Cubic Zirconia CZCubic Zirconia CZCubic Zirconia CZ

Upgrade Colored 5A CZ Center stone (0.25-5.0 carats)

$40.00 USD

Show off your personality or celebrate a birthstone with a colored cubic zirconia upgrade. For any of our eligible rings or engagement rings that has a 0.25-5.0 carat center stone sold standard in 5A clear/white color (eligible list below), purchase this additional upgrade product to modify the design to have a colored CZ center stone of your choice*. 

This is an "add-on" product, and you should only "ADD TO CART" for purchase of colored cubic zirconia stone upgrade services if you are also now purchasing a ring or engagement ring from, or have previously purchased jewelry from on which you wish now to get a colored cubic zirconia stone(s) set.

We will contact you after purchase for your color(s) choice.

Note: Some less-frequently manufactured and stocked colored stone upgrades may add additional manufacturing time to your order beyond the days estimated for the ring. Contact us before purchase if you have any questions or concerns.

*  Eligible designs without a traditional single "center stone" (e.g. two-stone, three-stone, five-stone) may have one, two, or no more than three colors as desired. 

The most popular colored cubic zirconia center stone upgrade options we offer for rings and engagement rings are Amethyst simulant CZ, Apple CZ, Aqua CZ, Black CZ, Blue CZ, Brown CZ, Canary CZ, Champagne CZ, Citrine CZ, Emerald simulant CZ, Garnet simulant CZ, Green CZ, Lavender CZ, Olive CZ, Orange CZ, Peridot simulant CZ, Pink CZ, Purple CZ, Red CZ, Rhodolite simulant CZ, Ruby simulant CZ, Sapphire simulant CZ, Tanzanite simulant CZ, Teal CZ, Turquoise CZ, Violet CZ, Yellow CZ, as well as other Birthstone simulant cubic zirconia gemstones not listed.  Your ring or engagement ring with center stone(s) up to 5 carats can be upgraded from clear/white CZ to the colored cubic zirconia of your choice for the same upgrade price listed on this page. We will contact you after purchase for your color(s) choice. Contact us about pricing and availability for non-listed, less popular colors.

