Did you know a piece of finished jewelry that is complete except for setting stones – example:  earrings, ring or pendant – is called a "mounting"?

Every single one of our pieces of jewelry can be purchased as a “mounting” without stones.

A mounting is also of course less expensive than the piece fully-set with our CZ stones. And you don’t need to be a jeweler/jewelry company for a B2B purchase, either; anyone can buy the mountings we manufacture with a few conditions. 
Read more about buying our jewelry products as mountings without stones set in this blog post.

How to buy our finished jewelry rings, pendants, earrings and more as “mountings” without any stones set in the jewelry piece. The gist:

  • Mountings are considered a wholesale purchase even if you are a retail customer
  • Mountings won’t have the same guarantee or lifetime warranty as our finished products
  • Mountings are sold as-is with no returns, refunds or credits/exchanges

That means if you love one of our designs and are sure it’s what you want…but say you want to have another jeweler set our mounting with different stone or stones than our flawless, 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia…that’s fine.

We won’t be jealous (much).

The cost is of course less than the fully-set pieces you see online, because:

  • On a mounting-only purchase, we won’t charge you for the stones you don’t need (which honestly isn’t much at the volume we make high quality CZ stones and the prices we put on them)
  • On a mounting-only purchase, we won’t charge you for the labor to set the stones either, and that can add up (most jewelers that hand-set stones in jewelry rather than use machines pay staff the same to set any stone, regardless of type, real or imitation, because it’s the same work to set a CZ in a ring as it is to set a diamond, morganite, sapphire, or most anything else).

However, we don’t price our catalog of jewelry mountings online. Frankly, it’s not something many customers ask for, but those who do we’re happy to make and sell this for you. Just remember that the more stones in a finished piece, the less the cost as a mounting compared to the fully-set price online. The fewer stones, the less price differential of the mounting versus the fully-set piece.

Interested in a certain piece of our jewelry catalog as a mounting-only purchase without stones? Just call us for a price on the one you want. U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 or Contact Us here. We're so happy to have the chance to serve you!