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Maintenance, Repair and Upgrade Services

Below are some of our most popular services and repair requests. In addition to the buy-ready options below, here are links to information about some of our other services that customers may want to research a bit more before choosing:

(Re)-Rhodium Plating  Ring Sizing & Re-sizing FAQ
Intro to Wholesale Program Mountings without Stones
Diamond Downgrade Proposal Loaner Ring

Not sure what you're looking for, exactly? At this link you can read a bit more about some of our more popular jewelry repair and company services. Or dive in on a certain topic with our Warranty, Services & Repair FAQ
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Custom Stone Cutting (Deposit)
From $40.00 USD
3 reviews
Free Non-Warranty Inspection
$0.00 USD
3 reviews
Gift Card
From $100.00 USD
Repair charge
$25.00 USD
Ring Sizer Kit
$6.00 USD
1 review
x1 CAD deposit
$300.00 USD

9 reviews