The Aabha, The Aashi, The Abril, The Adalynn, The Adamari, The Addie, The Addison, The Adelaide, The Adora, The Adoración (The Adoracion), The Aeriol, The Agatha, The Ahimsa, The Aiko, The Aimi Namiko, The Aimy Jo, The Aina Svanhild, The Alaia, The Alana, The Alana Marie, The Alekhya, The Alelli, The Alessia, The Alexandra, The Alexia, The Alexis Rose, The Alisa, The Alissa, The Aliyah Rose, The Allie, The Alondra, The Alva, The Alyssa Love, The a'Malisa (The aMalisa), The Amariah, The Amber, The Ambrosia, The Amy Kiara, The An Chen, The Ana Miranda, The Analise, The Ananya, The Andrea, The Angela, The Angelina, The Angie, The Ann Michelle, The Anna, The Annalisa, The Annaliza, The Annemarie, The Annika, The Anniston, The Anushka, The Apryl, The Araceli, The Aretha, The Ariané (The Ariane), The Ariané Contessa (The Ariane Contessa), The Arianna, The Arya, The Aryanna, The Asha, The Ashanti, The Ashton, The Astrid, The Atia, The Aubriella, The Avril, The Aylen, The Azariah, The Azul, The Bailey, The Bannely, The Bao, The Barb, The Bebi, The Belem, The Benita, The Bentley, The Bernadine, The Berkley, The Bessie, The Bettyjo, The Betyhelena, The Bhakti, The Bianca, The Blair , The Blondie, The Bodhi, The Bree, The Brielle, The Brittney, The Brooke, The Brooklynn, The Brynhild, The Camila, The Candie, The Careena, The Carina Mixe, The Carissa, The Carla, The Carli Love, The Carlotta, The Carly Anne, The Carmela, The Carrie, The Carrie Anne, The Carrington, The Casie Jean, The Cassy Anya, The Catalina, The Catherine Lea, The Cecelia, The Chandita, The Chandni, The Charleze Isabella, The Charlotte, The Chaunte, The Cheryl, The Cheyenne, The Chloe, The Chyna, The Cielo, The Clarice, The Claudette, The Claudelle, The Claudia Jeanine, The Colbie, The Conchita, The Constance, The Contessa, The Cora, The Coralie, The Cordelia, The Crissy, The Cyra, The Daksha, The Dalia, The Danieela, The Danielle, The Danika, The Danna, The Darsha, The Davina, The Dayanna Guadalupe, The Deb, The Deena, The Deepali, The Delanie, The Delilah, The Delores, The Denae, The Destiny, The Diamond, The Diane, The Dionne, The Donna Lea, The Dulce, The Dulcia, The Dunyasha, The Ebba, The Eden, The Effie, The Elaine Li, The Eleanor, The Eleanora, The Ellery Sky, The Eliana, The Elizabeth Mary, The Ella, The Ella Ann, The Ella Gabriela, The Ellie, The Elsie Marie, The e'Mariana (The eMariana), The Emilia, The Emma Grace, The Eneroya, The Erma, The Esperanza, The Essence, The Estefi, The Estelle, The Eternity, The Eve, The Evie, The Fabiola, The Faida, The Fallon, The Fanny, The Faride, The Farrah Michelle, The Fatima, The Flora, The Florence, The Fortunada, The Frankie, The Frannie, The Fredrika, The Fritzie, The Gabrielle Mia, The Gaurika, The Gayatri, The Gemma, The Geraldine Lea, The Gayle, The Ginny Lynn, The Giuliana, The Gloria, The Goldie, The Greta, The Gretchen, The Gwen Noelle, The Gwendolyn, The Gwenyth, The Hadley, The Hailey Belle, The Hanako, The Hanna Jo, The Harmony, The Harleigh, The Hattie, The Hazel Rae, The Heather Erin, The Heidi Grethe, The Heilanda, The Helena, The Helene, The Henrika, The Hillary, The Holly, The Honesty, The Honoka, The Huá (Hua), The Iekika, The Ila, The Ilene, The Ina Vaani, The India, The Inez, The Irene, The Isabella Noa, The Isidora, The Isla, The Itzayana, The Ivana, The Ivory, The Jaci, The Jackie, The Jacqueline, The Jada, The Jakayla, The Jamiyah, The Jan, The Janelle, The Janice, The Janneth, The Janni, The Jaya, The Jayla, The Jazmin Ella, The Jazzlyn, The Jeanine Marie, The Jeanna, The Jeanne, The Jeanne Mia, The Jenni Lou, The Jennifer, The Jennifer Elena, The Jenny, The Jersey, The Jessika, The Jewel, The Jhenny, The Jiàn (The Jian), The Jilari, The Jill, The Jime, The Jisha, The Jocelyn, The Jodee Michaela, The Johnnie, The Jolene, The Jordyn Elitza, The Josefina, The Josemaria, The Josepha, The Journie, The Juana, The Jubilee, The Julia, The Julie Madison, The Junio, The Justina, The Justine, The 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The Maha, The Mahlia, The Mailynne, The Majo Jimena, The Makayla Belle, The Malena, The Maleny, The Mandira, The Manuela, The Marcia, The Margie Mae,The Maria José (The Maria Jose), The Maria Leeslii, The Mariah, The Marianne, The Maricela, The Marie Rosalind, The Mariela, The Marilyn, The Marissa, The Maritere, The Maritza, The Marja, The Marnie, The Martha, The Mary Helen, The Mary Jane, The Mary Lou, The Maryana, The Maude, The Maura, The Maxine, The Mayte, The Mckenzie, The Melaine, The Melitza, The Melody, The Merari, The Meryl, The Mia Sofía (The Mia Sofia), The Migdala, The Minerva, The Mirella, The Mireya, The Miriam, The Monaco, The Monami, The Monet, The Monica, The Monikama, The Monique, The Monse, The Montana, The Montserrat, The Myaka, The Myra, The Myrtle, The Mysti, The Nadia, The Nainika, The Naira, The Nairobi, The Nala, The Nancy Avila, The Naomi, The Natascha Eva, The Natsumi, The Nayeli, The Nazareth, The Nellie, The Nettie, The Neve, The Nicola, The Nikita, The Ning, The Noa, The Noa (Customizable), The Noemie Jade, The Nyah, The Nynaeve, The Oceane, The Pacifica, The Paisley, The Paola, The Paris Rae, The Patrice, The Patti, The Payton, The Philomena, The Phoebe, The Phyllis, The Piper, The Pocahontas, The Poppy, The Portia, The Prisma, The Rachal, The Rachana, The Rachelle, The Racquel, The Rafaella, The Raleigh, The Reba, The Reese, The Reina, The Rhea, The Rikki, The Rissa, The Rita, The Romina Salomé (The Romina Salome), The Rosalina, The Rosalyn, The Rosario, The Roseanne, The Rosemary, The Rosetta, The Rosie, The Roxana, The Roxy Edith, The Roya, The Roza, The Ruth, The Ruth (Customizable), The Sabrina, The Sally, The Salome, The Samantha, The Samira, The Sana, The Sandhya, The Sandy, The Sarah, The Sashalle, The Savannah, The Scarlett, The Shae, The Shanice, The Shannan, The Shantya, The Shariya, The Sharona, The Shaundra, The Shay, The Shiori, The Siri, The Skylah, The Sloan, The Sofía Anna (The Sofia Anna), The Sophie, The Stacie, 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1) We can only do colored cubic zirconia stone upgrades at these prices on jewelry pieces that are purchased through

