Whether you most recently binge-watched the famous sitcom on streaming or were an original fanatic who waited patiently for Thursday after Thursday to roll around so you could enjoy the next episode when the "Friends" show aired originally during the 1990s and early 2000s, you know that this gang of building roomies were hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.

You might could say the love lives of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe was a rocky road with some major ups and downs (not to mention a few nuts and some sweet marshmallows). At least, you might if you were writing this while thinking of Rocky Road ice cream. "Grab a spoon!"

Over the course of 234 episodes over 10 seasons bringing to life one of television's most iconic shows, the characters learned all sorts of lessons about life, love, and, of course, friendship. And we as viewers got/get to learn while watching, too.

My favorite thing about the show? Watch any one of them and it's more or less a complete story-- no need for any backstory or knowledge about what happened in previous episodes.

My second favorite thing though is the feisty, fresh and fun dynamic between the guys and the gals. And yes, I'm totally on board with telling a mansplainer telling me as a woman something by my very femininity I'll know better than he ever could from reading a book or watching some dumb documentary: "No uterus, no opinion!"

----> Never watched it? “Welcome to the real world,” our friends with Friends tell us.
“It sucks. You're gonna love it.” Trust me that almost everyone can find someone on the show that they identify with-- let me know who’s your doppelganger?  It’s available for streaming with a few options I’ll note at the bottom of this article. These 1.1 million reviews will do a far better job of convincing you to give it a shot than I ever could by myself.

Anywho...I just recently re-watched most of the series this past year. So we got to talking about the show here in the shop.

Here's some of the romantic lessons we can learn from the Friends gang:

Friendship Can Grow into Love

In our fast-paced, fast-food world, we're used to immediate gratification. But sometimes love takes time to grow. Just ask Ross. This quirky but lovable dork literally waited years-- since high school!-- for the gorgeous Rachel to feel any sparks for him.

If you're expecting love at first sight, just remember that it took thousands of glances at Ross before Rachel felt that funny feeling for him that he'd often felt for her!

Life Goals Can Be More Important Than Love

Remember when Monica wanted to have a family but Richard, her eye doctor and 'older man'...didn't? Those two really did love each other. It was obvious even to a casual viewer that they enjoyed being in one another's company and truly cared about the well-being of the other.

However, their different life goals convinced them that parting was necessary. It may be a sweet sorrow, but the cast of Friends is here to teach us that some of our most important plans and desires just shouldn't take a back seat to our love life. As Ross might have shouted in glee: “Pivot!”

Communication and Expectations Are Better than Assumptions

 ross from friends we were on a break!

"We were on a break!" is a recognizable phrase just about any Friends fan will get a chuckle

Some people call it broken up. Others might have said separated-- or even temporarily separated. 

One of you thought for 4 months "we're still together but not together right now" and the other thought "We're on a break and I should date other people".

Whoops, what about that hot sex with cool copy-shop girl? Gonna be a bit awkward when break time is over and it's time to tell the truth.

"I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

Don't Make the Same Mistakes Twice!

Weren't we all surprised when Chandler wound up back in bed with Janice?! Janice!The woman Mr. Bing was perpetually trying to hide from when she popped into Central Perk! And yet somehow, there she was fashionable dressed and appearing to attract Joey again and again season after season like the consummate re-run.

Well, the persistent perkster kept chasing and chasing Chandler until he finally broke down and decided he could handle spending time with her despite her annoyingly nasal laugh. But once she had him back in her clutches, OH-MY-GOD did he soon remember each time just why he was running away from her so hard.

Keeping Love a Secret Probably Not Worth the Effort

When Monica and Chandler got together, they did their best to keep it hidden from all their friends. That wasn't so easy when Joey popped into the bathroom while the couple was taking a bubble bath and Monica was forced to hide underwater.

The secret twosome didn't want to change the whole group dynamic of the friends who were building roomies, but lying about their love wasn't the right answer either.

They don’t know that we know they know we know.

Eventually, bubbles aside, they had to come clean!.

Don't Let Your Ex Wreck a Good Thing!

Phoebe and Mike (played by the dashing Paul Rudd) had a good thing going. Naturally, that's when her ex, David, showed up to throw a curve ball at her love life.

Phoebe had to learn that her breakup with David was meant to be and that she valued her present relationship. The cast of Friends is there to make sure we understand this valuable relationship lesson: Don't let your past get in the way of your future!

Great Looks and a Fun Personality Don't Always Equal Soul Mate

Remember that brief point when Joey and Rachel got together? True, they were a gorgeous couple-- but real fans knew immediately they just wouldn't have staying power when it came to a relationship that could go the distance. That's okay. They tried, it didn't work, they stayed friends. That was a great lesson to learn. Breakups can be gentle-- and good things can still happen after one.

BONUS LESSON: Never ever forget the most important anniversaries

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Credit to the Friends TV show's 25th anniversary reunion program for the idea.

Don't forget the most important anniversaries, ladies and gents.

That's a wrap: Relationship Lessons from the Character Cast of TV Show Friends

It seems those 'friends' had lots of love lessons to share.

If you haven't checked out the show in years, you might want to stream it.

Considering how often during my latest re-watch this past year when my husband came in from the other room wanting to know why I was snort-laughing so loud...I'd say it's pretty much a certainty that the laughs are just as exciting the second time around! If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive gift idea for your significant other-- and you know they are a fan-- why not grab the boxed DVD set or purchase the whole series in one big she-bang (Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play)?

Just want to watch or watch again? It's been off and on with Netflix over the years (if that link works it means it's back...if not, well maybe one day), and sometimes available on Hulu and SlingTV. The old-school channel TBS runs it all the time. And as of writing, Amazon Prime members can watch the complete first season included in the member bennies (though not the other 9, and frankly I’m not sure if the availability is limited to some countries and not others).

But as of writing, the only place I'm aware of to watch all 10 seasons is included with your subscription to HBO Max.

We hope you enjoyed our blog.

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In the meantime, let us know how we can make your life better, friends.

(I’ll be there for you)!

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