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Frequently Asked Questions: Website Questions

Q: How do the product filter options on the left side panel of the website work?

Q: I don’t live in the United States. Can your prices be displayed in my country’s currency instead of in U.S. dollars?

Q: I've found some words and phrases on your website that are gobbledygook to me! Is there a glossary or index of jewelry jargon?

Q: How do I access my account?

Q: Do I need to create an account on your website to make a purchase?

Q: Why should I register for a website account?

Q: How can I see and/or check my previous orders?

Q: I don’t remember my password for my can I reset it?

Q: I don’t remember the email address I used to create my I can’t login or even reset my password. What should I do?

Q: My shipping address has changed. How do I update my account?

Q: My email address has changed. How do I update my account?

Q: I checked my “order status” on / my online account and don’t understand what’s going on! Can you help me?

Q: What is the Wishlist and how does it work?

Q: How do I submit a Product Review for my purchase?

Q: I wrote a review for your product but I can’t see my review on your site. Why is that?

Q: What are website “cookies”? Do I need to enable cookies on my internet browser to shop

Q: Is all the written information on your website accurate?

Q: Are all of the product photos and videos on your website accurate?

Q: I need help with something on your website. I’m not too excited about calling and playing ‘voicemail phone tag’ or sending an email and waiting for a reply. Can we do an online chat?

Q: I’ve seen something at the bottom of your website that looks like a display of the prices of precious metals...what is it?

Q: I recently bought something from Now, I see my name being flashed on your website saying I bought something. What is that? Can you remove me from that?

Q: Your articles rock. How can I find your blog? How can I subscribe to your blog?

Q: Will you sell me a link on your blog or website?

Q: Can I write a guest blog post for your jewelry website? What does it cost?

Q: How do I sign up for your e-mailing list so I can receive news and exclusive promos from

Q: I want to read about what your previous customers say about your company and their shopping experience with Where can I see your company’s reviews?

Q: When I try to leave your website, there’s a promotional spin-to-win wheel that appears on my screen. Is this normal?

Q: Do you hold holiday sales, like Black Friday Sales, Christmas Sales, Mother’s Day Sales, Valentine’s Day Sales, New Year’s Sales or the like?

Q: I don't want to be on any email 'list'. What's the best way for me to give permission to stay-in-touch with me?

Q: What is your online privacy policy?

Q: May I give you a suggestion? Do you have a suggestion box?

A: We know that the easier it is to help potential customers find what they might like, the likelier we are to make a sale. That’s why we have worked hard to create what we believe to be the most extensive, product-filtering shopping experience of any ecommerce jewelry brand in the world. That’s what you see on the left side panel of your desktop computer screen when shopping any collection on a simple system to filter out products you’re probably not interested in, to help narrow your focus to the ones that might be most interesting to purchase. For a fun, first-person POV case study on finding the one product she’ll most love-- in fewer than thirty minutes and with less than 10 clicks-- from almost a million different options to choose, check out our comprehensive blog post: Choosing a Ring-- A Shopper’s Point of View. It is long. But did we say it was fun to read? Indeed, we can almost guarantee you’ll want to make a purchase if you follow along with the how-to-shop examples. 

TLDR :) lol Intimidated by the fully-detailed example link provided for the Shopper’s POV article? Just continue reading this smaller 700-word FAQ answer for a bit, briefer explanation below. 

For best results, we recommend filtering on at least 6 to 8 categories. 

That will give you a good chance of narrowing millions of product combinations down to a manageable 100 or less (1 or 2 pages’ worth of products). 

You simply make each selection based on the top priorities that you are looking for in the design.  Some of the options include metal type, metal color, center/primary stone shape, center/primary stone size, number of stones (layout), shape and size of accent or side stones, band design and width, design theme and other options. Each selection will bring you closer to a definitive answer of whether we offer the perfect option for you/her/him. 

WHERE TO START: The first five selections should probably be 1) “Product Type” (general ← you can get to this by clicking the header menu for any category) followed by 2) “Ring Type” or “Earrings Type” which is a more specific sub-type of ring (e.g. engagement ring or cocktail ring) or a more specific type of earrings (e.g. stud earrings or dangle earrings).  Then if you can do so, go ahead and select 3) Metal Type. Need help picking the best precious metal type of all available options? Check out our special article: “Which Precious Metal is Right for Me/Her?”

In the example screenshot below, we’ve selected #1) Product Type = Rings; #2) Ring Type = Engagement Rings; and #3) Metal Type = Any White Metal.

 Engagement Rings

Pro shopping tip: “any white metal” for metal type is a good choice for someone not sure which contemporary white metal is the best choice because it includes a full range of options for taste and budget from .925 sterling silver, palladium, 10 karat white gold, 14 karat white gold, 18 karat white gold and pure 950 Platinum.

Then you can go ahead and pick #4) Center Stone Shape, if you know you/he/she has one that is more desired than any others. For many of our customers, this is a good next step to select any one of the twelve (12) or so available options because doing so can really narrow your search considerably (see red-boxed section marked “1” on the screenshot below). Not sure which primary stone shape is best? See our article Which Center Stone Shape Is Best For Me/Her?

Another optional shopping choice that will help reduce the possible matches to review for that perfect product is to look at #5) Center Stone Size if you know you/he/she has a primary stone size or size range that is more liked than any other (see red-boxed section marked “2” on the screenshot below). Not sure which carat size is best? See our article Which Center Stone Size Is Best For Me/Her? 

