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CubicZirconia.com Reviews- "Thanks CubicZirconia.com!" Testimonials


Though CubicZirconia.com has been online since 1999, as a business we did not begin saving CubicZirconia.com customer reviews and testimonials until mid-2013. Below we have highlighted just a few of many more “Thanks CubicZirconia.com!” review testimonials from customers, really just a sampling from some customers from multiple U.S. states and foreign countries. In the future we hope to update this webpage on a weekly basis (today as we write this it is 07/16/14), or incorporate a 3rd party verification system of some kind to showcase our reviews by an objective auditor.

We are deeply touched that these people have thanked our company over the years not just for great jewelry at an affordable price, but for making a real positive impact on their lives. However, we also maintain this webpage on our site as an easy way to show “social proof” and credibility for easily proving to prospective customers whom we’ve never done business with that they are making the right decision to trust CubicZirconia.com with their cubic zirconia jewlery purchase.

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Thanks CubicZirconia.com!

Yes, other people just like you all over the United States and the world have trusted our company before, and we have established a track-record of keeping our word and over-delivering in the jewelry business.

Here we can show that we’re service-focused and care about creating magical "wow" moments for our customers with our cubic zirconia jewelry…hopefully without sounding like we are bragging, by telling the story of some past customer reviews and products sold not in our words…but in their words.

OK, time to let THEM tell you what they think of THE CubicZirconia.com.

- The team at CubicZirconia.com

CubicZirconia.com Reviews

Jonathan Ardila
South Carolina, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 3/26/13

“Cubiczirconia.com is easy to use and they deliver a great product!”

Tyler B.
Texas, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 12/31/13

“Unfortunately, several weeks after I proposed, my fiance had her $10,000 engagement ring stolen before it could be insured. I was only able to afford the new setting but CubicZirconia.com was able to provide a 6mm x 6mm cushion cut CZ that looked exactly like the diamond in the first one! She still gets compliments on the color and shine of it. It was delivered quickly and was exactly as ordered.”

Traci Branstetter
Indiana, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 11/3/13

“I chose CZ because I needed a replica of my original set, the cz set matched exactly and the price couldn't be beat! Great product! Excellent price! Extremely happy customer!!”

Blake Brush
Tennessee, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 06/12/14

“The ring is beautiful. And I’m very happy. I thank you guys so much. She loves it. And obviously she said ‘yes’. It’s a whole lot bigger than I thought it was going to be! Anywho, I want to move forward with the wedding band too, and I believe I also found a men’s ring that I like to buy from you too.”

Rochelle C.
Texas, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 5/5/14

“I have never purchased anything over a thousand dollars on the internet. It makes me nervous. Thank you so much for all your help and honesty.. It's truly appreciated. This is an exact replica of the $80,000 diamond engagement set I already have, and you can’t tell the difference. I love that I can wear this one in any situation or activity and not worry so much over losing the rings!”

Find Rochelle’s 3.5 carat center stone custom-designed ring, now available for others to purchase with her permission here: The Rochelle

Kevin Crist
Georgia, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 3/26/13

“WOW! WOW! WOW! is all I can say of this company. I received an email from this company about leaving comments on my orders. Instead I replied to the email, expressing a concern. Now most companies would either reply to the email, have a customer service rep call you or at most. Have a secretary call you asking about my email. NOT this company!! This company is so customer service oriented and care what their customers think. The owner, yes I said owner called me personally on a Saturday afternoon. Asking about my email reply. I was beside myself of this action. What company have you ever dealt with, that the owner calls you asking about a comment you've left, in regards to a purchase. I myself, I can say "NEVER". This company has proved to me that they truly care about their customers. And I will be a customer for many years to come. Even is the price is higher than I can get the same product elsewhere. CubicZirconia.com will get my business!! In closing, to all reading this. Shop "NOWHERE" else! This company will treat you as if you are family!!”

Abi Daramola
Georgia, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 3/26/13

“It was an awesome experience with many options to choose from.”

Yevgeniy Federov
Illinois, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 6/13/13

“Very happy with the ring. She still has it, though we broke it off [[sic: the engagement]]. But it’s for the best. I’ll be sure to think of you guys for next time around!”

Martin Fugardi
Florida, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 8/14/13

I received the ring today and it is great! We will definitely be buying more merchandise in the future. Thanks!! My wife’s diamond ring and this one are identical, it’s uncanny. Now we can go on vacation and don’t have to worry about losing her diamond ring.”

Pavel Gavrilin
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 5/6/14

“It’s really great, thank you!”

