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Made from the highest quality materials, your platinum CZ jewelry and rings will be set with AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality Cubic Zirconia, manufactured in the U.S.A. from an industry-leading 95% pure 950 Platinum precious metal (definition below), and shipped to you anywhere in the world to be cherished and enjoyed for decades with our lifetime warranty.

Shop our most popular platinum cubic zirconia rings-- including wedding sets, engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings — plus pendants, earrings, necklaces, and more cubic zirconia jewelry set with platinum. Choose your unique style using the "smart menu" shopping catalog below and/or to the left; click-and-select check-box categories that filter our platinum CZ jewelry products to help you zero in on just what you’re looking for today.

Or continue to read more after the product thumbnail images below to find out even more about why we use only 95% pure 950 Platinum grade in our finished platinum CZ jewelry, as well as some of the very significant benefits of platinum versus white gold or sterling silver.

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Platinum Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, Rings, Earrings and More (Pure 950 Platinum)

As a savvy consumer, you may already know that there are four (4) precious metals commonly used in fine jewelry, and we sell cubic zirconia jewelry in each of these choices: gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

“Why Platinum?” No precious metal says “forever” quite like platinum.

Even above the more historically known and loved precious metals gold and silver, and the recently trending and more affordable platinum-alternative of palladium, platinum as a precious metal stands out for its significant jewelry advantages, security of gemstone-setting, rarity-based value (30 times more rare than gold!), clean aesthetics and the tremendous prestige conferred upon the wearer when those who see your jewelry know that it is actually real platinum you're wearing.

Truly, it is not an exaggeration to say that wearers of platinum jewelry in today's affluence-conscious society are both envied for what they have and desired for who they are presenting themselves to be. Platinum set with cubic zirconia is an even more rare precious metal alternative for lovers of white metal sterling silver or white gold, with a greater heirloom durability than gold, great value-to-price advantages over other precious metal options, and lustrous white color suitable for the finest jewelry.

You'll now notice that you do not see the word "plated" next to any product title on this page. That's because we aren't messing around at CubicZirconia.com! When you choose platinum for your ring of other jewelry piece, you are going to get premium pure precious metals manufactured into jewelry of such quality that gives your purchased piece actual resale value.

The 95% pure 950 Platinum used in our finished platinum CZ jewelry is the highest grade you will find among jewelers. We do not make cubic zirconia jewelry using anything but the highest-quality platinum. Please do not ask us to make platinum CZ jewelry in anything but pure 950 Platinum; unlike the Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target and eBay jewelry merchants of the world which are happy to sell essentially worthless costume jewelry with plated and filled precious metals lightly coated over brass, we are unwilling to compromise our brand or integrity to save a few bucks cutting corners...and we know you'll be happier knowing your jewelry has real, tangible value because of its precious metal purity.

Fun fact! Another cool thing about platinum is its chemical structure, which makes it one of the most stable of all the elements. Platinum is a “noble metal.” Look at you, guy who is reading this, thinking about buying something noble for your love! So why do you, Good Sir, surfing through this website in search of awesome jewelry for your gal, care about chemistry (other than as it relates to said gal)? The term, “noble metal” means it is inert, and does not change over time. It holds together. It will not easily corrode, tarnish, or react with sensitive skin. Platinum, in particular, is malleable, but not so much as other noble metals, like silver and gold. That means that designers can do intricate work with it (hence the gorgeous ring), but it will not scratch easily or lose its lustrous sheen quickly.

So, what else makes this metal so amazing that King Louis XV of 18th century France would declare it “the only metal fit for a king”? Why do we insist on nothing less than 95% pure 950 platinum for our customers, and what does that purity grade even mean?

About Platinum: the precious metal that will last as long as your precious love together

  • Platinum is one of the rarest naturally-occurring elements on the planet.
  • Platinum is THIRTY (30) times more rare than gold
  • Platinum is more durable than gold, and a more secure setting for gemstones
  • Platinum-made pieces can be true “heirloom” jewelry you can wear for a lifetime and pass on to your children or grandchildren.
  • Platinum is a true, natural white metal that needs no plating of any kind (unlike white gold, which is really just yellow gold with a thin white rhodium metal plating, a treatment that can often need re-touching every 4-6 years with everyday-wear usage)
  • Platinum is 60% heavier than 14 karat gold; its weight feels significant when you wear it!
  • Platinum is hypoallergenic so even the most skin-sensitive bride—or groom for that matter, since metal allergies know no gender exclusion— can wear jewelry made with it comfortably (see our metals education page to learn how this compares with other metals and why it can very important for some customers to know before purchase).
  • Platinum is the densest of the precious metals; when heavily scratched it does not flake off as gold can do over time.
  • Platinum requires a greater skill level for jewelers and metal-smiths to work with than silver or gold. The trade-off is that platinum has a malleability that allows jewelry makers to develop beautifully intricate and delicate designs that are still durable enough to stand up to a lifetime of every-day-wear.
  • Platinum develops a natural “patina” over time as it ages. This is a tarnish that often happens on sterling silver as well, and some lovers of the white metals consider this property appealing while others don’t (see our metals education page for picture examples, so you can know what to expect in 5, 10, 20 years after purchasing your platinum jewelry piece from us).

