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Spin to Win

A: Yes, it is! That's our store spin-to-win website feature. When you spin our wheel spin to win, you can win a free product or get a discount code (aka coupon code, aka promotional code) you can use towards any purchase at our online store. The most commonly-won discounts range from an instant $10.00 off up to 10% off your total purchase price. And if you’re really lucky, you can even win a pair of 14K Gold earrings or get $250 off on your next order instantly!

That means if you’re just purchasing a 0.25 carat (3.75mm) round cut stone that costs US$12.02 and you were able to spin a $10.00 discount promo code, you can buy your loose stone for just US$2.02 plus shipping! Or if you purchase a customizable ring priced at $1000.00 and you were able to spin a 10% off promo code, that’s an automatic $100.00 off your purchase price-- just like that! 

Now imagine if you spun the “Save $250 USD” prize… Boom!

To spin the Wheelio spin-to-win promo wheel, all you need to do is enter your email address in the form field provided (see portion marked with a red “1” on the screenshot below) and hit the “Try your luck” button as marked with a red “2” on the screenshot below. 

After your initial savings or free product win, you’ll be added to our free email newsletter to receive VIP discounts, new product announcements, holiday promotions and romantic ideas for couples.


NOT INTERESTED? If you don’t like discounts, are annoyed we used a pop-up on you (sorry, but they work!), don’t feel lucky or just don’t feel like giving us your email can say “go away, Wheel!” by just clicking on the link at the bottom that says “No, I don’t feel lucky” (see portion marked “3” on the screenshot below) and the spin-to-win popup offer will be closed so you can continue on our website.


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