 Which Center Stone Shape Is Best

NOTE: You do not have to make a selection for every filter menu grouping; if you aren’t sure which of a group of options is best, don’t select it. A selection for some or most of those mentioned #1-5, however, will take the average shopper from over a million possible products to a hundredth of that or less. 

But it’s on the 6th, 7th and 8th selections where you’ll want to use any information you have about specific preferences for more specific likes/desires. 

Excited by the idea of a split-banded ring? We have hundreds of them you can look at more easily all on their own when you select the “Band Features Split Band” option. Cathedral setting? The shape of accent stones? The width of the band? Filigree or no? Vintage or modern? You have options for any and all of those with our super smart filter menu. And, remember: if you don’t have any preference for a certain option, just don’t choose one.  The point is to use the product filters as much or as little as you like. They’re there because we want your shopping experience to rock!

For a more detailed “walk-through” of placing an order using the filter options, see our article Choosing A Ring - A Shopper’s Point Of View where we follow along one customer’s quest to find the perfect ring from over a million options in less than thirty minutes and fewer than ten clicks.

A: All static text mentions of prices on our website, social media and emails are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. However, there’s a chance you can shop our store with your own country’s currency displayed instead of U.S. dollars. As of writing, our product prices can be displayed in ten (10) other international currencies.

If you visit our website from the United States, our website is designed so that all of our product prices will be displayed in U.S. dollars. If you visit from Canada (CAD), the prices can be manually displayed in Canadian dollars with just two clicks (see below). If you visit from any country within the European Union (EUR), prices can be displayed in Euros (“€”). The same is true if you visit our site from Mexico (MXN), United Arab Emirates (AED “Dhs.”), Australia (AUD), Great Britain (GBP "£" British pounds), Hong Kong (HKD), India (INR “Rs.”), Japan (JPY “¥”), or New Zealand (NZD) -- prices can quickly and manually be changed by you to be displayed in the respective currency of your country/region. For all other countries not mentioned here, prices will be displayed in U.S. dollars by default. 

How to manually change our website’s currency display setting: To find out if your currency is available to display, and make the change can change the currency setting using the drop-down box in the upper right corner of our website.  Simply click the down arrow to see the different currencies available from the list provided.

Simply click the down arrow to see the different currencies

Choose the international currency in which you’d want to display the prices on our online catalog (see portion boxed in red on the screenshot below).

Choose the international currency

You may need to “refresh” your current webpage on if you want a product you’re already looking at to change pricing currency, but all other product pages will then use the new currency during your shopping session.

While you can shop and compare prices using another currency if that is convenient for you, please note, however, that at checkout for purchase all prices will be automatically converted to U.S. dollars.

Your currency not an option? Please know that you are very important to us. Work is ongoing to add to additional international currencies. So if your currency is not included right now, we hope you believe we are working to better accommodate shoppers from your region as each year passes. You may wish to contact us and let us know you were thinking about this; requests help us prioritize what currency to program our website in next for the future. Thanks for choosing to trust for your high quality cubic zirconia jewelry and stones purchases!

A: Yes, our team has written an extensive glossary of jewelry terms that are common in the industry and a part of product descriptions and other written content on our website. As of writing this FAQ answer in November 2018, this jewelry terms glossary is just an internal document for employee training. However, since we understand that sometimes jewelry jargon can be difficult to understand for the inexperienced jewelry customer, we plan to put our extensive jewelry terms glossary online for public/customer use very soon. The glossary terms will be “hyper-linked” automatically to all of the jewelry terms written anywhere on our site so anyone browsing or reading on can just click on a word they don’t understand to open up a glossary definition with picture examples! Cool, huh? We just need an impartial referee to mediate between intra-company definition disputes and a few dozen more cans of Red Bull to finish the job!

In the meantime, we absolutely don’t want you to be confused if you’re browsing our website and come across one or more jewelry terms you aren’t sure about. After all, it’s already a big deal deciding to buy jewelry online sight-unseen from a company you’ve never before trusted to do right by you...we don’t want that leap of faith to be compounded by further anxiety over not being sure about what some word or phrase you read actually means.

There are no dumb questions. In case you need a jewelry term defined, just hit us up through our live chat application, call us at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 during business hours or send us a message and a member of our team will be more than happy to shed light on whatever word(s)/phrase(s) may be causing you confusion.

A: If you’ve created a account already, you can readily access it at any time by clicking on the “Account” tab on our homepage, such as in the portion circled in red on the screenshot below.

Account tab on our homepage

Or here’s a direct link: Login to your account 

If you haven’t created an account yet, but want to,  go ahead and create a new account here.

Forgot your password? See FAQ questionI don’t remember my password for my can I reset it?” for instructions to reset it!

A: No, you don’t need a website account to make a purchase. Instead, you can choose to checkout as a guest. 

HOW TO CHECKOUT AS A “GUEST” WITH NO ACCOUNT NEEDED: Here’s what the guest checkout process looks like, below. First, after making your selections of the available options for your chosen product (drop down boxes such as the “Center Stone Size” or Material” in the screenshot below), and then click the “Add to Cart” button on any product webpage. See portion circled in red on the screenshot below for how to “add to cart”.

add to cart

After clicking “Add to Cart”, you’ll see a popup screen confirming your Checkout (see portion circled in red on the screenshot below).

check out

Next, fill out the required form fields (see portion marked “1” on the screenshot below). Additionally, if you have a promo code (aka discount code, aka coupon code) you can enter it here (see portion marked “2” on the screenshot below). 

Once you’re done entering your information into this form, click on the “Continue to shipping method” button (see portion marked “3” on the screenshot below).

