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Since the founding of our website-- check out our top, most-read 17 blog posts to date! Topics include diamond deprogramming, relationship tips, engagement proposal ideas and stories, product care and cleaning, picking the right engagement ring, gift ideas and what factors make our 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones the best!
9% off for Past Customers of

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Bad news. as a company appears to be out of business (as of writing). Good news: the owners of are offering a special, first-purchase discount to new customers that previously did business with
The Ultimate Wedding Playlist from 105 Songs for The Ceremony, Reception, Dinner and Dancing

The Ultimate Wedding Playlist from 105 Songs for The Ceremony, Reception, Dinner and Dancing 0

No wedding could be complete without the RIGHT music, played at the RIGHT time and meant to convey the RIGHT message. That's because music has the power to move not just the feet and hips, but the very heart and soul of the listener!

How about this for the ultimate wedding song playlist, one from that you can copy and make your own?

This 105-song list includes popular songs encompassing different musical genres, from jazz, to rock ballads, alt-rock, rap, Top-40, country music, R&B and even dance! You can click on each of the titles to listen to each song in YouTube. Happy wedding planning!
Four Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas She Will Love

Four Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas She Will Love 1

Now that we have passed Groundhog Day, and the omniscient little rodent has made its weather prediction, we anticipate the next celebration. Valentine’s Day definitely helps shake up the winter doldrums. Who came up with the idea to dedicate one special day of the year to romance and love? Genius.

Who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day for its gift ideas, like chocolate, flowers, or a lovely dinner out? Well, some feel trepidation, and wonder how they can purchase a dozen roses at the non-Valentine’s Day price, but still keep them fresh until February 14. But hey! Let’s not suck the fun out of a day of love and romance! Let’s make it the happy, day of love and optimism we would like it to be. You are in love! That is amazing! Celebrate your good fortune at every opportunity! At, we always have gorgeous, high quality Valentine’s Day gift ideas at a price you will love, for your Love.

Just because we are also romantics, and because we love to help, here are four Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas that are sure to make her feel warm and fuzzy. That’s warm, fuzzy, and thinking of you.

Anniversary Band

Do not let the name fool you. You can give her this type of ring to celebrate any occasion. This is your story! It is up to you to write it together. An anniversary band complements her wedding set. It is usually set with stones for accent and a little bit of added pizazz. Women can either add it to the set, or replace their wedding band.

We have a spectacular, customizeable selection. Take a look, and choose the perfect 5A CZ anniversary band for her.

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving suits any budget for a jewelry gift idea, and sends a sentimental message that speaks volumes in a few well chosen words. Whether you add engraving to the CZ ring you purchase now, or add it to a ring she already loves, this is a Valentine’s Day gift to warm the heart. We can custom engrave for you. You can choose the font and message to suit her style. Now you are the genius on Valentine’s Day.

Her New Favorite Earrings

Our customizable stud earrings will become her go-to pair. Simple elegance never misses the heart, and never loses its charm. Choose from three or four prong settings, and set the 5A CZ stones in the precious metal of your choice. Try choosing from our best sellers. Here’s a sweet idea if you both love pierced ears. How about one for you, and one for her from the same set? How cute is that? Maybe she does not have pierced ears. Start her off with a piece of fine, high quality piercing studs that will look great for a lifetime. Everyone adores their first pair of earrings. Now she will think of you when she wears these little treasures.

Added bonus: you can hold her hand when she goes for the piercing. You, Good Sir, are a rock star.

Or, If You MUST Give a Rose…

Look at you, Mr. Traditional, Eternal Romantic. For you, your expression of love just has to involve roses. They are a beautiful symbol of love, after all. Sit down. Take a breath. You are going to be impressed with this Valentine’s Day gift idea. New to, in time for Valentine’s Day 2017, we offer… ta daa…

A real rose, with a twelve inch stem, lacquered, or gold dipped. Presented in a gorgeous gift box. Unbelievable. 

Choose from three jaw dropping styles of this unique Valentine’s Day gift. The Lacquered Yellow Rose is 24K gold trimmed, with a gold plated stem. Start a collection. One every year. Or keep it simple, with one special rose to mark this one special day. 

