Laser Pattern Etching For Wedding Bands and Rings


Show off your personality with a special laser pattern etching for your wedding band.

*** Click Here to View our product catalog of Wedding Bands and Rings Eligible for Laser Pattern Etching.***

Laser Patterns: The twelve (12) special laser pattern etching designs we offer for wedding bands are Tiger, Jaguar, Giraffe, Tribal, Barbed Wire, Japanese Mokume, Tread, Flames, DNA, Greek Keys, Celtic Knots, and Locked Circles. Your band of any finger ring size can be laser-pattern etched with any of these choices for the same upgrade price, and are pictured below.

 Laser Pattern (Tiger)      
Laser Pattern (Jaguar)
Laser Pattern (Giraffe) 
Laser Pattern (Tribal)    
Laser Pattern (Barbed Wire)
Laser Pattern (Japanese Mokume)
Laser Pattern (Tread)    
Laser Pattern (Flames)

Laser Pattern (DNA) 

Laser Pattern (Greek Keys)
Laser Pattern (Celtic Knots)  
Laser Pattern (Locked Circles)

Laser Pattern Etching Finish Terms

1) We can only do special laser pattern etching on jewelry pieces that are purchased through and show eligibility for laser pattern etching on the product page. We are unable to do custom laser pattern etching work on any jewelry that you purchase from another retailer. This is an "add-on" product, and you should only "ADD TO CART" for purchase of laser pattern etching services if you are also now purchasing a wedding band or other eligible ring to have specially laser etched, or have previously purchased jewelry from to which you wish now to get a laser pattern applied.

2) If purchasing the jewelry to be laser etched now, please add 3 days to the "Manufacturing Time" listed on the product details page of the product you're purchasing to estimate the new manufacturing time for your order.

3) If you are getting jewelry laser etched that you previously purchased from, we will provide shipping details after purchase...and as a courtesy to thank you for your continued patronage, we will pay shipping and insurance costs for you to mail your jewelry item securely to us. Yes, laser etching is not a profit center for our business. We provide the service because it's among the best ways to really personalize jewelry and make it extra special!

4) All laser-engraved, special-design finished, and laser-pattern engraved products are considered custom orders and as such are not eligible for returns or refunds, though they do remain covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

*** Click Here to View our product catalog of Wedding Bands and Rings Eligible for Laser Pattern Etching.***



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