Continue to shipping method

Then, once you confirm the shipping method, you will click the button to “continue to payment method” (see portion circled in red on the screenshot provided). By default the shipping method will be set to the shipping method that corresponds to your order amount and shipping address location (as a U.S.-based company, we are delighted to ship worldwide, but some international countries do cost more to ship; however, for a certain threshold of order minimum we offer free shipping to any country). For more information on how much you can expect to pay for shipping, check out the FAQ question “How much can I expect to pay for shipping? from our Manufacturing Time, Shipping, Taxes and Product Delivery FAQ

How much can I expect to pay for shipping

After advancing to the next screen, you can fill in your payment information. If you’re using a credit or debit card as do most of our customers, you will enter your credit/debit card details in the secure online form box marked “1” on the screenshot below.

If you’re using PayPal or any other payment method other than a credit card, make your selection such as in the portion marked ‘2” on the screenshot below.

payment method

Make sure to specify and type in your billing address if it is different from your shipping address, as shown in the portion marked “3” on the screenshot above. Billing address must match the address that your credit card has on file for you or the transaction may decline. 

While we’ve provided this tutorial to show you how simple, quick and easy it is to checkout without an account on “as a guest”, if at some point you expect you’ll want to make another purchase in the future as a return can create an account right now when you check the box that says “Save my information for a faster checkout” (shown in the portion marked “4” on the screenshot above). Understand that your credit card information and other sensitive payment details will NOT be saved in the stored account information-- just location, order details and contact information. For more details on the measures we take to keep your identifying information secure (and why we don’t store payment details like credit/debit card numbers) please see FAQ question “How do I know it's safe to order from your website?. Just in case it’s not yet obvious, if you do not wish to create a online account, make sure the box in step 4 is not checked.  :)

Once complete, you can click the “Complete order” button, as circled and numbered “5” in the screenshot above. An automatic email order notification (i.e. “receipt”) will be sent to your email address entered for your order, complete with a unique order number and details on how to track your order status.

So, the short answer is “Yes, You CAN check out as a guest with no account on”. 

However, there are a few reasons we do encourage you to sign-up for an account on our website. We explain some of the benefits in more detail on our FAQ answer for question “Why should I register for a website account?”.

We understand that it may seem like “overkill” to have an account with a website you only plan on purchasing from once. But we’re betting that you’ll be a repeat customer. Indeed, almost half of our initially one-time customers end up becoming repeat customers after experiencing the difference! 

access your account

Click this link to sign-up for an account if you don’t have one yet

A: While it’s not necessary to create an account to make a purchase from, there are a few reasons we do encourage you to sign-up for an account:

  • An account makes order tracking easier 
  • An account gives you a way to update your shipping address for future orders 
  • --> IMPORTANT note: you cannot self-change shipping address in your online account for a PENDING, not-yet-shipped order! We can help you manually change from the address you initially provided us to a new one, though; see FAQ question “My shipping address has changed. How do I update my account?” for details. 

  • We especially recommend an account for those prospective customers exploring high-quality custom-made jewelry through our custom “design-your-own” cubic zirconia jewelry program. Whether you request one or multiple price quotes, an account on our website makes it easier for us to keep track of custom jewelry design changes if and when you decide to move forward with your custom jewelry order-- whether it’s a few weeks or a year or more after your initial price request before you make the eventual purchase.
  • As we build out the company’s web infrastructure and company tools, an account may make it easier to keep track of your order history, warranty coverage and claims, and other customer relationship concerns (as of FAQ update in September 2019 an account does not yet have this capability). 
  • Since account holders can also optionally choose to receive email list communications from us, you can be the first to learn about promotions, sales and special offers we have in the future.
  • We understand that it may seem like “overkill” to have an account with a website you only plan on purchasing from once. We’re betting that you’ll be a repeat customer. Indeed, almost half of our initially one-time customers end up becoming repeat customers after experiencing the difference

    If you’ve created an account already, you can readily access it by clicking on the “Account” tab on our homepage, such as in the portion circled in red on the screenshot below.


    If you haven’t created an account yet, but you want to, you can go here to sign up now.

    A: You can access your previous orders when you log-in to your website account. Inside the account, you’ll be able to see your previous orders immediately as well as the dates they were placed (this is important especially in terms of warranty coverage and claims). 


     website account

    A direct link is 

    When you click on any order number on the left side, you’ll see clickable tracking information for the order (see section with left-pointing red arrow in the screenshot below).

     clickable tracking information

    Simply click on the provided link to track a shipped order’s package status with the carrier via their online portal for package tracking (USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL etc).

    Login to your account here or create a new account here

    You can also always chat, email or call us for this information! Contact us here.

    A: If you have trouble logging into your website account because you forgot your password, simply visit the account login screen and click the “Forgot your password?” link underneath the password field (see portion circled in red on the screenshot below).

    forget password

    After clicking the “Forgot your password?” link, your internet browser will be directed to a webpage where you’ll be asked for the email address you used to create your account (see portion marked “1” on the screenshot below). Don’t know the email address you used to create your account? See FAQ questionI don’t remember the email address I used to create my I can’t login or even reset my password. What should I do?”.

    Once your account-registered email address is typed in, click the “Submit” button (see portion marked “2” on the screenshot below).

    password reset

    Once submitted, instructions for resetting your account password will be sent to your email address. The “from” email address will be SUPPORT -AT- and the subject line of the email will be “[CZ] Customer Account password reset”. Just follow the instructions written in that email and you’ll be able to access your account again. If you do not see an email from us, check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, it is possible that the email address you provided did not match the email address in our system. 

    If you’re still having trouble logging in after this attempt, we’re happy to help you get squared away. You can always chat, email or call us for help! Contact us here.

