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On an episode of truTV’s “Adam Ruins Everything”, in just 3 minutes and 53 seconds comedian Adam Conover completely destroyed the common beliefs that the diamond engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and a marriage proposal tradition handed down from generations since antiquity. After watching this funny and incisive video, if you can correctly answer just 5 simple multiple choice questions-- the answers to which are in the video-- you will get a free gift card worth $50 USD to purchase anything you want.
This is one of our favorite recurring date ideas as a couple. Guessing “who done it?” with murder mystery theater can be a really fun date idea you can often do again and again over the course of a long relationship (with different stories each time because the theater troupes that do these kinds of shows regularly change the show so as to have a mystery that appeals to the same people who previously saw the last show.) And who knows, you might even be good enough at it to win! -- Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Zirconia
Planning a wedding can be stressful! Protect your sanity and pursue plenty of leisure time activities. If you’re gonna relax and watch a movie -- alone or with your future spouse-- why not pick one of these 33 movies curated by and get a little wedding planning inspiration along with your vegetative entertainment? Quality time together is especially important if either of you has snapped at each other recently. If it’s getting too hot in here, let’s lower the thermostat with a few silver screen laughs.
When people buy from our company, some customers are pleased to hear that we give 4% of our gross profit to organizations we care about. (It doesn’t increase customer prices, just decreases the amount of cash left over for the owners to split after paying all the costs to run the biz) We’ve been especially active in and around our home area of Kentucky. Today I wanted to tell you a bit about 3 of these Kentucky organizations and why we’ve supported them-- and hope you will consider doing so, too. Louisville Leopard Percussionists Royal Family Kids of Kentucky Ronald McDonald House of Kentuckiana
Do you cook together with your significant other? Cooking can be a chore.  It can be a chore, too for couples cooking together…or it can be great quality time-- a cheap, easy, simple and relaxing couples’ hobby to reconnect after some time apart. Cooking together regularly with my wife is one of my greatest pleasures.  With the right ingredients, cooking together is a recipe not just for tasty food but for a stronger relationship, too.  Here’s what Mrs. Cubic Zirconia and I think are the ingredients to doing it right.
Plenty of parents teach their children the importance of brushing their teeth, how to cook a pot roast or that they must look both ways before crossing the street. Yet parents of previous generations didn’t teach their kids much about: how to have a healthy sex life how to deal with interpersonal conflict in the home how to handle change. If your experience was anything like ours, your parents did a shitty job preparing you for marriage.Here are 3 things your parents probably didn’t tell you about marriage, either: Thing 1: Diplomacy or Divorce (Get Ready to Negotiate) Thing 2: Sex Is Fun…Usually Thing 3: Everything Changes (So Will You, Your Spouse, and Your Marriage) Let’s not blame too much, ok? It’s unlikely whomever raised you learned these things from whomever raised them either.
Building a home together– while it may be super stressful– can also be one of the most fun couple’s activities in a lifetime of life, love and laughter. If you’re currently building a house, this 10-step blueprint might give you some tips. But more importantly…if you’re married, reading today’s post showing how building a house is like building a marriage could help strengthen your relationship. And if you’re married AND building a house together with your significant other... God help you ('cuz that ish can be stressful).
Marriage can be ugly. You’ll sometimes see the absolute worst in someone: sad, mad, unlovable, irrational, or being stubborn as an ass. Frankly, no matter how healthy your relationship is, arguments are bound to happen. Sometimes a couple’s disagreement becoming a “fight” can even be helpful if it allows partners to clear the air and arrive at solutions to problems. However, these 9 BIG argument issues are best dealt with early, often and with small stakes in a relationship-- or they can blow up from small disagreements into a fight so big it’s the impetus to damage a marriage forever…and even bring an end to something meant to last a lifetime. Here's how we think you can avoid that.
We're guessing that most of our readers and customers may experiment at times with something spicier than normal in the sex department, but that-- like us-- you, too, probably don't keep a gigantic motorized ‘cowgirl’ sex saddle or electronic blowjob machine in your closet. Even though there are women who’ve never experienced an orgasm-- and women who most predictably can come to orgasm only with the help of something besides a partner’s body parts utilized in traditional intercourse, this NSFW article isn’t for everyone. Some readers may find any discussion of dildos and g-spot gizmos controversial. Yet more than half the world has a clitoris…and we’re gonna talk about it.
Marriages are dying every day because of couples’ failures to continue dating-- years and decades after the courtship period-- when it feels hard to make time due to our urgency addictions, modern busyness, procrastination and inertia. Yet we MUST make time to date our significant other regularly-- especially after marriage and children. It’s important…but IT'LL NEVER BE URGENT (until and unless it becomes almost too late). You can make it easy despite a busy life by creating a date ritual with some basic pre-planning of what to do, where and how. Here's one date ritual we have to ensure quality time together, both free and costing money-- time without kids, having zero errands to run, no tasks to complete and with no agenda except enjoying one another’s company. -- Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Zirconia
Here's how lots of marriages fail: one of the partners develops some interest or urge that he or she is ashamed of -- or is scared to talk to his/her partner about.  They say nothing for days, weeks, months, or years, until the secret gets exposed. Don’t blindside your partner one day and make them feel like they married a stranger when they find out you’ve always wanted to move to Spain, you hate your job and were just pretending to like it for years, or say it’s always been your fantasy to be handcuffed in bed.  Those desires don’t happen overnight. Daily communication is key. The earlier you talk about potential issues the better.
Have you ever wondered how so-called “5A” / “AAAAA” diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones measure up against actual genuine diamonds in an apples-to-apples comparison? I mean, let's face it...value-wise, a $12 to $70 cubic zirconia stone made in a lab probably won't hold a candle to a  similarly-sized-and-shaped $5,000 to $25,000 flawless and colorless natural diamond...will it?
Beyond great entertainment that brought in $170+ million US dollars at the box office globally, few movies have been more influential in stirring a call for change than this 5-time Academy Award nominated film.  For humanity: the world became more aware of the human rights abuses, dangerous labor practices, terrorist funding, money laundering, and environmental destruction wrought by the mined natural diamond industry. For our business: new customers had yet another powerful reason to choose our 5A diamond-quality CZ stones instead of buying a mined, natural diamond. For the marriage-minded, engagement proposal planner with a future fianceé on the fence about choosing natural mined diamonds or an alternative: he/she can simply have a movie night and watch Blood Diamond together (you won’t have to say much, and if you haven’t seen it…he/she will want to talk after watching). 
The discussion with your future spouse about a non-diamond engagement ring can be a tough conversation when society has a certain expectation but you want to do something different. We call it being "between a rock and a hard place". This article will provide a few ideas and resources to help couples talk through the options for a non-mined-diamond alternative. Just as you can create your own wedding experience, you can choose an engagement ring that actually reflects your values-- individually and as a couple. And if you do it together, it's a great test-drive of many future values-driven decisions a marriage will be better off for if a couple makes together.
So, you've found our website and you're getting ready to purchase a jewelry piece. Then you realize, "They have so many products! How in the world will I find what I'm looking for?" Lucky for you, we got the lowdown on how you can zero in on what you want from thousands of choices with just a few clicks - all from a shopper's point of view.

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