A short history of Platinum in jewelry

Platinum has a fascinating history. The precious metal’s mentions in recorded history and prevalence in cultures seems to appear, then mostly disappear, and invariably again reappear at different intervals over time. Probably the earliest recorded use of platinum was as a trace metal added to gold jewelry by Egyptians in 1200 BC during the age of pharaohs. It was also discovered in liquid form painted as decorative hieroglyphics onto tomb walls for royalty.

Platinum seems to have been mostly unknown to the European/Western world until 1590 when Spanish conquistadors— who were of course familiar with and perhaps even obsessed by yellow gold—found this other precious metal. They named it “platina”, translated at that time to “little silver”. Some evidence exists both before and after 1590 of other cultures using platinum as a precious metal-- as in using it to make jewelry and other body adornments-- and history suggests it was first scientifically categorized as a precious metal by a Swedish scientist in 1751.

However, platinum took a great leap from mostly obscure to rapid international popularity after the 18th century discovery of the world’s largest deposit of platinum in South Africa. It’s been generally acknowledged as both the rarest and treasured precious metal since 1780 when culture-maker King Louis XVI of France declared that it was “the only metal fit for royal jewelry” and commissioned his royal personal jeweler to make several pieces for him. Very quickly, platinum was also established as the basic metal for creating the standard kilogram weight scaled system (because of platinum’s durability), and as the adopted metric system spread in the 1780s and beyond it gained ever more recognition.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, efficient commercial processes were discovered for making platinum malleable enough to work into ever more intricate jewelry pieces. Famed jeweler and innovator Louis Cartier may have been the first person to successfully create the range of possible jewelry applications for platinum, revealing a number of characteristics for the precious metal that continued to endear wealthy jewelry-buyers to preferring platinum even today.

What about platinum today? When you hear the word “platinum” in today’s Western popular culture, it’s bigger than jewelry and a metal material mined from the earth…the word is used as a synonym for “top shelf”, “premium” and “the best”. “Platinum” the word is used as a marketing label to sell everything from music albums and frequent flyer programs to credit cards and seminars.

Platinum is a favorite on the red carpet scene for Hollywood movie premieres, worn by trend-setting style makers that move the needle of what’s popular in fashion

The makeup of Platinum and purity grading comparison of the 95% pure 950 Platinum we use in our finished Platinum CZ jewelry and rings

At CubicZirconia.com, we believe jewelry should generate excitement about your choice for a design and a jeweler both for a long time. As mentioned before, we use only 95% pure 950 platinum in our finished cubic zirconia jewelry set with platinum. That means that our jewelry is 95% platinum and only 5% is a base metal (like cobalt or copper) or a platinum group metal (most often palladium or ruthenium for example). Think of it this way: the platinum we use in our finished CZ jewelry is 95% pure (950 Platinum), just like the love you share together. After all, every once in awhile you know there are going to be those rougher moments in your relationship that, well...ultimately make your relationship even stronger!

How does this platinum purity compare to gold jewelry sold by our company and other jewelers? Even the industry-standard 10 karat, 14 karat, and 18 karat gold purities are nowhere near 95% pure for precious metal grading, and that's because gold is such a softer metal that once you start getting a greater gold purity percentage than 18 karat you quickly realize you're dealing with a metal that can be scratched easily and bent by some men with strong fingers!

The truth is this: precious metals are ALWAYS mixed to create an alloy for sturdy jewelry making. This makes the metal easier to shape. The type and percentage of the metal is important in determining quality. A reputable jeweler will be transparent about their grade of platinum alloy (and if they are based in the Unites States, they are required to do so or face severe consequences from the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies). Most jewelers in the USA-- where our rings are made-- use 850 platinum. That is a pretty good grade. It means that you are getting a reasonably good quality, with 85% pure platinum and 15% of another metal.

Let us say that again. Good quality: 85% pure 850 platinum. Our quality: 95% pure 950 platinum. Why? Because we can, and because the jewelry we manufacture featuring 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones of incomparable sparkle and brilliance simply deserves it.