    A: We’re happy to help you get this figured out. For this, the live chat application on our site or calling us U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484  during business hours is likeliest to give us the best chance of helping you in real-time (rather than email). It’ll help big-time if you have a previous order number (which could have come with an invoice receipt shipped with your package, or may still be digitally saved/archived in your email program for the email address you did use to order). If you provide your shipping address or phone number in addition to your name, we can often also trace your account for you in just a minute. So there are multiple ways we can help provide you with the email address you used to signup for your account, and thereby help you gain re-entry.

    Before we can give you access, you would need to confirm a few details such as shipping and/or billing address, phone number on record, or even facts about a previous order. Without proof you are the owner of the account, we cannot grant someone access. In addition to helping protect our customers from “phishing” and other financial scams requiring personal information, there is another important reason why we are strict on this policy: for details, please see our FAQ answer for questionI’m ordering this ring as a surprise for someone with whom I share the same shipping address / phone number / banking or credit card account. How can I be sure you won’t ruin the surprise?.

    A: If your shipping address has changed and you do not currently have an open order, you can easily go online into your account and add a new shipping address, modify an existing address, and/or change the default shipping address.  From your account page ( you can click “View Addresses” as it is circled in red on the below image. 

    view addresses

    This will take you into the page to manage your addresses.  

    To make a new address to Default address, click the “Edit” button underneath the address you wish to become your primary address.


    A new page will open up.  On this page you should confirm that each field is filled in correctly, and then check the box next to “Set as default address”

    Set as default address

    This will change the default address for any future orders; you will still have the option on the check-out page to ship to a different address than your default address.

    Important: You cannot change your shipping address for a live/pending order in your online account, sorry! If your order has not been shipped yet, however, our customer service team would be happy to assist you in changing the shipping address if you would like your unshipped item to be received at a different address. This is not something we’ll be able to do over the phone or via chat without identity verification (to protect customer orders from fraudulent change-address requests).

    The best thing would be to email our company FROM the email address used during a previous or pending order. Pick an email we’ve sent you and hit reply to make your request for us to change your shipping address to another. 

    If you don’t have easy access to that email inbox to send/receive messages, you can also give us a call at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 or use our website’s live chat application during business hours, and we’ll be happy to help you do this in real-time once we verify your account. Verification before we can change a shipping address may include: details such as account/order email address, phone number on record, or even facts about a previous order. Without proof you are the owner of the account, we cannot make this change. 

    Please note that if you have a pending order (yet to be shipped) it is imperative that you receive confirmation of your request before we ship so please make this request sooner rather than later after your initial order.

    A: Unfortunately, changing your email address is not something that you can complete within your online account. But our customer service team is standing by to help you with this. 

    In order to change your email address, first we will need to verify your account and identity.  The best way to do this is to email our company FROM the email address we already know about for you (i.e. used in your account or used during a previous or pending order). Pick an email we’ve sent you and hit reply to make your request for us to change your contact email address to another.

    If you don’t have easy access to that email inbox to send/receive messages, you can also give us a call at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 or use our website’s live chat application during business hours, and we’ll be happy to help you do this in real-time once we verify your account. Verification before we can change an email address may include: details such as account/order shipping address, phone number on record, or even facts about a previous order. Without proof you are the owner of the account, we cannot make this change.

    A: As of this FAQ writing in March 2019, unfortunately the website / your account is not a good source of information for this question. Instead, the best way to get your order status before we let you know the order is done and send you the emailed tracking information from the shipping carrier is just to ask us. Give us a call at 1-888-355-2484, chat with us through our live chat application or get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. We can look this up for you and get an answer pretty quick, either in real-time or later that day. Of course, after we ship and you receive the tracking you can track the package from our facility to your doorstep.


    So we advise you to please ignore the online customer account order status saying “not updated” or “unfulfilled”. That is, unless you just enjoy becoming angry by logging in every day and seeing that the status apparently never changes! If you care to know why that’s so and what we’re doing to fix it, by all means…read below.

    About the unhelpful “order status” account verbiage: We never wanted our site/your account to say what it does for order status. The very unhelpful statuses shown as “Paid / Unfulfilled” or “Paid / Fulfilled” or “Not Updated” are the legacy of poor web development by a team we no longer hire. Indeed, your order status may show one of these stupid phrases right up to the moment the order ships to you and we email you a tracking number for the carrier’s package delivery. 

    Of course, for some of our rings, jewelry and custom cut stones that have manufacturing times of numerous weeks…that level of provided “status” detail is pretty useless…isn’t it? We’re genuinely sorry about that, but we don’t have the in-house web skills to fix it! Automation and the internet giveth…and sometimes it taketh away and even driveth you crazy. Just FYI, if anyone is still reading this, perhaps morbidly curious about how a small company tries to implement a “better every day” philosophy over time…we’re going to make this process better in our next website and database update (online since 1999, the site we provide today for customers to learn and shop has evolved continuously and we’re always making what we hope will be improvements!).

    One of our next planned website updates will let us provide additional “order status” information that customers will be able to see right inside their account as the order progresses from stage to stage like:

    • Payment verification
    • CAD design / digital rendering
    • In production: wax mold
    • In production: mounting & casting
    • In production: stone cutting & shaping
    • In production: stone setting
    • In production: quality control
    • Polish & finish
    • Packaging
    • Shipped (en route)
    • Delivered (tracking confirmed)
    • Returned to us for repair
    • Warranty/Non-Warranty inspection
    • Repairs in progress 

    If we’re feeling especially ambitious, we’ll try to see if the programming team can add in the pictures we take of many of our jewelry pieces as they go through the process. They aren’t really customer-quality-- because the pictures are taken for security and insurance purposes-- but we think it might be cool to append those pictures in real-time to your customer account. At the very least, it could be a great way to use something we’re already doing to improve our customers’ understanding of how high-quality jewelry gets made from end-to-end. 