2) We can only do colored cubic zirconia stone upgrades at these prices for rings that show eligibility here on this product page (though some exceptions can be made, contact for your custom request).

3) We are unable to do colored cubic zirconia stone upgrade work at these prices on any jewelry that you purchase from another retailer.

4) If purchasing the jewelry to be upgraded with colored cubic zirconia now, please add 10 days to the "Manufacturing Time" listed on the product details page of the product you're purchasing to estimate the new manufacturing time for your order.

5) If you are getting jewelry upgraded with a colored cubic zirconia stone(s) that you previously purchased from, we will provide shipping details after purchase...and as a courtesy to thank you for your continued patronage, we will pay shipping and insurance costs for you to mail your jewelry item securely to us. Yes, colored cubic zirconia stone setting is not a profit center for our business. We provide the service because it's among the best ways to really personalize jewelry and make it extra special!


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*Read more about our full lifetime warranty details and limitations

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Noach Huisman

Excellent service, very happy! Had a great experience buying from cubic zirconia. I was looking for one very specific stone in a very specific color. Got quick, friendly and very precise replies and ended up buying a nice array of stones that would match my stone best.
Great service, great store! 5/5

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These videos show the most popular different shapes of cubic zirconia loose stones we make and sell, as well as the customizable center stones available for setting atop the highest percentage of most products we make and sell in our catalog (asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald octagon cut, heart cut, marquise cut, oval cut, pear cut, princess/square cut, radiant octagon cut, round cut)…

--->> see below for pictures and a stone-by-stone comparison
of these 10 most common center stone options <<---

The Asscher Cut – this stone shape is also sometimes referred to as square octagon. It is characterized by large step-cut facets. The beauty of an asscher cut stone, is best displayed and enhanced with larger cut configurations. We think for our 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones this most applies to those sized 1.50 carats (7x7 mm) or larger, where the width and depth of the stone most effectively displays this shape's step-cut facets. The asscher cut is symmetrical, with equal length and width.

