Enjoy some creative tips to have fun and save money with a great wedding, shared by a recent survey of some www.CubicZirconia.com engagement ring customers:

A. Rent a Photo Booth - there for four reasons a photo booth is a great idea at weddings:

1) Funny pictures for kids with costumes and props keeps them occupied and helps with child-boredom that can ruin a great affair for parents having a good time.
2) Also good for guests to take pictures for a printed photo album book the couple will compile as a photo record of their special day! This can be done very inexpensively.       
3) An optional addition to this idea is to make two extra copies of the photo album later with a very nice binding and publishing effort and provide photo guest book plus printed photo album book with wedding pictures to both sets of couple's parents as gift afterwards.
4) Relatively inexpensive entertainment during the wedding-- compared to other types of rental/hire entertainment and you can use the “output” pictures to create lasting memories and gifts so there is a functional plus to this expense that isn’t just about having fun.


B. BobbleHeads.com custom couple caricature cake toppers are really cool, and most people have never seen them. For a “wow” that will have wedding guests talking, at the price, you really can’t beat it.

[[Disclosure by CubicZirconia.com VP of Marketing Danny Welsh: while this idea was submitted by one of our customers, I do have a personal relationship with the owner of Bobbleheads.com business Mr. Royal, and while I also endorse the product and business I thought you should know that relationship!]]

C. Release a sky wish lantern balloon (light with fire) and mention deceased relatives who couldn't be there on a touching ceremony that is common in Oriental countries but tends to be something many people in the West haven't seen at a wedding.

It’s very inexpensive, just a few bucks, but surely makes an impression on wedding guests. [[note from Danny: While this idea was mentioned by a customer of ours, I have also been to a wedding in Lexington, KY where a sky lantern was lit and allowed to float away in memory of grandparents that weren't alive to be there; it was pretty touching]]

D. Place “getting to know you” flyer placards on table for guests to learn more about the bride and groom. For example, "25 things she wants her guests to know about him"; other side of flyer, "25 things he wants his guests to know about her" with some funny facts and anecdotes, some serious, and some sweet. This is a great ice-breaker for tables including people who don't know each other! And the cost is basically just printing plus some creativity.

I hope you enjoy these fun wedding ideas that also save money.

You may just find a little extra cash you weren't sure you'd have to afford your dream cubic zirconia engagement ring or wedding set!

Danny Welsh
Vice President