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9% off for Past Customers of

9% off for Past Customers of 0

Bad news. as a company appears to be out of business (as of writing). Good news: the owners of are offering a special, first-purchase discount to new customers that previously did business with
10/13/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Open with Limited Operations

10/13/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Open with Limited Operations 0

We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers and your patience during this time! 


THIS UPDATE BELOW IS RENEWED ON 10-13-2020 (PUBLISHED 05-13-2020), AND REPLACES THE UPDATES POSTED on 8/20/2020, 04/20/2020 AND 03/30/2020 (which have some more details about our internal response and the governmental limitations within many U.S. states, if you’re interested to read them)


We have expanded our capacity since our last COVID/Coronavirus work interruption update posted 04/20/20.  Employees who have positions that are capable of working remotely are still continuing to do so.  Our production hours are currently reduced and/or staggered to optimize the safety of our on-site employees, but we are close to working at full capacity. Orders can be placed on our website without limitations, and some will ship within expected timeframe but due to circumstances beyond our control some products will be delayed in manufacturing.


To Our Customers

At, a top priority must be protecting the health and wellness of our customers, employees, employee families and the employees and families of workers serving third-party companies in our supply chain. 

Because of the international coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our business is open and operating, but we are complying with state social distancing requirements that have created some limitations detailed below.

A quick summary of how things currently stand:

    1. LOOSE STONES: NO DELAY. Retail orders for in-stock loose stones will continue to ship from our inventory within our standard 48 hours. Larger orders may or may not be delayed, please contact for details since our online inventory system is a bit behind and may state we have something we don’t in-stock.

    2. IN-STOCK, CLEARANCE, RING SIZING: NO DELAY. Orders for in-stock items that need a small modification (e.g. clearance rings that need finger ring sizing) will continue to ship within estimated manufacturing times listed on the website per item (please allow 5 days for ring sizing). 

    3. REMOTE SERVICE WORKERS. Workers who are able to complete their job function remotely have been allowed to do so since March 26th, and properly equipped to provide the best service possible in the circumstances. This includes customer service, which stands ready to assist you.

    4. NOW MANUFACTURING CATALOG JEWELRY. When our manufacturing team members came back to work April 20th, 2020, made-to-order finished jewelry orders purchased from our website (e.g. rings, engagement rings, wedding sets, and earrings in our online catalog) began to be made again. As of 8/26/20 we are now fully capable of manufacturing, casting, metal fabrication, stone-setting, and engraving-- albeit a bit more slowly because social distancing requirements even inside an employer’s facility have resulted in our company having a smaller staff than normal to work on jewelry orders.  Please expect small delays while we continue to follow guidelines to keep our on-site staff safe and healthy.

    5. NEW CATALOG JEWELRY ORDERS AFTER 06/25. Our website is open to make orders of manufactured-to-order jewelry items without limitation. We simply ask that you please expect a minimum of 3 business days extra on top of the estimated “Manufacturing Time” listed on the product webpage for your purchased item(s). This should help account for back-log orders in the queue since the full reopening. We may end up being able to manufacture and ship your item(s) within the normal turnaround time...but that isn’t certain and we don’t want to over-promise.

    6. CUSTOM “DESIGN YOUR OWN JEWELRY” UPDATE. Our custom “design your own” jewelry manufacturing team is now back to full operations. Now that we are at full capacity as of Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the standard 22-28 days for manufacturing is expected.  Please allow for small unexpected delays while we continue to follow guidelines to keep our on-site staff safe and healthy. If you’ve not yet made a full “design your own” jewelry purchase, the department is open and ready to help pre-purchase customers get pricing, talk about design specifications and make a deposit. 

    7. JEWELRY REPAIR.  Repair services are currently back to full operations. Please expect small delays while we continue to follow guidelines to keep our on-site staff safe and healthy.

Before and after our suspension of full operations, our teams of jewelers have tried to take every known precaution to ensure shipments would be safe: limiting package contact, ensuring stocked hand sanitizer stations throughout shop areas, staggering break times to limit large groups in break areas, increasing and enhancing daily cleanings of common areas, spacing cafeteria tables 6 feet apart, staggering and reducing hours to limit contact between employees.  We request your patience with any delays, as many strict safety measures need to be followed to help keep us all healthy and avoid spreading the international coronavirus (COVID-19) during the current pandemic.

In Conclusion:

We are going to do everything we can to continue serving our customers with a high level of quality and care. However, in these trying times it would be naive to claim we have control over everything in our business environment. With the international market experiencing such a large disruption, there’s a strong possibility jewelry orders will be delayed-- or even cancelled. 

We will update this webpage with new information. And we will continue to monitor the pandemic situation as it develops and attempt to the best of our ability to ensure that operations follow recommended guidelines from the CDC and WHO. 