5A diamond quality Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone

Asscher cut Video image preview






View all asscher cut rings here



The Cushion Cut – this stone's shape is also referred to as pillow cut or rounded princess cut. As the name suggests, the cushion cut is actually shaped like a cushion or a pillow. Many believe the cushion cut-- also a brilliant-cut style-- exemplifies the best of both the round cut and princess cut styles. That may explain why the cushion cut is becoming more and more popular. Many experts believe the cushion cut’s more rounded shape is ideal for colored stones, and we think the combination of shape, facets and fire looks pretty blingin' awesome with our clear, flawless diamond-quality 5A cubic zirconia stones. The cushion cut is symmetrical, with equal length and width.

#4 Most popular stone in sales*
#1 Fastest-growing stone in popularity year-over-year*

5A diamond quality Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


View all cushion cut rings here

The Emerald Cut – the emerald cut, or emerald octagon cut (aka rectangular octagon), borrows its name from the ideal way to cut green emerald stones. That happens to be shaping a green emerald into this elongated octagon shape! The shape's elongated style with with non-equal length and width naturally creates longer facets than a smaller stone or squared shape would have. The effect? The emerald cut stone's long, step-cut facets reflect more light and make the stone appear larger than it actually is. Unconfirmed internet reports claim this stone is frequently chosen as a gift by men with less well-endowed bank accounts (more bang for your buck so to speak...sorry, we couldn't resist).

#3 Most popular stone in sales*

5A diamond quality Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


Cubic Zirconia loose stone Emerald cut 360 video

View all emerald cut rings here



The Heart Cut – heart cut stones are shaped like a stylized heart, which shape accounts for its use more than the stone's brilliance (lesser than many other equilateral stone cuts because some of the light is not refracted out as sharply in the valley part at the top of the shape). This brilliant-cut stone only accounts for a few engagement rings out of a hundred we make and sell, but is a common choice for promise rings and unique artisan rings, as well as for gifts given on Valentine's Day. The unique shape of this stone does provide some challenges to gem cutters and jewelry makers who must be aware of some potential pitfalls when working with the shape. Care should also be taken when wearing jewelry with heart cut stones because the shape has a pointed tip that can be prone to chipping and breakage. The heart cut is not symmetrical, but is designed to have equal length and width across a "T" from the middle.

5A diamond quality Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


Heart cut Cubic Zirconia loose stone 360 video

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The Marquise Cut – of all the top center stone shapes, the marquise cut stone is among the least-requested in our catalog, and perhaps the most uncommonly-seen among the gem cuts profiled in this article. Instead of serving as the primary or center stone in a ring or other piece of jewelry, marquise cut stones are more popularly used as accent stones. Although we do feel that a marquise-cut-centered ring design looks exceptional when placed vertically as a perpendicular gem enhancement above the backdrop of a horizontal, wide-banded ring design beneath! Due to its fragile corners and unwieldy shape, many jewelers find this brilliant-cut stone more difficult to work with than many other shapes. But the unique shape does have its admirers, and even though it's among the least popular of the profiled center stone shapes we're happy to provide hundreds of customizable ring styles that can be set with this beautiful gem shape. Care should also be taken when wearing jewelry with marquise cut stones because the shape has pointed tips that are prone to chipping and breakage. The marquise cut cut is elongated, with non-equal length and width.

5A diamond quality Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


Marquise cut Cubic Zirconia loose stone 360 video

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The Oval Cut – this stone shape is a good choice for people who want a smaller carat weight but want to get the illusion of a larger stone. Because of the length-versus-width dimensions, oval cut stones have this property of appearing to be larger than they actually are (as do the emerald cut and radiant cut). The oval cut stone shape has a long history of being worn by women with taste and sophistication. The oval cut is a brilliant-cut shape, with good but not great brilliance in its facets. The shape is elongated, with non-equal length and width.

