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Bulk Cubic Zirconia Centerstone Pricing (3.50 mm Plus)


Are you looking for wholesale pricing on our loose stones? Do you want to use our stones in manufacturing your line of jewelry? Are you a jeweler who wants to stock and resell our stones, or put them in your cubic zirconia jewelry repairs while making a profit with every sale?

Whether you want to buy ten stones of a certain size and shape combination...or a million stones...we make all that easy and provide an unparalleled value for the money to our wholesale customers. 

When prospective customers are shopping around for cubic zirconia stones destined to live as part of high-quality jewelry, we think they’re best served to end up with our stones-- even if they buy from another company that is reselling our quality products.

We charge $12-70 USD per single stone for retail consumers buying from our website. That’s neither cheap nor particularly expensive. It’s a convenience for us to offer single stones, and good advertising too (when someone sees our stones they often later come back to buy our jewelry). 

Considering the lack of available high-quality CZ stone alternatives (who aren’t our resellers)….we believe what we charge for our 5A/AAAAA cubic zirconia center stones sold one at a time to consumers at “retail price” is pretty competitive. 

Sure, a single stone purchaser is paying more on a per-stone basis than a customer who wants many stones…..but it’s well understood in the world that a shot of top-shelf alcohol from a hot club costs more per ounce than a bottle bought at your local liquor store. :)

As a rule of thumb, we often sell these same stones to wholesale customers:

  • Five stones for 1.5 times the retail price of one stone (70% discount off retail stone price)
  • Ten stones for 2 times the retail price of one stone (80% discount)
  • Twenty-five stones for 3 times the retail price of one stone (88% discount)
  • Fifty stones for 4 times the retail price of one stone (92% discount)
  • One hundred stones for 6 times the retail price of one stone (94% discount)
  • One thousand stones for 30 times the retail price of one stone (97% discount)
  • Five thousand stones for 50 times the retail price of one stone (99% discount)

Once you get past the fixed costs of one of our employees needing to package up the order, and another to get it ready to ship out, and one to communicate with the buyer about his/her doesn’t matter much to us how much money we make on a per-stone basis.

Naturally, buying a thousand of a certain stone shape and size is cheaper per unit than even those wholesale rule of thumb costs listed above...and buying a million is cheaper, still.

Known past wholesale customers can even save more with our company by committing to a certain size of order a certain number of times per if you know your forecasted needs, be sure to reach out and let us put a custom pricing plan together for you.

We know our wholesale stones customers are able to sell our stones one at a time cheaper than we do. We did it that way on purpose. These resellers can make a profit above what they paid our company on a per-stone basis-- while we make a smaller per-unit profit supplying their volume needs at wholesale prices often far below $1.00 or even $0.25 per stone or less for some shapes, sizes and color combinations.

Win for our company.
Win for our wholesale customer reseller.
Win for the end customer of the stone, who ends up with what we feel is the highest-quality, best-value cubic zirconia on the market...and isn’t that what matters most?

So, yes, can and do give customers huge discounts for bulk orders of our top-quality cubic zirconia stones. Indeed, we get emails daily asking for “wholesale pricing” on our stones...but mostly those are from folks blasting the same message to a dozen companies found on a Google search. 

But it’s really not difficult to see or get our basic new account wholesale pricing. It’s not a secret. It’s not hidden. In the gemstone supply industry, for some reason suppliers are afraid of transparency. We’re not worried about that. Our wholesale prices for small and large stones packages of ten stones to 5,000,000 stones are right on our website.


(large stones > 3.50 mm)

Many volume large stone customers choose to start our relationship with one of these simple and affordable packages:


(small stones > 0.80 mm < 3.50 mm; boutique packages 10 to 10,000 pieces)


(small stones > 0.80 mm < 3.50 mm; manufacturer packages 50,000 to 5,000,000 pieces)

  • Seeking round cut color melee? Check out our colored stones sample melee package from $18.99 USD.

    Rest assured, whether a customer buys one stone or a million stones, we’re the same customer service-centered company that wants to earn our customers’ trust and orders for a lifetime.

    Something special we can help you with as it pertains to large orders of cubic zirconia stones?

    Let us know…

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