Aaron Henry
Maryland, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 5/15/13

“This is a large purchase and a very special occasion. I appreciate your understanding [[sic: Aaron is talking about a custom ring he purchased that when received, looked a little different than he wanted]]. I really like the style of this ring. If we can get this worked out it will be a good addition to my story and I would be happy to share it with your other potential customers. You have been very easy to work with to date.”

Stefanie Lichtstein
New Jersey, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 1/21/14

“Thanks so much for your hard work. Actually got it today. I love it!”

Patricia Rogers Lewis
Georgia, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 05/27/14

“I received my ring today. I'm sooooooo Amazed!!! The ring is Gorgeous....I can't stop looking at it!!!! You guys are AWESOME. That was worth the wait!!!!! The 4.0 carat is perfect…awesome!!! Thanks for all your help and communication. Loved the process of bringing this beautiful ring to life! The experience, customer service, quality and personal touch makes cubiczirconia the only place I will buy jewelry. You can't beat the price, personal touch and commitment the staff bring to make you feel like the only customer they have. I was so impressed with how beautiful and flawless my ring was..... My family, friends and strangers can't stop talking about it!!!!! I love this company and everything they do!!!!!! Thanks so much for putting the extra effort to show me how much my business mean to your company. Also, Danny has been great with communicating and making me feel comfortable. Thanks again for everything! I can't wait to send you guys lots of new business.”

Robert Lisciandro
New Jersey, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 5/7/14

“Thank you so much for the quick responses. You have been so helpful. I'm not going to show it to my girlfriend and I can only hope that she's loves it as much as I do. I just got it. It really is beautiful. I will surely let you know how it goes in Aruba when I give it to her. [second review] OK, after all the back-and-forth, it was a happy ending and I’m so grateful to you guys. I gave the ring to my girlfriend Joanna and now she is my fiancée. Just want to report that Joanne has the ring and has said YES!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you did and putting up with me. We just got engaged on Thursday so not everyone has seen the ring but Joanne loves it and the few people who have seen it say it's the nicest ring they have every seen!!! She loves the ring. The response she gets from people is phenomenal. People assume it costs $9,000 or more. Thank you all again for all you've done. You've made us both very happy.”

Denton MacLean
CubicZirconia.com Customer since 5/10/14

“AAAAAAAAA! Thanks!”

James “Trey” McLain and Amanda
Louisiana, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 2/20/14

“I asked her on the beach right when I got back to the beach and she said yes! She loved it and the flowers thank y'all so much for everything.”

Find Trey’s custom-designed wedding set for his fiancée Amanda, now available for others to purchase with the couple’s permission here: The Marquise Bypass Wedding Set featuring The Amanda Engagement Ring

Lee Miller
Connecticut, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 05/10/14

Got the ring set it is beautiful!”

Mike M.
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 06/25/14

“The object of this ring is to be AWESOME HUGE!!! The rings are DIVINE!!!!! Talk about WOW FACTOR!! Super blown away by the set! We call it the Triple Threat! :)Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Thank you again for helping through this process and for your input and advice. I like the way you do business. I will be a repeat customer and I will recommend you to my circle."

Shelly Mizell
Arizona, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 7/9/14

Woohoo...I'm so excited! I wanted to let you know I received the rings on Friday. YAY! First let me say, my rings are STUNNING! The one ring is so pretty, I really (REALLY) like the peekaboo accent! I'm not 100% sure I like them together. I want to wear both of them together for a bit and see if it grows on me but before I do that I plan to go out this weekend and try the engagement ring with a plain band. I may end up wearing the anniversary band on my other hand. Thank you sooo much-- for all the information, it was very informative and helpful, and for your kind service and words! You guys are amazing! Two thumbs up for communication. Anytime I asked a question it was quickly answered. Wow, wow, wow! I absolutely appreciate the customer service/support you've provided! It was a pleasure speaking to you and your passion for what you do shines through (pun intended :-) )!!! This was such an excellent experience. I am so pleased with the expert help I received, and still in awe when I look at the rings. Thank you tons for everything you've done to help me :). True professionals.

I had a lot of reservations about 1) buying a quality CZ (especially online), 2) buying any type of jewelry sight unseen and 3) getting the design I wanted without paying the high price for custom jewelry. I did extensive research, both online and in jewelry stores. I knew what size stone and cut I wanted for the engagement ring but I didn't see any wedding bands on the site that grabbed my attention. I sent an email with a pic attached of one I had found online and asked if it could be replicated. Danny called me and said he could replicate it, but then offered other suggestions. One being a ring that wasn't listed on the site. It was perfect! I also absolutely love that CubicZirconia.com works with Palladium.