Are you impressed yet? Not only do we choose to work with high-grade pure 950 Platinum, our platinum CZ jewelry pieces are exclusively set with 5A (AAAAA) cubic zirconia. As you may have learned already, 5A is the best grade of cubic zirconia commercially available, flawless in internal clarity and brilliance quality, ideally-cut to diamond-equivalent dimensions and facet numbers, stones that are visually indistinguishable from excellent diamonds to the naked eye.

At CubicZirconia.com, you can get a stunning piece of platinum CZ jewelry that will create a legacy that represents your love, now, and across future generations. Best of all, you can have the best materials, at the best price since we keep our overhead low and don’t need to invest in inventory because we make your purchase to order for your exact specifications.

Simply put: Our platinum cubic zirconia rings and other jewelry are designed to withstand the test of time, cost a fraction of their diamond-jewelry counterparts no one can look at and tell the difference between without special tools, and from the simple to the most luxurious these platinum CZ jewelry pieces can be worn for a lifetime with proper care and many will become heirlooms to be handed with pride to children and grandchildren.

In short...when asked, we say: "WE RECOMMEND PLATINUM!”

Types of Platinum CZ Jewelry We Make & Sell

 Platinum Cubic Zirconia Rings    Platinum Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings
 Platinum CZ Wedding Sets   Platinum Cubic Zirconia Necklaces 
 Platinum CZ Bracelets   Platinum CZ Pendants
 Platinum Wedding Bands (for her)  Platinum Wedding Bands (for him)
 Platinum Cubic Zirconia Earrings  Custom Made Platinum CZ Jewelry

Platinum CZ Jewelry Types ---> (click the links provided above to “filter” our catalog of platinum cubic zirconia jewelry products based on popular types of jewelry)

As you can see, we offer a staggering array of platinum cubic zirconia jewelry choices in a variety of types for your love, and for you as well. If you’re a gentleman, you can even show her your style with a pair of high-quality platinum CZ cufflinks for yourself. Of course, you may even want your wedding band to match hers (at the least in color), and we can help you there, too.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide from so many options. You can’t go wrong where quality, design and even value come together as a perfect trifecta with the options available from CubicZirconia.com. And it’s our commitment to you that you can even find something to make her smile with sparkle and sentiment at a fantastic price.

Platinum CZ Jewelry vs. Platinum Diamond Jewelry

Just how much money will you save on Platinum CZ Jewelry from CubicZirconia.com versus buying the same platinum jewelry set with diamonds?

In some cases, as you can see from the example on our stud earrings page, in the higher carat sizes of CZ stud earrings from CubicZirconia.com, set with platinum...you're going to realize savings of thousands of dollars, what amounts to the purchase price for a CAR, or the cost of a down-payment on a HOUSE, or a week-long vacation for 4 at Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Like we always say:
"If you can't TELL the difference,
why PAY for the difference?”

Want an even better deal than our normal, every-day low prices on platinum cubic zirconia rings and jewelry compared to the equivalent price of jewelry set with genuine diamonds? Look no further than our items marked down for sale or clearance.

Platinum CZ Jewelry On Sale
We offer beautiful platinum cubic zirconia rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and more that range from extremely affordable to the most luxurious precious metal platinum crafted with complexity and intricacy in higher-end designer-inspired styles. The truth is that every financial situation is different and yet every jewelry investment is important; for this reason, we regularly offer brilliant CZ pieces set with platinum in our Jewelry For Sale collection here. Keep in mind, however, that some “for sale” prices are for a limited time and sale prices may change before you make a purchase if you wait long after finding before buying!

Always remember that our pre-designed rings and bridal sets, pendants, necklaces, earrings and other finished jewelry with the exception of engraved jewelry or custom jewelry created with your help through our custom CZ design program, come with a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Add in a lifetime warranty on all of our platinum CZ jewelry that equals a promise of quality and service that you simply won’t find among quality competing online cubic zirconia jewelers…then you’re likely to agree that getting your dream platinum jewelry on sale could just be the cherry on top!

Have a look to the left for drop down menus to narrow your search or use the links in the table above to filter the products any way you want. Explore to your heart’s content. Questions? We are here for you. Did you manage to think of something we don’t have yet? You are amazing. You should talk to us. We can probably make your design wishes a reality.

High Quality Platinum Cubic Zirconia Rings

Research shows us that 81% of marriage-age adult women yet to be engaged prefer platinum bridal rings for their wedding band and engagement ring (the question of whether it’s affordable for that for each is a separate issue!). Savvy shoppers know that platinum jewelry is worth paying more for, if you can afford it in the first place.

Click the link provided here if you’re specifically looking for a platinum cubic zirconia engagement ring from CubicZirconia.com.