    When this planned website update happens, we’ll remove this question because frankly it’s embarrassing. Instead, you’ll just see “How can I check my order status?” and an answer to input your order # and email address in a form-- BOOM! technology to the rescue. Until then…we’re happy to talk so please reach out and let us look into your order status for you!

    A: The Wishlist is where you can save shopping items that you’re interested in but are not ready to purchase yet. It’s also a good place to store something you want and then “send a hint” to someone you hope/know will gift it to you (wink, nudge)!

    In order to create and save a Wishlist, you need to have a website account. After creating it, you’ll be able to access and view your Wishlist whenever you are then logged in to your website account. You can go here to signup for an account if you don’t have one yet

    Your Wishlist can be accessed using an always-visible link at the top portion of the website (see portion circled in red on the screenshot below)


    Here’s the direct link since you’re already here: Access Wishlist.  If you click this link and aren’t already logged into your account, you will be directed to do so in order to proceed to create or access your wishlist.

    From any product webpage, you can configure items according to your preferences for options like Metal Type, Material, Center Stone Size and so forth, and then add/save the item in your Wishlist for later viewing or purchasing (see portion circled in red on the screenshot below).

    Add to Wishlist button

    This “Add to Wishlist” button should be available on every product webpage. 

    You can use the Wishlist to compare items so you can ultimately decide which one you most want (see portion boxed in red and marked “Compare” on the screenshot below).

    Wishlist to compare items

    An important note about prices: The price for an item you have saved on your WishList may have a price change before you purchase it (note: retail finished jewelry prices on fluctuate regularly based on wholesale precious metals market costs. Click this link to learn more). All price changes are final and cannot be reversed, even with a saved Wishlist.

    Did you know you can share your WishList?! Simply and paste the link at the top of your Wishlist-- as shown in the portion marked “Copy and Share” on the screenshot above. You can also use the buttons provided to share the link through various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr (see portion boxed in red and marked “Click and Share” on the screenshot above). 

    That kind of shareability ought to come in handy when you’re angling to receive a jewelry piece for your birthday! LOL! Login to your account here or create a new account here so you can begin your Wishlist.

    A: The best and easiest way is to use this link. That product review submission form won’t mention the product name you bought or link to it for others to find...but it’s just fine as a “company review”.


    As a second option, and to have your review mention and link to the exact product you purchased, you can also submit a product review by going to the product webpage for the product you purchased and for which you want to submit. Scroll down to the portion where you can see the blue “Add to Cart” and the “Add to WishList” buttons. Below these buttons in the product webpage screenshot below. There you’ll see a gray “Write a review” button (see portion circled in red on the screenshot below). Click that and you’re all set to leave a product review for the product you purchased. 

    the product you purchased

    A review form will appear below the “Write a review” button after you click it. That form will ask you to enter your name and email address, as well as a star rating for the product (see the screenshot below for example). There will also be form fields where you can type in your actual review for the product. 

    We hope you write a good one! :)

    write review

    Go ahead and leave a review here. Feeling extra happy with your purchase and our service? Why not submit a photo, too? You go you!

    Note: We reserve the right to review product reviews made by website visitors, approve or disapprove, and to publish only reviews for items that have actually been purchased by the reviewer. 

    A: We reserve the right to approve or disapprove reviews that are submitted to our website. We’re a small shop and don’t always get a chance to check reviews in “real-time”. But we’ll get to yours! As soon as a review is approved, we’ll automatically publish it so you can see it live on the site.

    A: The use of website “cookies” is a common and accepted practice for tens of millions of websites today. 

    Cookies are essentially tiny files downloaded to your computer that should enhance your browsing experience. Proper cookies cannot and do not carry viruses or install malware on your computer. It is typically not possible for an internet browser software to disable only certain cookies; you either accept all of them or reject all of them in your internet browser’s settings. 

    Therefore, please be aware that in completely disabling cookies in your internet browser, you will disable the functionality and features this innovation adds to our website and our customers’ experiences using (facilitated by website cookies). For example, you may be unable to use basic and essential e-commerce features such as a “persistent cart” that keeps any items you add to your shopping cart “saved” on your device-- even if you leave the website and visit again tomorrow. Your experience will also suffer because of missing related/recommended jewelry styles (aka “You may also like” items) or products we have programmed our website to show based on your current/past purchase(s) or browsing history.

    Plus, the checkout experience to purchase just goes way smoother when you allow website cookies. In short, just like real yummy cookies with chocolate chips, you don’t need to be afraid of our website cookies. In fact, you gotta love ‘em coz they’re part of what makes your browsing and shopping experience… delicious… just like real cookies :-)

    A: At, we make every attempt to ensure that our online written content and our product catalog data is as accurate and complete as possible. We are human, however, and we do make mistakes. Here’s below a few examples of how we deal with mistakes and treat the customer right.

    PRICES: Finished jewelry prices on fluctuate regularly based on wholesale precious metals market costs for gold, palladium, platinum and silver. As those wholesale metal costs go up and down, each week our retail prices for jewelry pieces made of those precious metals will go up and down to reflect whether it will cost us more or less in hard costs to make your piece of jewelry this week than last week. We invite you to learn more about this dynamic jewelry pricing practice, a benefit of shopping with us that helps our customers get the best deal possible for precious metals. This is a business practice which we feel every jeweler-- whether online or brick-and-mortar shop-- should follow (but hardly any do). They may say “It's too difficult” and truthfully it IS difficult to track, database, and update over a million product SKU varieties on our website. BUt we feel the effort and expense is WORTH IT to serve our customers the best we can.