We are proud to offer you two more styles. Look at the 24K Gold Rose Bud or the Lacquered Red Rose trimmed in 24K gold. Has You Covered

Enjoy your special Valentine’s Day this year, with the one you adore. We know that you are working hard, and loving life. She is a big part of your adventure. You want her to know how much you appreciate her, every day. She is your rock, and your soft place to fall. She is your confident and loudest cheerleader. She is the woman behind your best achievements. She deserves the best you can give. We’ve got something for that. Always. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tekla Luchenski
Staff Writer

What is Pink Gold?

What is Pink Gold? 0

Pink Gold: Popular Trend Will Become a Classic

Pink gold is part of a hot trend in colored gold jewelry and accessories that has emerged over the past few years. Approximately six to eight percent of customers at choose pink gold as they customize the jewelry to mark special occasions in life. Customers are choosing pink gold for important pieces, like anniversary rings, engagement rings and wedding bands

According to Google Trends, colored gold has increased in search popularity since 2011. We are seeing brands such as Michael Kors and Fossil producing pink gold watches and fashion jewelry pieces. How about Apple, who recently released the iPhone 6? Color choices? Silver, grey and, you guessed it - pink gold. If that’s not a sign of the fashion times, we don’t know what is. abides! Most of our gorgeous selection, including cubic zirconia engagement ring styles, have a pink gold option. 

Pink gold offers a different take on an old friend - the more traditional yellow gold. Pink gold is a choice you can make for a contemporary look that will endure the passage of time and trends. You can enjoy pink gold for your fashion or heirloom pieces, with confidence that they will maintain their color and beauty for generations to come. We will talk about that quality and the purity of your gold piece a little later, but first, we’ll answer your burning question: What the heck is pink gold?

Gold Alloys 101

In general, gold is mixed with a different metal, so as to ensure quality over time. Solid gold is a soft metal. It will not hold its shape well, and it is vulnerable to scratches and dents. Bet you never thought of solid gold as a “scratch and dent” material! Because of its delicacy, goldsmiths have always used gold mixed with one or more metals to create an alloy. The type of metal in an alloy determines qualities of the finished piece, including its color. Add a little copper to yellow gold. The result is gold with a pink hue. 

Pink gold has been around since ancient times. In more recent times, it used to be called Russian gold, for its popularity in nineteenth century Russia. It has also been known as red gold and rose gold. The unique color comes from the gold’s copper alloy. Copper gives yellow gold a red, or pink color. The greater the amount of copper alloy, the darker the pink (or red) appearance. Simple? Cool.

Real Men (and Women) Love Pink - Even If They Call It “Rose”

The most popular contemporary term for copper alloy gold is rose gold. Rose is generally used interchangeably with the terms pink and red, although each term actually refers to a specific percentage of copper added to the yellow gold. Pink gold contains the least amount of copper, next to rose gold. Red gold has the highest copper content. We think they’re all ‘just as sweet’ (That’s from Shakespeare. Get it? And clever, too!). 

Speaking of alloys in gold, always remember that the alloy does not (read NOT) affect the purity of gold. Alloys contribute to the overall quality of the gold piece. They reinforce the gold’s strength and give it a particular color.

You can rest assured that if your gold is stamped as 10K, 14K or 18K gold, you are receiving that purity of gold as marked; 14k yellow gold without coloration has the same amount of gold content as 14k rose/pink gold. Whatever the alloy, the content is constant, according to the gold purity standard. In the U.S.A., laws regulate the standard of gold purity and its marketing. When you see “10K,” “14K,” or “18K” stamped on a gold piece, you can rely on the label and be confident in the quality of the gold you are buying.

Here is one important thing to remember when you set out to shop for colored gold. Ready? Here it is: 

You do not need to be a jewelry aficionado to shop for pink gold

This post could go ahead and outline the percentages of copper alloy that make the (small, like, teeny tiny, minuscule, even) difference between rose and pink gold. Here’s the good news. We don’t have to. If you like this style of colored gold, just ask for “rose gold.” Regardless of the percentages of copper alloy, rose gold has become the umbrella term for copper alloy gold. So have fun, and do not worry. No one will call you out for generalizing on this one. Pay attention, instead, to the overall quality of the piece. Shop with a reputable jeweler, like, and you will do well.

Ready? Set? Shop! At, we can help. We’re like that. In fact, we love helping.

Unsure about which precious metal to choose for your jewelry? Read our article, "Which Precious Metal Is Right For You/Her?"