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Custom-Made "Design Your Own" Cubic Zirconia Jewelry and Replicas

Design your own Cubic Zirconia ring, engagement ring, earrings, or necklaces!

The VictoriaYour design inspiration, our precision craftsmanship.

If you don't find the perfect Cubic Zirconia jewelry already stocked in our extensive and growing collection of products, but you're pretty sure you know what you want even though you can't find it from any other jewelry store either...look no further. In addition to custom jewelry such as rings, pendants, and earrings (see below), we also make custom cut cubic zirconia stones!

We can make the piece of your dreams to match exactly what you want, either as a designer CZ replica or original creation from your own imagination!

Whether you've seen a fabulous engagement ring in a store or online and it's offered only featuring a diamond center stone with 14K gold when you really want the same or similar ring made as a replica in Platinum or Sterling Silver with a Cubic Zirconia gemstone instead, or you want to combine features from multiple jewelry pieces you've seen before into one custom-designed necklace that's totally unique...our talented custom-design team is here to help with our "Design-Your-Own Cubic Zirconia Jewelry" program. We can even make a "backup insurance" copy of your existing diamond engagement ring featuring Cubic Zirconia, or copy your favorite aunt's dangle hoop earrings that she bought at a small boutique while traveling in Europe.

The PhoebeWhether the custom-designed Cubic Zirconia jewelry piece you’re dreaming about is a futuristic or classical design, our team is ready and able to assist you in making just about any jewelry to your exact specifications become a manufactured reality in your choice of precious metals-- with the best AAAAA diamond-quality Cubic Zirconia gemstones commercially available.

We do not make custom-designed jewelry using anything but the highest-quality metal materials. If you choose sterling silver, it will be pure 925 sterling silver which will be rhodium plated for extra protection and shine. If you choose gold, it will be solid gold. If you choose the platinum, it will be pure 950 platinum. Please do not ask us to make jewelry in anything but pure precious metals; we are unwilling to compromise our brand or integrity to save a few bucks cutting corners, and we know you'll be happier knowing your jewelry has real, tangible value because of its precious metal purity.

We handle every stage of jewelry design, manufacture, and repair under our virtual roof with speed, precision craftsmanship, and an eye to what will make our customers— and their gift recipients— look and feel beautiful.

From a replica picture, rough sketch or verbal description of desired features you provide our attentive customer service representatives through a realistic computer rendering created for your approval by our skilled technical artisans, to the casting mold creation engineered by our jewelry designers, here at we craft our custom-manufactured Cubic Zirconia jewelry to your complete satisfaction.

Go ahead and get started creating your one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or other Cubic Zirconia jewelry, with the help of the one and only!

Click HERE to Design your Own Cubic Zirconia Ring or Engagement Ring

Click HERE to Design your Own Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Click HERE to Design your Own Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Click HERE to Design your Own Cubic Zirconia Pendant

All custom jewelry orders initiated through the "Design Your Own Custom Jewelry" program are only refundable up until our company receives your approval of the CAD digital design rendering, and once manufacturing begins are considered to be delivered as a non-refundable service and not a product.  "Design Your Own Custom Jewelry" orders are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee including Lifetime Warranty, and include FREE shipping to many locations!

 (If price is very important, when you get your price quote emailed to you be sure to ask about potential discounts available on engagement rings with our unique "Custom Design Resale Permission with Naming Rights" program!)

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