I'm super excited! I would (and will) recommend CubicZirconia.com to anyone looking to buy a diamond and why they should choose a quality CZ vs a diamond. Save your money and have the wedding/honeymoon of your dreams. We rented a house on the beach last October for my birthday and had 14 people with us. It was such a blast that we decided to do something similar for a wedding, except with a bigger house-- with our savings purchasing CZ over diamonds. We're planning it for 5/24/15.

Marie Nguyen
California, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 11/9/14

Thank you for the amazing work and details on the ring ! It is gorgeous.”

Find Marie’s custom-designed ring, now available for others to purchase here: 5-stone woven prong ring with band accents

Jason O’Shea
United Kingdom
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 7/29/14

What a perfect ring I am so impressed, thank you. your customer service has been fantastic. love my girl so much and would love to put an expensive ring on her finger but right now Im broke and she agrees with me not to go into debt so your rings are a great alternative. I was very nervous as at that moment in time it was every penny I had. thanks very much!”

Kevin Ovalle
New Jersey, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 7/09/14

“She loves this ring! The team has been incredibly helpful throughout the process.”

Find Kevin’s custom-designed ring for his fiancée, now available for others to purchase with the couple’s permission here: Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ashlyn (Round Cut with Enhanced Basket)

Judith Plumb
Florida, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 10/10/14

“I found it easy to find what I was looking for and to customize the ring that I decided on. I was going to buy a diamond ring and the quality of ring of the diamond I wanted to buy was more than I really want to spend at this time. Your ring looks as beautiful. I bought it as a change of ring style, the halo and stone shape.”

Travis R.
Maryland, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 3/11/14

“Very pleased with the ordering ease of the website. It had everything I could possible be looking for in jewelry. Planing on buying something else in the very near future.”

Marla Randall
Arizona, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 3/25/14

“I ordered a 1.5 carat marquise cut loose cubic zirconia to replace the diamond I lost in my ring, and was completely satisfied with my purchase.”

Jamie Reynolds
New York, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 07/05/14

Just wanted to let you know the earrings and display case arrived in perfect time and my wife loves them. Thanks for going the extra mile and expediting shipping. Looking forward to buying from you again soon.”

Thomas Sauer
South Carolina, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 02/10/13

“I ordered several things and they all are beautiful.”

Dr. Shahram Shahidi
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 07/24/14

“I ordered a 3 carat oval-cut cubic zirconia. I received the stone and it looks amazing.”

Jill Sikorski
Pennsylvania, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 7/2/14

I was nervous about the ‘sparkle’ in the center stone. I have seen other cubics that are very dull and noticeably not a real diamond. I was looking to purchase a replica of my real diamond ring for travel. So I wanted to be sure it looks as real as possible Thank you so much for your help! I purchased the ring!! I could not wait to receive it! Your prompt email and communication makes me feel at ease over this purchase. I truly appreciate your assistance! Thank you very much for the wonderful customer service! I received the ring in time for my event. It is stunning!!!!”

Mark Stein
California, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 09/17/14

This is both my girlfriend's and my second marriage, and very first time I have ever considered a cubic stone instead of a real diamond. My girlfriend and I have discussed this in detail and she is actually the one that convinced me to save the money on the ring so we could have a better Honeymoon."

Kristin Taylor
Georgia, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 06/24/14

“I'm in love with this site.”

Annie Thai & Mr. Tran
California, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 10/19/14

“Thanks so much for all your help. We love the ring! And Danny is very helpful”

Find Mr. Tran’s custom-designed engagement ring and wedding set for his fiancée Annie, now available for others to purchase with the couple’s permission here: CZ Wedding Set, Style 1356 feat The Tien Engagement Ring (2 CT Cushion Cut Tiffany Novo Replica)

Kim Thomas

Alabama, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 06/09/14

“I am very impressed with your knowledge and passion for what you do! I have been in the customer service business for many years. I was a flight attendant for 10 years, owned a restaurant for 8 years, served as a nurse for 9 years. And I must say that the customer service I’ve received with this business has been top 2 of my whole life as a consumer. I am blown away! I have never experienced such excellent customer service! Again, WOW!!! You will never know how much your willingness to work with me has meant. I felt like family and Received numerous emails and phone calls regarding the item I was interested in. What a pleasure it is to work with you! If I go zirconia, I would never look to another company other than yours. Thanks again for all you have done! This company is the best! You will not be disappointed!”

C. Wier
Texas, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 7/10/14

“Needed a duplicate of my wedding ring for travel and yall did a beautiful job”

Natalie Williams
New York, USA
CubicZirconia.com Customer Since 5/7/14

“I am fully satisfied! Beautiful necklace. Thank you!”



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