Have you ever wondered why in Western/American culture it’s considered the norm to buy and gift a diamond engagement ring?

  • You may think of it as a tradition handed down from generations since antiquity.
  • You may think of the diamond engagement ring as a timeless symbol of love.

But in reality, it’s neither. 

On an episode of truTV’s “Adam Ruins Everything”, comedian Adam Conover completely destroyed both common beliefs in just 3 minutes and 53 seconds.

We couldn’t have said it better*, Adam.

And for that reason, we’re willing to pay you $50 for less than 4 minutes of your time to watch this funny, insightful, incisive and irreverent video.

After watching the video, if you can correctly answer just 5 simple multiple choice questions-- the answers to which are in the video-- you will get a free CubicZirconia.com gift card worth $50 USD to purchase anything you want.

 Adam Ruins Diamond Engagement Rings


Watch the 4 minute video above, answer 5 simple questions correctly and you too can receive a free $50 gift card from CubicZirconia.com, The Clear Choice for Cubic Zirconia ™.

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The only difference between this free gift card and a gift card purchased from our company is the purchased one has no expiry...and this one you can get as a free gift is good for only 12 months. Fair enough?

* Though we might have said it with fewer curse words. 

NSFW / Not safe for kids. Please note that while it aired on cable television, there is some profanity in this video. While cursing isn’t always appropriate, we discussed this video in the shop and felt it was more funny and educational than offensive.  If you think it’s in bad taste, please accept our apologies in advance (we were absent on "Etiquette Day" in middle school).