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Oval cut Cubic Zirconia loose stone 360 video

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The Pear Cut – also known as teardrop cut, this is a brilliant-cut stone with respect to facets. Pear cut is a less-popular choices for center stones; they are, however, commonly used as accent stones in all manner of rings, engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces (a center stone of your choice flanked by two equally-sized pear cut accents, one to either side, is a common three-stone configuration). Similar to the heart cut or marquise cut stone, preference for the pear cut is mainly because of its unique shape rather than brilliance. However, this pointed-tip shape has many design pitfalls jewelers have to look out for when working with it. Care should also be taken when wearing jewelry with pear cut stones because the stone has a pointed tip that can be prone to chipping and breakage. The pear cut is elongated, with non-equal length and width.

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Pear cut 360 video Cubic Zirconia loose stone

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The Princess Cut – also known as the square cut stone is one of the most popular and sought after center stone shapes – popularity exceeded only by the round cut both with respect to our own sales and as a jewelry industry standard around the world. With brilliant-cut facets, the princess cut is considered one of the more classic stone shapes. Because of the tricks of the trade to working with this gem shape, many an entire jeweler's career has been spent specializing in either gem-cutting or setting this specific shape into jewelry. While we do our best to protect our princess cut stones set into fine cubic zirconia jewelry with special prongs (see below for more details), care should still be be taken when wearing jewelry items set with princess cut stones: the shape has pointed corners which are its weakest points and can be prone to chipping and breakage. The princess cut is symmetrical, with equal length and width.

#2 Most Popular stone in sales*



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The Radiant Cut – The radiant cut, or radiant octagon cut, is also known as a rounded emerald cut. The stone shares the general rectangular shape of the emerald cut, but because of its brilliant cut facets (as compared to the emerald shape's step-cut facets) the lustrous radiant cut reflects even more light than the already super-shiny emerald cut. The brilliant-cut facets of the radiant cut shape also gives the impression that the stone has rounded corners (it doesn't, the corners are acute angles). The radiant cut is elongated, with non-equal length and width.


#2 Fastest-growing stone in popularity year-over-year*

5A diamond quality Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


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The Round Cut – the traditional round cut stone is by far the most common center stone shape for rings (and the most popular shape found in most other kinds of jewelry for that matter). The round cut stone has brilliant-cut facets and a shape that is mathematically optimized for maximum light reflection and refraction. The ideal cut round diamond is almost universally considered "perfect", and has 58 facets cut to exact proportions and placed at optimal angles to create an ideal balance between light reflection and refraction. So that's exactly what we do when manufacturing our 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones, too! These factors combine to enhance the round cut stone's brilliance and fire. In our experience, more than half of customers prefer round cut stones (this is even more true with respect to solitaire rings). Some of these round-shape fans feel the circle is associated with the concept of forever. The round cut is symmetrical, with equal length and width.

#1 Most popular stone in sales*

5A diamond quality Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone


Round cut Cubic Zirconia 360 video



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Note: Not shown in videos above and not regularly stocked, less-common, but-still-traditional center stone shapes: straight baguette, tapered baguette, briolette, cabochon, checkerboard, antique cushion cut, elongated cushion cut, elongated pear cut, half-moon cut, hexagon cut, pyramid shape, star shape, teardrop shape, triangle cut, trillion cut, trapezoid cut, and several more.

ASIDE: And gosh, that 'several more' really could be "infinite" because let's not forget about the custom-cut cubic zirconia center stone shapes.

For these less-common stone shapes mentioned by name, and custom-cut stones...yes we DO make and sell them-- though we won't profile these stones individually in this article-- and we don't always sell these stones online or commit the resources to put jewelry pieces featuring these less-likely-to-sell configurations online for others in the future to discover.

So while less-popular or custom-cut CZ stone shapes won't be the focus of today's article...the possibility that we CAN cut any shape and size your heart desires in 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia brilliance still deserves a mention in a thorough treatment of the "which center stone shape to choose" topic.

Choosing the right center stone shape for a ring or other piece of jewelry is a decision that should take into consideration not just popularity or preferences for how something might look or make you feel, but also the intended wearer’s physical attributes and lifestyle. For a great article on how to choose the right center stone shape for yourself/your gift recipient, see this article: LINK

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