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The discussion with your future spouse about a non-diamond engagement ring can be a tough conversation when society has a certain expectation but you want to do something different. We call it being "between a rock and a hard place". This article will provide a few ideas and resources to help couples talk through the options for a non-mined-diamond alternative. Just as you can create your own wedding experience, you can choose an engagement ring that actually reflects your values-- individually and as a couple. And if you do it together, it's a great test-drive of many future values-driven decisions a marriage will be better off for if a couple makes together.
So, you've found our website and you're getting ready to purchase a jewelry piece. Then you realize, "They have so many products! How in the world will I find what I'm looking for?" Lucky for you, we got the lowdown on how you can zero in on what you want from thousands of choices with just a few clicks - all from a shopper's point of view.
Since the founding of our website-- check out our top, most-read 17 blog posts to date! Topics include diamond deprogramming, relationship tips, engagement proposal ideas and stories, product care and cleaning, picking the right engagement ring, gift ideas and what factors make our 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones the best!
Today’s blog post will be a Godsend if you’ve been thinking over how to talk with your significant other about an important but tough-to-tackle topic you keep avoiding. That’s because a movie that shows and tells a certain topic in a powerful way can be a PERFECT conversational opener for her to talk to him-- or vice versa-- about that topic in a non-threatening and totally natural way.
Here’s one man’s story of why I felt marriage was stupid...and as vehemently opposed to the idea...why for a long decade I was hesitant to get married (even for years after I found the woman who was the yin to my yang)... Plus the FOUR factors that radically changed me to NOW…when I believe that: Soulmates exist. Marriage is a commitment worth making (with the right person). A good marriage is a truly great thing. The right spouse can be an invaluable partner in the life you want to build. While no one is perfect, we are each perfect for someone.Should you or someone you know read this?
The authorities call it 'Tent City'. No one really wants to live there, but this humble homeless tenement is the setting for another great chapter in the greatest love story ever told. Thanks to our customers rich and poor-- and every socioeconomic status in between-- for letting Cubic Zirconia be just a small part of your love story together.
Life isn't a movie but sometimes you just want to script the perfect moment. That’s why we provide these proposal ideas for men through our newsletters and blogs. We like to help you get the juices flowing on your own idea of how to create the romantic memory of a lifetime for that one special lady for you. If she’s never been to a Japanese Hibachi steakhouse where they grill your food right on the table in front of you and a group of other people all sitting together around the outer edge of the cooking surface…or you’ve been together and it’s one of her favorite places, consider the sizzling engagement proposal at a Japanese Hibachi Grill. Dim the lights. Time it right. Cue the applause. And let me tell you a little story about where a smart guy about to get really lucky chose to propose.   Here’s 3 different ways how to do it and why we like it.
Charleston South Carolina is always near the top vote-getters for the “most romantic” cities in America. If she’s a history buff, architecture aficionado or lover of great Southern cooking, you should consider making some marriage proposal magic in Charleston with its historic, cobblestone streets with oodles of charm. Waterfront parks with stately towering oaks and rustic, wrought-iron benches. Covered, pedestrian bridges for hand-in-hand starlit walks over gurgling creeks. You'll stroll past antebellum mansions, restored plantation homes, and three-hundred-year-old brownstone townhouse with national landmark homes on every other block. Wine bars with live music are all over the place. Greenery and colorful flowers abound. It's an ideal setting for a romantic getaway for surprise marriage proposal!
Who loves proposal pics and true stories of real couples and how they took the big leap to get engaged? Check out 'When 38 People Realized They Were "The One" (Proposals & Pictures)', including the photobooth proposal, beach proposal, restaurant proposal, and more.

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