Please stay safe and healthy out there. Let’s all try our best not to stress out too much, and take heart knowing that there will be brighter days ahead. 

Be sure to take your own necessary precautions, and thank you for your patience with us during this time.

We look forward to serving you without delays again in the near future,

Your friends at, The Clear Choice™

P.S. We have a handful of FAQ’s specific to this situation below.

Q: How can I communicate with staff members working remotely?

A: We will have a staff of customer service associates working remotely available from 10 AM – 8 PM EST. Team members are providing service remotely and you can connect with us through our normal channels. Use our website chat, email or call us U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484.

Q: Are customers still able to order product?
Orders can be placed without limitation online or by calling U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 from 10 AM – 8 PM EST. Small/retail orders of In-stock loose stones will ship from our inventory within our traditional 48 hours of order without delay. There should be no delays in most wholesale stones orders either, as of April 20th, 2020. Our jewelry manufacturing team will begin making new finished jewelry orders  purchased from our online catalog and “custom design your own” jewelry orders starting immediately. Small delays should be expected while we work through a backlog of existing jewelry orders.

Q: Will I still be able to submit a custom quote request and work with the custom jewelry department?
Yes! Our custom jewelry pricing team is working remotely and ready to assist with your custom CZ ring or custom cubic zirconia earrings request. Prices will be provided and you can safely discuss design specifications via email with our concierge team, make a deposit and talk through the CAD (computer-assisted design) jewelry image rendering process with our team. Our custom “design your own” jewelry manufacturing team is now back to partial-capacity starting immediately.  Small delays should be expected while we work through a backlog of existing custom jewelry orders.

Q: Will I still be able to get my warranty / non-warranty jewelry repaired?
We are now offering repair services again and are currently staffed, working at partial-capacity starting immediately.  Small delays should be expected while we work through a backlog of existing repairs.

Q: Am I still able to return items for exchange or refund?
A: We are now fully able to accept your packages sent back to our facility for exchange or refund.  Please contact returns [AT] prior to shipping any return; at this time you will be provided with the Return Authorization Form and shipping instructions for shipment, as well as the proper address to ship your return package. 

‘He never buys me jewelry’ – 13 Questions Men Ask Themselves Before Buying Jewelry

‘He never buys me jewelry’ – 13 Questions Men Ask Themselves Before Buying Jewelry 0

It's not really because he doesn't want to buy you jewelry. He does. He really does. It's just that there's quite a number of things that also go with that decision. Understanding these questions will lead to you helping him buy you that ring you've been secretly eyeing forever.
Best prices for high-quality precious metal gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry

Best prices for high-quality precious metal gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry 0

Our average markup for gold, palladium, and platinum is 20-40% less than the industry standard for precious metals jewelry.

We invite you to compare our precious metals jewelry prices with other jewelers and you’ll see that, gram for gram in gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry, we offer the best prices for the highest-quality cubic zirconia jewelry manufactured anywhere.

Why can we say that with 100% confidence?

Part of it is because of the difference in precious metals markup, but it’s also that we have designed our shopping experience to be fair.

Permit us a short explanation, please…

Three things that don't have a "wedding tax" and are actually getting cheaper

Three things that don't have a "wedding tax" and are actually getting cheaper 0

Have you ever heard of the "wedding tax"? It basically means that once a service provider, venue, product seller or renter hears the word "wedding", they charge more. Much more.Almost every product and service provider does this...but here's three places where something for your wedding will actually be cheaper in 2018 than it was 5 years ago in 2013.
An Open Letter to from Your Friendly Local Retail Jewelry Stores

An Open Letter to from Your Friendly Local Retail Jewelry Stores 0

diamond jewelry store lawyers                                        B. Diamond IV
                                          Staff Attorney





c/o Danny Welsh
Bedford, KY 40006

RE: Have you considered letting us have some of that money?

I write to you in the spirit of collegiality, and with all due respect for your company in the jewelry industry, from the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe on behalf of my clients, the Transatlantic United Retail Diamond Sellers. As the world's largest association of retail store jewelers, my client objects to your omission of such retailers from your low-price, quality jewelry sales business plan, and doubly objects to the use in your company’s man-made stone marketing of terms “diamond-quality”, “visually indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye”, or “diamond-equivalent” (terms which have not been approved for use by the self-elected governing body of this association, of which you have refused to become a member despite our repeated invitations).

My client hereby orders you to cease and desist! Or just cease. Or desist. We can discuss the options. See, that's a situation known as "negotiating." Something you apparently wouldn't know much about, Since you have not responded to our repeated previous inquiries about becoming a member of our august association, let me attempt to reason with you. Allow me first to explain the great number of ways in which my clients feel that your e-commerce business model offering diamond simulant cubic zirconia jewelry at so-called “fair” prices is not only misguided and short-sighted, having blindsided my client’s member jewelry companies, but even potentially un-American.

