The New Word: An Affordibauble Ring

A few weeks ago, I discovered a new word: affordibauble

What's an ‘affordibauble,’ you may ask? 

The definition of an affordibauble is an affordable jewelry item like one of our best-quality cubic zirconia engagement rings set in 14 karat gold.. 

Here at the shop-- we love words and lovebirds, too.

If you're planning to propose marriage to your sweetheart, these days the sticker shock may kill you just walking through the traditional entrance door to engagement in a retail jewelry store that stocks natural mined diamonds. 

Even a simple trip for a thoughtful Valentines’ Day jewelry gift might set you back what you could have spent on a reliable used vehicle not too many years ago.

But if you shop for an affordibauble at, you can buy a diamond alternative ring for a fraction of the cost of an expensive diamond bauble. 

And live to tell the tale, too (if you want to tell: many of our customers  let our inexpensive and flawless diamond lookalike just speak for itself with what we call “The Diamond Mystique”). 

A Word That Saves You Money

Merriam-Webster's may be in the word business, but we've got a word that saves you money! 

Email-subscribing existing customers and first-time buyers who input the code word ‘affordibauble' with their online purchase of a select CZ ring or engagement ring can save some cash on its price (see email you were provided linking to this blog post for offer limitations).

Our AAAAA diamond-quality CZ rings are already a mere fraction of the cost of a natural diamond ring with comparable precious metal setting and 4C stone features, but our customers can save an additional 10% when purchasing online and using this special non-expiring code word: affordibauble features a wide range of rings designed with the highest-quality 5A cubic zirconia offered by the one and only company at the center of the trend to dethrone diamonds. 

Find ultra-modern rings, vintage-inspired rings, and traditional rings with classic appeal. 

Our online store features multiple ring collections that are filled with the affordibauble rings customers  give 5 stars-- and you can save 10% on any one of these precious metal + top-quality cubic zirconia rings (not just engagement rings).

Save 10% with an online purchase using the ‘affordibauble’ code word when you select one or more of these eligible affordibaubles:

  • Anniversary band
  • Cocktail ring
  • Engagement ring
  • Eternity band
  • Modern band
  • Promise ring
  • Solitaire ring
  • Vintage ring
  • Wedding band
  • Wedding sets (yes, even the already-discounted multi-ring orders!)

Affordibauble Definition Says Why You’d Want It

Why do you want an affordibauble? 

Because an unaffordibauble that features a natural, mined diamond is substantially more costly than a diamond alternative ring or engagement ring such as the high-quality, precious metal lookalikes made and sold by the one and only 

The markup on natural diamonds continues to be exorbitant. 

If you were to spend $20,000 USD on a diamond engagement ring, you could get a similar size center stone and setting design for $2,000 from our Kentucky jewelry shop. 

That extra $18,000 you don’t take out of your bank account? We call it the “Diamond Dollar Difference”-- where likely not a soul you don’t want to know will know the difference between what you bought and the more expensive natural mined diamond…and it’s up to you (and your gift recipient) to decide how you all wanna use the savings. Car? Home down payment? Honeymoon? Home renovations? Wedding plan? College fund? It’s your call-- and that’s if you have the cash for either the affordibauble OR the unaffordibauble.

If you chose to finance a diamond ring, OTOH…you could easily end up spending 2 to 5 times its original cost over time on loans charges. UGGGHHH that type of expense can lead to considerable debt and a habit of buying more than a couple can afford. 

Shop for a Diamond Alternative Ring at carries what we feel is the best-quality CZ jewelry available. 

We invite you to browse our ring and engagement ring collections to witness our wide selection. One of the hallmarks of our store is customization. We customize jewelry to suit the need/preferences of our customers. Not only will you find most of our rings can be sized from US size 3 and up to 13 without additional fee (and bigger or smaller with extra cost), but those same rings can often be customized with any of our 12 standard precious metals, and set with a range of carat sizes from 0.25 up to 6.0 carats of any of often 6-12 different center stone shapes you can choose from for us to manufacture any given ring. Literally tens of millions of combinations in our catalog-- and that’s even before we’re hired to create something truly unique, just for you with our “design your own” bespoke ring custom program.

Just remember to include the new word "affordibauble" when you place your order online so you can enjoy extra savings on your purchase. 


Our knowledgeable staff can also help you select or design a ring that's ideal for you.

-- Mrs. Cubic Zirconia