar jewelry store: no expensive building lease, utilities and property insurance, no fancy jewelry cases filled with investments of in-stock inventory, no company car for the sales manager, no flashy furniture and furnishings to impressonline cubic zirconia jewelry store, no unnecessary administrative staff.

4. We are totally transparent with our pricing. Want to know how much profit we'll make on the piece of jewelry you are considering to buy from us? Give us a call before your purchase at 888-355-3484 and-- depending on the gold/silver/palladium/platinum metal market costs that day-- we'll tell you to the PENNY how much we'd make if you go ahead with your purchase...immediately. We're not ashamed to be a for-profit business, because we offer a Lifetime Warranty and we know that our profit-per-sale is much less than any company that competes with us in the high-end highest-quality finished CZ jewelry niche (not that there are many!). Why? Simple, they have more expenses to cover!

made to order cubic zirconia jewelry5. You save money buying made-to-order finished jewelry from our company, as opposed to ordering something that is "in stock" to be shipped out to you the same week/day. Unlike many jewelers, we have zero inventory carrying costs, as every finished jewelry design we make is manufactured upon your order to your specifications. Sure, our manufacturing time may be a week or three (see the product details page for the piece you're interested in for exact estimates), but the quality and savings are worth the wait...right?

6. Our company mascot, Bailey The Service Dog Flunkie -- click for this precocious pooch's bio-- is bailey the service dog flunkiesimply awesome (our opinion), and one of the most photographed dogs on the planet (fact). If your dog is cuter, prove it and we will pay you cash on the spot. When you buy from, you're helping fund Bailey's good habits: frisbee collecting, bone gnawing, Coors Light slurping. Plus, he's saving up for acting lessons so he can play in The DogFather Part II, which everyone knows that sequel will be much better than the original classic. As Bailey would tell you, your purchase today ultimately makes the world a better place (for him). Why wait? You know you want to Like Bailey on Facebook!

7. We only use the highest-quality precious metal materials in manufacturing our finished jewelry: .925 Sterling Silver, pure Palladium, pure 950 Platinum and 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. No "plating" here, with the exception of a few inexpensive products that are clearly marked on our website as "plated". By the way, you did know that plating gold or silver over cheap metal alloys is how sellers on Amazon and eBay sell low-quality jewelry for dirt-cheap prices. Well, that and essentially slave labor factories. We don't have any slaves!

best quality cubic zirconia stones- all shapes from cubiczirconia.com8.  We only use the highest-quality Cubic Zirconia gemstones in manufacturing our finished jewelry: AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality CZ, the best grade commercially available, flawless and visually indistinguishable from diamonds. Even jewelers with decades of experience can't tell the difference with the naked eye. So your friends and family won't know it's not a diamond unless you tell them. Cue the envy machine!

9. Lots of happy customers all over the world can tell you they made the right decision trusting our company.

10. You can take advantage of our 60 day no-interest financing for customers that qualify (with instant online approvals so you can apply today and buy today), or easy lay-a-way terms to customers that can't qualify for credit. Check out our financing options here.cubic zirconia jewelry made in the usa

11. Nothing we sell is "made in China". Frankly, in this globalized neighborhood, consumers are all beginning to learn that that stamp is code for "cheap and poorly put together with suspect materials by exploited human beings working for a dollar a day". All of our finished jewelry products are hand-crafted in and shipped from the United States. Not because the United States is a great country, but just you know...because we're based here.

fantastic proposals courtesy of cubiczirconia.com12. We offer FREE shipping on orders over $300 USD, $6.00 or 7.00 USD flat rate shipping on smaller orders shipped within the 50 states in domestic United States where we are based and also Canada, Mexico, Australia, and more than 50 countries in Europe. Plus $25.00 USD flat rate shipping to many countries in the world. Domestically, we typically ship 2 day ground shipping with USPS, Fedex or UPS. Internationally, we do the best we can on a country-by-country basis, happy to ship to customers from all over the world including China, India, and South America, plus many more countries: check shipping costs.

13. Our company owners are intimately involved in the business, regularly monitor all customer service, and are happy to make themselves available by phone to any customer for any reason. YOU are important to us.

14. If you can't find a pre-designed piece of jewelry you really want on our website (click the link for an in-depth ring shopping guide that fully explains how to use our website's smart filter menu to narrow our product catalog of tens of thousands of ring options to a manageable few based on just a few clicks and information you have about your/her preferences and needs), we can custom-create anything you dream up with our custom jewelry and replicas program-- offering free quotes within 48 hours.  . custom cz rings from concept to creation

15. has been online since 1999. To put that into some perspective for you...that's before Twitter (2006), before Youtube and Reddit (2005), before Facebook (2004), before Myspace and Skype (2003), before LinkedIn (2002), before Wikipedia (2001), and before Verizon and TripAdvisor (2000)-- and just a year after Google and Paypal (1998) were founded and launched. In a world of fly-by-night online merchants, that kinda says something, doesn't it?

2 and 3 ring doscounts from cubiczirconia.com16. We treat customers how we want to be treated as customers. Period.

17. You can take advantage of 2 ring and 3 ring discounts if you're purchasing any combination of rings at the same time from: our engagement rings collection, our anniversary bands collection, our ladies' wedding bands collection, or our gentlemen's wedding bands collection. Other jewelers may do the same if you ask, but they typically won't offer it unless you do. We give a substantial discount to our multi-ring purchasers without you even having to ask for one, because we can...and because it's the right thing to do.

18. We are proud to have served customers in dozens of countries and all 50 U.S. states.
heart sculpture made out of round cut cz diamonds
19. If you love haiku /
Like we love haiku, then you / 
Will love shopping here

Shop our anniversary bands collection, or our earrings collection, each design's product details webpage hand-curated with an original haiku poem, inspired by romance and written by our company owners.

20. By purchasing high-quality diamond-stimulant cubic zirconia jewelry, you are saying "No more!" to "Blood diamonds"-- yes we are a proud supporter of the international effort to stop blood diamonds. Buy now from our company and send an emphatic "No more!" to the greedy practices, false scarcity tactics, and brainwashing-level advertising conducted by one of the world's most monopolistic cartels, the ruthless human rights abusers that sully the the shady side of the diamond industry
our cubic zirconia jewelry is vidually indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye!
21. Our company motto: "If you can't TELL the difference, why PAY the difference?"

22. We ship all purchase in plain packaging, with no recognizable company name on the return label, and provide package delivery tracking from our doorstep to yours, so we'll never ruin your surprise gift!

23. We keep advertising costs low by incentivizing our customers to share our store via social media to let the world (and your friends) know what you bought. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter -- simply share and save.

24. Unlike retail jewelers, we don't pay salespeople commissions.

25. You can shop with confidence knowing we offer a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty on all of our finished jewelry products and retail loose stones
(exception: custom orders as defined at the link just provided). This is pretty rare among both retail jewelers and companies that sell jewelry on the Internet. Why do we offer such great return terms? Two reasons: we would want it as a customer ourselves, and also because sometimes buying online can be scary for some people (and we want to take that uncertainty away).

In summary...if you've chosen Cubic Zirconia instead of overpriced diamonds, your choice is CLEAR: you can trust the one and only!

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