First of all, the prices offered on your website are a problem because they are simply too low to allow retail jewelers to resell your products and pay the considerable overhead costs of running brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, employing salespeople jewelry consultants that have families and timeshare vacations to think about, and building in-stock jewelry inventories so customers can walk in the door to browse and walk out the door with a financing agreement for jewelry they couldn’t quite afford to buy with cash in an arrangement that will earn the jewelry retailer a healthy interest over the next 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72 months in addition to a the healthy profit on jewelry sold a diamond ring they’ll cherish until the time comes that we fervently wish for when they can trade in the diamond for a bigger more expensive one to start off their next marriage, doubling or tripling the store’s original profit while they think they got a deal because it’s our gimmick to “buy back” their traded diamond forever.

Secondly, the prices offered on your website are a problem also because, as you know, by including the center stone for all engagement rings offered as a single purchase at a single price listed right on your website, you have violated the 100+ year-old secret jeweler agreement adhered to since the founders of our association took the first of sacred annual blood-oaths jeweler code of ethics not to publish pricing for diamond center stones because therein lies the greatest opportunity to maximize engagement ring sale profit by marking up the price on allowing unsuspecting inexperienced first-time customers the exciting opportunity to negotiate their own center stone price to be the best they can. I'm telling you, people love negotiating. Consumers hate having a clear, fixed price that everyone understands and you get everything you need and want to buy all for that one price. The retail jewelry store with fixed ring mounting prices and diamond prices revealed only during a customer’s intimidation by indoctrination by personal conversation with the store’s friendly salespeople jewelry consultants as a model lets customers feel as if they got a deal, while not really getting a deal. Everyone wins. Plus, to wit, everyone knows that haggling over prices is deeply ingrained in American culture so what you’re doing is un-American.

Thirdly, the prices offered on your website are a problem also because the prices should not change so frequently. We said “fixed prices” that included the center stone cost for an engagement ring built right into the listed price were bad, and that is very bad. However, I must now call your attention to a business practice that is even worse in our educated and experienced opinion wisdom from having done this jewelry business many decades and even a century before there was an “internet” for you to disrupt the retail jewelry store business model offer your jewelry with a 60 day money-back guarantee worldwide to customers browsing on their computer or other device, and fulfill orders via made-to-order manufacturing and insured shipping carriers. My clients are of course referring to your misguided policy of decreasing the price for products you sell when your cost to purchase the gold, silver, palladium, or platinum precious metals used to manufacture the product(s) decreases.

Note: This practice is noted in Exhibit 43 here (Q: What variables make up your price for a custom cubic zirconia jewelry piece?), and Exhibit 44 here (Q: How long is the custom CZ jewelry price quote you’ll give me good for?).

If the cost of gold goes down after you set your gold jewelry sales price, in the jewelry business that’s supposed to just be extra profit for you! Hello, the rich get richer, and we in the jewelry industry have manipulated paid close attention to gold and other precious metal prices for centuries, and we deserve to keep that money! You’re leaving money on the table by educating customers about fluctuating metal markets costs, and making a huge mistake by discounting your customers’ jewelry prices to reflect your wholesale hard costs savings to manufacture the jewelry in their order. My client is deeply concerned that this practice is just not smart for the long-term viability of your business ,and besides none of its member retail jewelry companies wish to invest the money needed to create an e-commerce website or lose money by being forced to create digital-price in-store display cases capable of competing with such an absurd service anyway.

Fourthly, the prices offered on your website are a problem also because the prices are on a website, and the retail jewelry store members of my client’s association do not have that e-commerce capability with their brochure-style website because they just started on the internet a little later than in 1999 when your company’s first website went online my client feels you should reconsider having a “website” for your jewelry business at all. After all, for over 100 years, jewelry retailers among my client’s members have been selling rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more without any need for that newfangled frivolity. Truly, we feel a responsibility as your jewelry industry brethren to share this obviously unknown business intelligence with you: our internal Academy for Diamond Studies (ADS) research shows that wholly 83.6 percent of jewelry shoppers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia thoroughly love going to the local jewelry store, while 16.4 percent of these shoppers state in yes or no survey questioning that they love it so much that he/she would “live there if I could”. [Note: Respondents to ADS survey 8 years of age and under, jewelry store described as "Disney World" in a common metaphor we use in our marketing, said fact clearly disclosed in the fine print of Appendix 8c.] Surely you can understand that your website, while it is functional and even kind of nice, simply cannot compare to the shopping experience of local jewelry stores where my client’s retail jeweler members provide an expensive-to-upkeep a wonderful atmosphere with gleaming gold-chased glass display cases, non-offensive soft Muzak, marble floors covered with elegant carpets, stylish wall coloring and functional décor accouterments. Seriously, online on a “website” how can you give your customers free cold water in paper cups or espresso available for 25 cents per Fabergé replica ceramic mug (drink as much as you like!)? You simply can’t.

