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Couples looking for alternatives to going to the jewelry store and signing up for payments to go into debt on a diamond engagement ring are in a very powerful position, in my experience, because they're open to the idea that where they can start shopping for a symbol of their everlasting affection doesn't have to be where advertising-driven societal norms tell them they should start.

As an alternative, some customers have begun to learn to do simple math and paint the picture for themselves of what's possible with the savings of Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond for engagement jewelry.

For example, when you pay $2000 for a platinum-and-CZ engagement ring from our company,, you're likely getting a piece of jewelry that no one can look and see the difference between it and a platinum-and-diamond version of the same thing from a retail diamond store -- often from the same manufacturer-- at a cost of $25,000 or more instead.

What could your readers do with the $23,000 difference? Book a two-week honeymoon? Put a down payment on a house? Start a college fund for their children? customers have done all those things and more.

In a nutshell, many of our happy customers are like myself— proud to buy and wear cubic zirconia gemstones as an alternative to overpriced diamonds that are visually indistinguishable.

However, many are also happy that the non-discernible difference of high-quality CZ such as that used by our company compared to diamond engagement jewelry allows the couple to ‘pretend’ that their bridal jewelry is diamond, and secretly invest the difference in cost in things that actually bring them joy, pleasure, better financial standing, and/or advance their position in the world as a couple with a new and brighter future together.

What could be a more creative or authentic gift for a newly engaged couple to give *themselves* than the secure knowledge that they paid for their entire wedding with CASH, paid for their honeymoon package with CASH, and/or put a down payment on a new home in CASH— without needing help from mom and dad— all with the hard cash savings between the diamond ring and a high-quality CZ engagement ring none of their friends or family could tell the difference between anyway without being told?

You’d be amazed what an extra $10-30,000 can do for a couple starting out in their new life together, and that’s an average US dollar figure for savings our custom engagement ring customers ( experience buying our jewelry versus the same thing crowned and set with diamonds instead of cubic zirconia.

When you’re looking for creative ways to finance your dream engagement jewelry…perhaps the answer is not to stretch to finance it at all, but instead imagine what else you could purchase with the money you had earmarked already, by electing a more inexpensive choice for engagement jewelry.

Buyers of high-quality CZ engagement jewelry once worried about the upcoming cost of staging their dream wedding often realize that the money they need to spend on their dream wedding was right there in their bank accounts already before man and woman become man and fiancée?

How cool is it that this couple can access that money simply by choosing a different option for engagement jewelry than what society says is the norm with diamonds?

There’s nothing wrong with snubbing traditions perpetuated by a consumer culture that causes couples to go into DEBT to live up to an impossible standard to please other people and receive a one-time ego boost for an ultra-expensive wedding and expensive engagement jewelry…and men and women I talk to daily are certainly happy to accept the trade-off of choosing CZ vs diamond with increasing numbers.

All it takes is putting pencil to paper and seeing the difference, like our customers do who find the perfect diamond engagement ring or wedding set in Sterling Silver, Gold, Palladium, or Platinum, and ask us to create an identical copy ring or set with Cubic Zirconia as a custom quote. When you start thinking of what you can do with that extra $5000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 or more…it tends to make smart couples realize they have a choice.

They can choose to support consumer traditions fueled by hundreds of years of hard-core brain-wash level advertising by some of the richest and most ruthless businesses in the world (diamond mining cartels), go into debt for a fairytale and ignore the realities of life and marriage being more than one day, becoming just another ‘me too’ story on the road to a rocky relationship strained for YEARS by mistakes together in the relatively brief engagement and wedding planning process…or they can choose differently.

I’ve even seen couples can pay for not only the wedding, but also the week-long international honeymoon, AND the down-payment on the new home for the married couple—all with savings of buying Cubic Zirconia bridal jewelry versus diamond bridal jewelry—and have NO ONE know the difference but the happy couple themselves.

How’s that for creative financing?

Mr. Cubic Zirconia


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