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Shared travel experiences have a way of nurturing couples' bonds. As you discover new places and cultural attractions, you'll be creating the memories of a lifetime. You’ve only gotta take that trip as a couple one time together, and forever thereafter nobody can ever take your memories away from you.  While many trips do cost a considerable sum, just remember that you can't take your hard-earned dollars with you when you take that final journey. In today’s blog post we’ll detail some of our favorite (yet expensive) places in the United States and Europe-- plus a few international couple's vacation gems that aren’t super crowded and can provide a great couple’s vacation experience at a fraction of the cost most of our customers spend on just everyday life.  Whether inexpensive or luxury, couple’s vacation trips like these can be money well spent because it's sure to be an enriching experience that complements your love and enhances your time together.
We believe much of the unhappiness in many otherwise average marriages can be traced back to the question: “Who do you compare yourselves with?”. If your comparison ‘benchmark’ is other couples who you feel are happier, more intimate, more intelligent, more beautiful, more popular, more compatible, more powerful, more accomplished, fitter and wealthier than you and your partner? Well, that kind of marriage comparison is a giant, 34-car pile-up waiting to happen. Here’s the solution.
7574 words? Yep, this post is that important! My promise to you, pal: Talk with your wife like this, and follow through on the promises made inherent in these 52 "I love you" alternative phrases-- and you’ll melt her heart, flirt like a king showing your queen you find her as desirable and as sexy as you ever did, confirm her trust that she’s safe with telling you anything under any circumstances, decrease her stress, up her confidence, make her feel listened to and understood, increase the dopamine hit of feeling appreciated, renew her attraction for you, and re-affirm why she married you in the first place. Oh yeah, and blowjobs too. -- Mr. Cubic Zirconia
Funny, public, private, complicated, or perfectly simple—when you both look back on the moment you proposed, if you smile and feel the warmth of your love, you will know that your proposal was exactly right for the two of you. Here are ten engagement proposal ideas to create a memorable proposal story for you both-- a “how he asked” answer you'll each enjoy telling for years and decades to come.
We're guessing that most of our readers and customers may experiment at times with something spicier than normal in the sex department, but that-- like us-- you, too, probably don't keep a gigantic motorized ‘cowgirl’ sex saddle or electronic blowjob machine in your closet. Even though there are women who’ve never experienced an orgasm-- and women who most predictably can come to orgasm only with the help of something besides a partner’s body parts utilized in traditional intercourse, this NSFW article isn’t for everyone. Some readers may find any discussion of dildos and g-spot gizmos controversial. Yet more than half the world has a clitoris…and we’re gonna talk about it.
Marriages are dying every day because of couples’ failures to continue dating-- years and decades after the courtship period-- when it feels hard to make time due to our urgency addictions, modern busyness, procrastination and inertia. Yet we MUST make time to date our significant other regularly-- especially after marriage and children. It’s important…but IT'LL NEVER BE URGENT (until and unless it becomes almost too late). You can make it easy despite a busy life by creating a date ritual with some basic pre-planning of what to do, where and how. Here's one date ritual we have to ensure quality time together, both free and costing money-- time without kids, having zero errands to run, no tasks to complete and with no agenda except enjoying one another’s company. -- Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Zirconia
Marriage can be an excellent source of high-quality, remember-it-forever memories. But it’s not really meant to be one of those ‘try-it-and-then-I'll-buy-it’ deals. Let’s be honest: considering the divorce rate, there have been a LOT of marriages in the last 50 years that never should have happened (and wouldn’t have in our opinion if he/she REALLY knew each other). Why?  ONE BIG REASON: Most individuals in heading-toward-marriage relationships don’t ask the tough questions nearly enough before taking such a big, life-altering action. Thinking of a wedding? You should be asking tough questions every week before you make that decision: questions about yourself, your intended spouse, your values and goals (separately and together)-- tough questions LIKE THESE.
"I’m a beginner at poker”, she said before we started the game. Then she took all my poker chips (it seemed like she KNEW WHAT CARDS I WAS HOLDING!)-- plus three flawless 3 carat stones the game observers at the same party believed were genuine diamonds worth hundreds of thousands of US dollars. My super sneaky wife is the reason why. Here's the story...Plus I'll explain how if you ever lose a single stone you purchased from, it won’t be expensive to replace.
"I'll be right back," she said with a suggestive kiss of my ear. 30 minutes later I found her asleep in my daughter's bed with her iPad on her chest and our little girl Hope curled up with her head under my wife's arm. In marriage with kids, things like this will happen.There's unscheduled sex and there's no schedule for sex.But in my experience over the of the easiest ways to create the perfect environment for sex to happen naturally is to block off the time together and challenge your significant other to a sweet and spicy couple’s game night: like an old-fashioned game night with a naughty nipple twist.
Life isn't a movie but sometimes you just want to script the perfect moment. That’s why we provide these proposal ideas for men through our newsletters and blogs. We like to help you get the juices flowing on your own idea of how to create the romantic memory of a lifetime for that one special lady for you. If she’s never been to a Japanese Hibachi steakhouse where they grill your food right on the table in front of you and a group of other people all sitting together around the outer edge of the cooking surface…or you’ve been together and it’s one of her favorite places, consider the sizzling engagement proposal at a Japanese Hibachi Grill. Dim the lights. Time it right. Cue the applause. And let me tell you a little story about where a smart guy about to get really lucky chose to propose.   Here’s 3 different ways how to do it and why we like it.
Charleston South Carolina is always near the top vote-getters for the “most romantic” cities in America. If she’s a history buff, architecture aficionado or lover of great Southern cooking, you should consider making some marriage proposal magic in Charleston with its historic, cobblestone streets with oodles of charm. Waterfront parks with stately towering oaks and rustic, wrought-iron benches. Covered, pedestrian bridges for hand-in-hand starlit walks over gurgling creeks. You'll stroll past antebellum mansions, restored plantation homes, and three-hundred-year-old brownstone townhouse with national landmark homes on every other block. Wine bars with live music are all over the place. Greenery and colorful flowers abound. It's an ideal setting for a romantic getaway for surprise marriage proposal!

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