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What every unmarried guy/girl should know about the ring before the ring (8 times a promise ring is perfect)
You have to realize that for some women, the perception in her head is that it’s like Frodo and the mountain of fire: there is only ONE ring, and that ring is the engagement ring. However...there ARE some times when a promise ring is perfect. Every unmarried guy/girl should know this about promise rings aka ‘the ring before the ring’. When should I give/expect a promise ring? The short answer for most is NEVER.  The large majority of men don’t give one. And most women don’t expect a promise ring.When to give a promise ring is less about time spent dating and more about the circumstances of the couple.  Most couples don’t need a promise ring, but here’s 8 reasons you MAY want one.   
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Don't feed your flies and 99 Things to never say to your wife/husband
Most things you say to your lover will be as short-lived as flies. Your significant other's memories of hearing you say these words, however, won't die quickly…but very well could kill your marriage.Today, we'll share a a story about finding the root cause of problems, killing flies instead of feeding them, and a list of 99 Things to never say to your wife or husband.And just like flies beget more flies, the more of these things you say in your marriage, the more of these things you’ll hear said to you in your marriage.Don’t feed your flies.
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Fact vs. Fiction in the Jewelry Biz (How to Avoid Being Ripped Off Buying Online)
Fake online sellers will promise the world, offer a money back guarantee, ship later than promised (or not at all), provide crappy products (or no product at all), then ignore your customer service requests-- and still make lots of money. Here's how to avoid becoming the next ripped-off victim of an online product scam’s lying, cheating and stealing-- in general and with some specific tips on avoiding a jewelry rip off. If you’ve ever bought something off a single social media ad, and the product never arrived-- and then tried to track down who did what when and how the jerks got away with your money…you may already know the general answer. But today’s tips will drive the lesson home to being a smarter online shopper.
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Inches from dumped in a divorce or early death: The history of the high jump is calling on above-average men to raise the bar as husbands
Statistically, the average man and husband may be just centimeters/inches away from getting dumped in a divorce-- or dying in an early death…but in a weird quirk we’ll discuss in today’s article comparing the art of being a husband with the historical evolution of the world record for the high jump, in the humdrum competition of husbands, that same man is also just centimeters/inches away from a champion husband his wife will continue to love, adore, respect and yes-- at times LOL-- obey. Men, there’s a secret to being the high-above-average husband your wife deserves-- one that’s only inches away.
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