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Statistically, the average man and husband may be just centimeters/inches away from getting dumped in a divorce-- or dying in an early death…but in a weird quirk we’ll discuss in today’s article comparing the art of being a husband with the historical evolution of the world record for the high jump, in the humdrum competition of husbands, that same man is also just centimeters/inches away from a champion husband his wife will continue to love, adore, respect and yes-- at times LOL-- obey. Men, there’s a secret to being the high-above-average husband your wife deserves-- one that’s only inches away.
A little while ago I learned a new word: “affordibauble”. Alright, alright, you got me.  It’s not a real word, so to speak.Here at the shop, we made it up. But this made up word IS "A Word That Saves You Money".
There’s a very short distance in my experience between “You’re kinda crazy” and “your kind of crazy”-- and we don’t just mean grammatically. We’ve all heard the saying that ‘opposites attract’. It was certainly true for Mr. Cubic Zirconia. What follows at the link below is a blog post telling the story of the first day he knew he couldn’t survive without the woman he’d go on to make my wife. When opposites attract, it can be beautiful. Or a mess. But yes, it’s gonna be a beautiful mess even when it works out. Your marriage mileage may vary. Here’s how to tell if he/she is your kind of crazy.
Shared travel experiences have a way of nurturing couples' bonds. As you discover new places and cultural attractions, you'll be creating the memories of a lifetime. You’ve only gotta take that trip as a couple one time together, and forever thereafter nobody can ever take your memories away from you.  While many trips do cost a considerable sum, just remember that you can't take your hard-earned dollars with you when you take that final journey. In today’s blog post we’ll detail some of our favorite (yet expensive) places in the United States and Europe-- plus a few international couple's vacation gems that aren’t super crowded and can provide a great couple’s vacation experience at a fraction of the cost most of our customers spend on just everyday life.  Whether inexpensive or luxury, couple’s vacation trips like these can be money well spent because it's sure to be an enriching experience that complements your love and enhances your time together.
We believe much of the unhappiness in many otherwise average marriages can be traced back to the question: “Who do you compare yourselves with?”. If your comparison ‘benchmark’ is other couples who you feel are happier, more intimate, more intelligent, more beautiful, more popular, more compatible, more powerful, more accomplished, fitter and wealthier than you and your partner? Well, that kind of marriage comparison is a giant, 34-car pile-up waiting to happen. Here’s the solution.
7574 words? Yep, this post is that important! My promise to you, pal: Talk with your wife like this, and follow through on the promises made inherent in these 52 "I love you" alternative phrases-- and you’ll melt her heart, flirt like a king showing your queen you find her as desirable and as sexy as you ever did, confirm her trust that she’s safe with telling you anything under any circumstances, decrease her stress, up her confidence, make her feel listened to and understood, increase the dopamine hit of feeling appreciated, renew her attraction for you, and re-affirm why she married you in the first place. Oh yeah, and blowjobs too. -- Mr. Cubic Zirconia
When love is fresh and/or marriage is new, it’s easy for a couple to believe their little two-person exception to the rule has everything figured out -- to be sure that nothing will cause them to argue, her to to raise her voice, or him to be angry (certainly nothing as dumb as dirty laundry left on the floor).  Romance novels reinforce the expectation that every perfect line of a perfect couple's perfect dialogue will live forever in their memories (promising an incredible connection, lust, trust, compatibility and amazing sex-- with little stress and few disagreements). SPOILER ALERT: A happy marriage isn’t easy: 7 things your romance novel doesn’t tell you about marriage success.
Funny, public, private, complicated, or perfectly simple—when you both look back on the moment you proposed, if you smile and feel the warmth of your love, you will know that your proposal was exactly right for the two of you. Here are ten engagement proposal ideas to create a memorable proposal story for you both-- a “how he asked” answer you'll each enjoy telling for years and decades to come.
After 24 years online, it's about time we had a Cyber Monday sale! For 25 hours only, take 25% off almost everything we make and sell* with promo code: 24yearsabouttime
Imagine if you had a crystal ball and could fast forward your life to 6 months from now and take a peek at what awaits.  What would your relationship with your significant other look like? Would you finally be engaged? Would you have transitioned from engaged to having had a wedding? Would your marriage be out of the rut it’s kinda gotten in recently? Would the two of you be healthier, wealthier and happier? Would you be enjoying more quality time as a couple? Would you live a life of more sex, less stress, more fun, less arguing?This future version of yourselves is possible.Here’s a “smart” way to make it happen, together.
Excerpt: Today’s Topic: 7 Habits of Husbands that Rock I can’t say my husband is each of these all of the time. But I know I’m not the only woman who wishes for a husband who made these habits a part of his regular daily life. -- Mrs. Cubic Zirconia P.S. Ladies, leave a blog comment with your own rockin’ husband favorite habit. I think we want to ship 1-2 lucky commenters a freebie in the mail for their comments.
Roses are red, violets are blue, marriage is forever when you say “I do”. Marriage is meant to be for life, right? And divorce is expensive.  It takes a toll on your health, emotions, relationships, finances and state of mind.  Here are 9 poetic reasons a couple might consider couples’ counseling first before putting themselves through the pain, cost and hassle of dissolving a marriage: Once upon a midnight dreary, divorce can make your health contrary Two roads diverged in a wood and I? I might have to pay alimony till I die My love is like a red, red rose; maintaining two households really blows Continued on the blog...Roses are red, violets are blue, counseling is cheaper than divorce for two
On an episode of truTV’s “Adam Ruins Everything”, in just 3 minutes and 53 seconds comedian Adam Conover completely destroyed the common beliefs that the diamond engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and a marriage proposal tradition handed down from generations since antiquity. After watching this funny and incisive video, if you can correctly answer just 5 simple multiple choice questions-- the answers to which are in the video-- you will get a free gift card worth $50 USD to purchase anything you want.
Frankly, the U.S. higher education system might be the biggest scam running. And the way Big Pharma continues profiting off of drugs for those dying in late stage cancer misery-- and buying up and closing down any companies doing research on early cancer detection measures-- may be the most evil thing we’ve seen in the world of business. In our opinion...not far behind on the scammy and evil list, however, is the diamond engagement ring.Beyond the many, MANY lies the diamond industry has told for decades-- these solitaire swindlers have commercialized the emotion of love and somehow managed to transform a personal and thoughtful gift into a status symbol that has come to be measured-- and judged-- by the size (and the price tag). Yeah, we know that sounds more than a little  ‘tin-foil-hat’ crazy to some people.   But if you’re not already a definite ‘Diamond Doubter’, we're not asking a person to believe anything just yet-- until he or she can see the evidence for themselves. All we ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while we show you our proof that 'the more he spends, the more he loves her' is absolute bullshit.
To live is to risk-- and it always has been. So to love is to risk, too. Sorry, but there can be no love without the risk of loss, grief, screwing up, sadness and dissolution of the relationship.  But why dwell on it? Today’s post is about accepting the risk of relationship loss as one price to pay for the pursuit of happiness in that relationship.

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