    TECHNICAL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: All product specifications data published on  are entered to the best of our ability. This includes things such as metal weight, band width, number of stones, and stone dimensions. We are not able to make changes to an order placed to modify jewelry, but if you are unhappy with the product that arrives because of some data point that was wrong in our description please let us know and you can always take advantage of our Money back Guarantee. If you can provide proof our website was/is wrong (screenshot of what website says being different than actual product measurements) we will even waive our restocking fee, since we would bear the full responsibility for your desire to return the product.

    Please keep in mind that the exact dimensions and number of side stones -- including accent, pavé, or halo stones-- and/or the total carat weight (TCW) of your jewelry will vary up or down depending on your choice of any customizable options for center stone shape or carat size and finger ring size. In instances where a given technical specification published may change based on customizable options, we have made every attempt to note that on the product page affected with an “*” asterisk and a version of this simple explanation (see portion boxed in red on the screenshot below)

    asterisk and a version

    FULFILLMENT TIME: Manufacturing times are based on previous orders for each particular product and are typically accurate estimates as a range of days during which you can expect a product will be completed and then shipped. A particular product’s expected manufacturing time can be viewed before purchase by clicking the given product’s “Details” tab (see portion marked “1” on the screenshot below). The actual expected manufacturing time can be seen near the bottom of the description (see portion marked “2” and highlighted in yellow on the screenshot below).

    Here’s how that looks for the Marquise Cut version of The Aashi engagement ring:

    The Aashi engagement ring

    As of December 2018 when we are writing this FAQ answer, some products also have a dynamic “Estimated Shipping Date” that will display the actual date we believe your product will be ready to ship-- so you can see that before your purchase. We are a good-sized company, but tackling that technological-and-data challenge to offer real-time order-ship-estimate functionality for our customers has actually been pretty difficult. What’s easy for Amazon isn’t so easy for a smaller company without unlimited investor capital! 

    As of now, please consider the “manufacturing time” or “estimated shipping date” listed on any product webpage to be an estimate-- a “best guess” that takes into account a lot of factors but is not by any means an exact guarantee. Is that fair?

    For more information specific to manufacturing time and estimated shipping dates, you can check out the FAQ question “How long will it take for my item to ship?” in our Manufacturing Time, Shipping, Taxes and Product Delivery FAQ.

    A: At, we make every attempt to ensure that our online product catalog is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give you the opportunity to view our products in great detail, some products may appear in a photograph or video larger or smaller than its actual size. These are not “retouched” or manipulated photos or videos. However, due to the small size of jewelry or gems, some photos or videos may be significantly magnified to show small details or have computer-generated elements designed to enhance the shopping experience.

    Since every computer monitor and device screen is a bit different, color and size may vary slightly from device to device. A good thing to remember is that these images may be showing your jewelry piece or loose stone enlarged way beyond where you would be viewing it normally.  Visually, think of our images as looking at a loose stone, ring, pendant, or pair of earrings as though the item were zoomed in to magnify something that’s actually small to have a picture rendered the size of a garbage can lid.  

    To get a better idea of how a given piece of jewelry might look in real life, one thing you might want to do is to decrease the size of the picture until it is the right size compared to your finger, neck, wrist or ear (wherever you plan to wear the jewelry). As of writing this FAQ answer in September of 2019, we are actually working on a technology that will allow our customers to upload a picture of his/her finger or ear...and overlay a ring or pair of earrings in the real size right there next to/on top of their ear/finger. 

    Sounds pretty cool, right? We hope to debut that new feature in the next 2-4 years. In the meantime, we hope you appreciate the hundreds of thousands of pictures and many videos we already show for our product catalog! We’ve worked hard on them for many years.

    A: For immediate answers to your concerns while navigating our website, placing an order or browsing through our products, during regular business hours you can chat with our friendly representatives using our Live Chat Application.

    You can find our live chat application at the bottom right portion of your screen (see section circled red in the screenshot below). Click that “Chat live with support” button if it’s showing on the website (please note: it’s supposed to show “live chat” as an option during our business hours only; otherwise, it’s just a simple form to send us an email and get a later reply).

    live chat is initiated

    Before the live chat is initiated, you will be asked to enter your email address (see section marked ‘1” on the screenshot below). That will let us easily follow up with you if your question isn’t immediately answerable in full by the representative on chat duty, or if we get disconnected during the chat. 

    After typing in your email address, click the “Chat” button marked “2” on the screenshot below.

    live chat

    After your chat, a manager may review the chat transcript and email you any information that may have been overlooked by the customer service representative with whom you communicated during the chat session. If the chat was useful, please let us know. We’ve been considering a move from manning the live chat during our normal business hours only to a full 24-hour live chat service! Any feedback on whether it helped you with your shopping experience would be warmly appreciated.

    A: That is a cool website widget (see red-boxed portion of the screenshot below) which displays the real-time wholesale cost of all 4 precious metals uses in the manufacturing of our brand’s jewelry catalog-- as well as the daily cost fluctuation for these dynamic commodities. 

