Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond

diamond vs czCubic Zirconia vs Diamond is harder to tell the difference than most people realize!

Did you know that the untrained and naked eye cannot distinguish the difference between an expensive diamond stone and the highest-quality flawless Cubic Zirconia stone?

Even gemologists cannot tell the difference without thorough examination and testing. 

Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond Comparison

cubic zirconia versus diamondWomen (and the men who love to buy for them!) are learning every day just how much better value for pure beauty and fashion jewelry can be featuring Cubic Zirconia over artificially-price-inflated diamonds.

Two German mineralogists discovered the cubic form of zirconium oxide back in 1937 and Russian scientists learned how to make this diamond-alternative in a laboratory in the 1970s. But it wasn't until the 1980s when Cubic Zirconia became popular with jewelers— many of whom don’t like stocking Cubic Zirconia jewelry in their stores because so many consumers once they see a CZ jewelry piece “side by side” with a diamond piece will buy the CZ piece every time…which can sure hurt the profits of those big jewelry stores with all their fancy display cases and highly paid salespeople!

In the last 20 years the industry has really blossomed with new developments in Cubic Zirconia production, and we have been able to produce a new exciting line in many different colors. Today, Cubic Zirconia is undoubtedly established as the highest quality and best value diamond substitute available in today fashionable jewelry market.

Don't just take our word for it! Shop around!  

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can you tell the difference from diamonds and cubic zirconia?



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