Fifthly, my client’s member jewelry stores do in fact use your company’s cubic zirconia stones instead of actual diamonds as a cheaper alternative stone to set in store-displayed rings and other jewelry pieces (for insurance purposes). However, my client and its member retail jewelers feel it is slanderous in the extreme for your company to publicly disclose this fact to potential diamond jewelry buyers, when we don’t and have worked very hard never for them to know. After all, the super-friendly salespeople jewelry consultants at these stores have undergone extensive training to explain that cubic zirconia are in fact worthless, and these stores only use the cubic zirconia “diamond” rings and other jewelry pieces in the display cases as props to show customers before purchase. When they purchase the ring or other jewelry piece based on the model and the salesperson’s jewelry consultant’s expert guidance and knowledge about diamonds, of course before they leave the store our client’s member jewelry retailers would insist on the need to “give the jewelry a final polish before you take it home”. As you know, that’s when the salespeople jewelry consultant will send the piece in the back for a technician to un-set your cubic zirconia stones and switch to the real diamond the customer thought they already had bought now that money has changed hands. Again, we feel that you must stop educating disclosing these jewelry trade secrets to customers, who my clients have put so much time, money and effort into persuading that they don’t want ‘fake’ cubic zirconia and do want ‘real’ diamonds.

My clients know you see yourself as a disruptor,, but I don't think you understand how many everyday people whose apple-carts you are upending. Jewelry stores are financial ecosystems in their own right, stimulating economic ­activity in a range of related sectors both in their local areas and throughout the region where they’re located. The black-velvet-padding industry depends on retail jewelers, as do the interior-glass-washing service providers, and for that matter the low-budget elder-statesman-voiceover radio-commercial business is absolutely co-dependent upon a thriving retail jewelry store landscape. Think about how you're missing out on that one by not working through retail stores like my client’s members to sell your jewelry. [Script: An obviously silver-haired older guy with a voice full of gravitas says, "Now you have a friend in the cubic zirconia business. Come on down to the store! Or go online to"]. Seriously, talk about advertising that ROCKS!

Now, you may enjoy selling your cubic zirconia jewelry as a low-cost alternative “visually indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye”-- with no middlemen and no haggling, offering dynamic prices that change as your hard fulfillment costs to ensure you keep only the same “fair” profit on each sale of each piece of jewelry in your catalog -- and keeping all the money. But I ask on behalf of my clients, have you considered letting us have some of that money? It is our position that we would like some of the money.

In return, we offer our beautiful buildings with glass display cases, highly trained sales staff that are already experienced in selling your cubic zirconia jewelry product (while calling the pieces in the display cases “diamond” jewelry of course…wink, wink :) ), and let’s not forget the luxurious ambience and free coffee urns super-affordable espresso machines so your customers can sip while they shop.

I'm telling you,, your customers need us. What happens when they're wearing their new engagement ring and the center stone falls out? Okay, yes, you'll email them a lifetime warranty request form to send back along with their engagement ring to have the free replacement CZ stone set for like 25 bucks and mailed back to them. But I digress.

I’m telling you, we need you, the timing is perfect for you to consider a change in how you do business. Our relationship with the diamond cartel the diamond mining companies is complicated. It has been ever since the public found out about “blood diamonds” began demanding to know where the diamond stones we sell in our jewelry came from and how they were mined and we didn’t know and couldn’t have cared because of how much profit we were making our answers weren’t good enough to satisfy them. That humbling realization prompted us to create a robust ethics certification process with Diamonds University Professional Education. Salespeople Jewelry consultants certified under this course are courteous, professional, trained to say “our diamond stones are from Belgium and Canada” educate customers about my client’s member jewelry stores’ responsible diamond sourcing practices buying from sellers in non-conflict countries, and plus each is required by law to disclose how many felonies they've committed. Now, my client’s member jewelry retailers have taken charge of the problem and as an entire industry organized itself based on the notion that the miners and sellers must be trusted to do the right thing, every time, so long as they tell us they did and put it in writing where the diamonds we sell actually originated!

However, it appears that despite DUPE’s efforts, customers aren’t buying it. Increasing numbers of what were once our customers are now buying from your company and a handful other diamond simulant jewelry makers.

Honestly, we really do need you each other,

We just need you to increase the prices on your website.

A lot. Maybe double, maybe triple.

The accountants will have to crunch the numbers and think of how to make it work along those lines, so the wholesale prices you give us are closer to what your retail prices on the website are now, and we can keep the difference as our own profit.

Let’s talk.

B. Diamond IV
Staff Attorney
Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe

Representing Transatlantic United Retail Diamond Sellers