    The widget is published by international precious-metals data information provider It’s important because every finished jewelry piece we sell made from silver, gold, palladium or platinum will have certain hard costs for the precious metals we buy to use in that jewelry’s manufacturing.

    precious metals

    We put this widget on our website as an act of transparency with regards to our prices. We think every jewelry company should be that transparent. But we are one of the few jewelry stores in the world whose retail finished jewelry prices fluctuate regularly depending on the changes in wholesale costs in the precious metals market. Most jewelry stores take what they paid for the gold or platinum and mark it up triple (known as “triple key” pricing in the jewelry industry). That way, they have a lot of price margin cushion for that ring that cost them $1000 to make and they have priced at $3000. We do not do that profit margin “cushion” pricing, and our markup is 20-40% less than most jewelers for gold, palladium and platinum.

    When the wholesale costs for gold and other precious metals go up, our retail prices for the jewelry made with that precious metal will reflect this. On the other hand, when our precious metals wholesale costs go down, our retail jewelry prices also reflect these savings and we pass that money on to customers. Our goal is never to charge you more than the exact profit we are happy to make-- no matter the cost of gold, silver, palladium or platinum that day. You can read more about how our dynamic pricing benefits you in this article here.

    A: Customers who buy something from our online store automatically get included in a rotation of recent order notifications that flash up periodically in the lower left corner of our website (see red-boxed screenshot below).

    Customers who buy something from our online store

    Displayed may also be a link to any product review the customer may have written, as well as the number of stars out of 5 that he/she awarded the purchased product. Displayed also may be a customer’s first name and last initial, city and/or country of residence...but never a full name or exact location

    Placing an “Anonymous” review is always an option. 

    Positive reviews help a business like ours grow. What’s designed to be a fun way to show off all the many locations around the world where customers are enjoying products...can provide valuable pre-purchase social proof for some people thinking about buying from our company for the first time. Most customers understand this fact and we’re very grateful.

    But for some others, this practice of publishing order details may feel invasive. And we do understand if you want to keep your purchase even more discreet than this non-personally-identifiable use of your order and review details on our website. To have us remove your first name plus last initial, location, purchase and/or review from the rotation, please contact us. You can call us at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 during business hours or send us a message and a member of our team will be more than happy to opt you out.

    A: You can jump to our blog site from the home page this way: scroll down through the home page until you get to the section that says, “From the blog” (see the portion circled in red on the screenshot below). 

    Quick links to the most recent posts on our blog site can be found there. Just click one and you’ll find yourself on the blog.


    Secondly, from any webpage on our website you can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click through to the blog using the quick link listed there at the bottom right (see the red-highlighted portion on the screenshot below)

    the direct link to the blog

    Also, here’s the direct link to the blog. Yeah, we love ya.

    Wanna subscribe? Here’s the link to our RSS .atom page for blog subscriptions: 

    A: No. We don’t sell links on Frankly, most people who ask care much more about getting a link from a valuable website like ours than adding any value to our customers and community. Assuming, you, however, are different, and further assuming that you can follow a few simple rules and offer valuable information and/or insight on a topic that matters could look into writing a guest blog post. We only publish original, first-posted works from guest authors and of course in the blog post you can link to your own website property. See FAQ question and answer “Can I write a guest blog post for your website?” for more details. 

    A: Sure you can! It’s free, too. We don’t charge for guest posts today and have never charged a penny for guest-posting on our jewelry website. However, there are certain guidelines you need to follow when submitting a guest blog article for publishing on our jewelry website: Jewelry blog guest blog post guidelines for submission.

    Fair warning: for every ten people who contact us asking about guest posting opportunities on our jewelry blog we may get one person who follows through and submits a guest post that we’d actually consider publishing. Half never reply and a third insist on trying to push something they’ve already written that doesn’t at all fit what our readers want to see. That just goes to show you they cared more about getting a link than writing anything of value for our customers and readers. Buh-bye. Top contributors will be asked if they’d like to contribute again.

    A: Smart move! Our email list is the best way to hear about any special deals we offer. Subscribe to our e-mailing list and receive: VIP discounts, new product announcements, holiday promotions, and romantic ideas for couples. You can subscribe using the newsletter signup box at the bottom of our website.

    Scroll down to the bottom part of our homepage and you’ll see a sign up field where you can enter your email address and become part of our e-mailing list (see the portion boxed in red on the screenshot below)

    e-mailing list

    You can also just make a purchase or sign up for a website account (see FAQ question “Why should I register for a website account?” for benefits or You can go here to signup for an account if you don’t have one yet). That’s because past purchasers and website account holders can also optionally choose to receive email list communications from us. 

    Congrats! Now, you can be the first to learn about promotions, sales and special offers we have in the future. Plus, we work darned hard on writing and sending out valuable tips, ideas and stories for couples looking to keep your relationship romantic, healthy and long-lasting.

    A: There are 2 ways for you to navigate to the Customer Reviews (aka Testimonials) on

    Firstly, if you’d notice on our website, there’s an unmoving gold “Reviews” tab at the left side of the screen (see portion marked with red “1” on the screenshot below).

    unmoving gold “Reviews” tab

    If you click that gold “Reviews” tab, you’ll be able to see a selection of the most recent customer reviews we received from our customers in the last several months.

    gold review

    Next, if you scroll down to the bottom part of our homepage, you’ll find the link, “Happy Customers” (see the red-boxed link marked with a red “2” on the screenshot below). 

    happy customers

    The webpage at that link has some older reviews we started collecting in 2012.

    A: Yes, it is! That spin-to-win website feature is called ‘Wheelio’. When you spin our Wheelio, you can win a free product or get a discount code (aka coupon code, aka promotional code) you can use towards any purchase at our online store. The most commonly-won discounts range from an instant $10.00 off up to 10% off your total purchase price. And if you’re really lucky, you can even win a pair of 14K Gold earrings or get $250 off on your next order instantly!

    That means if you’re just purchasing a 0.25 carat (3.75mm) round cut stone that costs US$12.02 and you were able to spin a $10.00 discount promo code, you can buy your loose stone for just US$2.02 plus shipping! Or if you purchase a customizable ring priced at $1000.00 and you were able to spin a 10% off promo code, that’s an automatic $100.00 off your purchase price-- just like that! 

    Now imagine if you spun the “Save $250 USD” prize… Boom!

    To spin the Wheelio spin-to-win promo wheel, all you need to do is enter your email address in the form field provided (see portion marked with a red “1” on the screenshot below) and hit the “Try your luck” button as marked with a red “2” on the screenshot below. 

    After your initial savings or free product win, you’ll be added to our free email newsletter to receive VIP discounts, new product announcements, holiday promotions and romantic ideas for couples.

    NOT INTERESTED? If you don’t like discounts, are annoyed we used a pop-up on you (sorry, but they work!), don’t feel lucky or just don’t feel like giving us your email can say “go away, Wheelio!” by just clicking on the link at the bottom that says “No, I don’t feel lucky” (see portion marked “3” on the screenshot below) and the spin-to-win popup offer will be closed so you can continue on our website.


    A: Yes and no. The truth is that we offer excellent value by providing our socially-conscious, highest-quality cubic zirconia and precious metal jewelry at the lowest possible price,keep in touch generally lower than many traditional jewelry retailers offer for similar precious metal jewelry. Our average markup for gold, palladium, and platinum is 20-40% less than the industry standard for precious metals jewelry. We’ll explain a bit more about how we do that below.

    As a result, we often cannot offer additional discounts or negotiated prices on a single ring or other item of jewelry (common exceptions: multiple rings purchased within 60 days qualify for multi-ring discount, full details on our Rings FAQ section; contact us for wholesale discounts on volume orders of bulk loose CZ stones, which can be quite significant savings over published pricing online). 

    We do from time to time have a specific collection of jewelry that is “on sale” but we won’t lie to you: it’s not frequent and it’s rarely across the whole store but instead just one product or a collection of products. It’s just not how we do business to offer store-wide sales all the time...and that’s on purpose. 

    ABOUT HOLIDAYS: We’re probably never going to offer much in the way of Black Friday deals...and we don’t even work New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day (hey after Christmas we do need some rest!) so it’s not really going to be a priority to have a sale. However, we do plan to offer more and more special curated product collections and deals each year for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day so you can get a great gift for mom or your special valentine. 

    ABOUT OUR “INFREQUENT, SMALL SALES” POLICY: Those companies that run campaigns saying “75% off today only!” give us hives. Our opinion: they’re making too much profit on all the other days if that’s a discount possible to give. The best way to hear about the special deals we offer when we do have them is to be on our email marketing newsletter list. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive: VIP discounts, new product announcements, holiday promotions, and romantic ideas for couples. You can subscribe using the newsletter signup box at the bottom of our website and may sooner or later get valuable coupon code (aka discount code, aka promotional code) for a product you want to purchase!

    However, that’s not to say you won’t save money buying our jewelry. We invite you to compare our precious metals jewelry prices with other jewelers and you’ll see that, gram for gram in gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry, we offer the best prices for the highest-quality cubic zirconia jewelry manufactured anywhere

    Why can we say that with 100% confidence?  Part of it is because of the difference in precious metals markup mentioned above versus most other retail jewelers...but it’s also that we have designed our shopping experience to be fair. Permit us a short explanation, please, when you click the link provided below...and you’ll see why we have the absolute best prices for high-quality precious metal gold, palladium, and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry.

    A: Email is our main mode of communication with our customers because we believe it's the least intrusive form of communication. Really, who wants a bunch of phone calls from that company you bought something from that one time? We don’t mail anything to people who’ve never ordered something from us. And truthfully, while we have thousands of customer addresses we don't mail much at all in the physical mail because mailing runs the risk of ruining someone's gift surprise (people often share a house with a significant other but less often share an email address). But if you want to mail US something, we’re always looking for an invite to that anniversary party or that coveted wedding invitation (hint, hint). 

    If you've decided not to join our email newsletter, we’re sad but we’ll probably survive. Our Facebook fanpage at  is another way we communicate with customers regularly. If you're among the couple billion people that use Facebook, give us a 'like' on there, okay?

    A: takes your privacy seriously. We do not sell, lease or rent any of your personal information to any outside parties. Your information is stored securely and will be used internally by our company and allied companies for contacting you regarding an order placed or to acquaint you with new buying opportunities in the future. 

    We are committed to keeping your e-mail address confidential. We do maintain a permission-based email list where customers and prospects receive regular emails from which he/she may opt-out at any time. However, we do not sell, rent, or lease our subscription email lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individual, government agency, or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law or otherwise explained appropriately in the “Information Disclosure” portion of our privacy statement. The privacy policy can be read in full here.

    Your use of the website and/or your registration for a website account and/or your purchase of our products and services constitutes your consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this website.

    A: This is a very tricky question. But frankly, the answer is 'no thanks'. We believe too much constructive criticism can be confusing. We truly believe in what we're doing and we are committed to giving our best-- as we've done successfully for the for many years. So just keep your thoughts to yourself.


    We’re just kidding! Really, we read all suggestions-- and even send a gift to some customers that hook us up with a great idea like that lady who told us she should be able to shop our website by rings available with any given carat size (she was right...and now you can). Send your suggestion here, okay?

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