"Woohoo...I'm so excited! I wanted to let you know I received the rings on Friday. YAY! First let me say, my rings are STUNNING! The one ring is so pretty, I really (REALLY) like the peekaboo accent! I'm not 100% sure I like them together. I want to wear both of them together for a bit and see if it grows on me but before I do that I plan to go out this weekend and try the engagement ring with a plain band. I may end up wearing the anniversary band on my other hand. Thank you sooo much-- for all the information, it was very informative and helpful, and for your kind service and words! You guys are amazing! Two thumbs up for communication. Anytime I asked a question it was quickly answered. Wow, wow, wow! I absolutely appreciate the customer service/support you've provided! It was a pleasure speaking to you and your passion for what you do shines through (pun intended :-) )!!! This was such an excellent experience. I am so pleased with the expert help I received, and still in awe when I look at the rings. Thank you tons for everything you've done to help me :). True professionals.

I had a lot of reservations about 1) buying a quality CZ (especially online), 2) buying any type of jewelry sight unseen and 3) getting the design I wanted without paying the high price for custom jewelry. I did extensive research, both online and in jewelry stores. I knew what size stone and cut I wanted for the engagement ring but I didn't see any wedding bands on the site that grabbed my attention. I sent an email with a pic attached of one I had found online and asked if it could be replicated. Danny called me and said he could replicate it, but then offered other suggestions. One being a ring that wasn't listed on the site. It was perfect! I also absolutely love that CubicZirconia.com works with Palladium.

I'm super excited! I would (and will) recommend CubicZirconia.com to anyone looking to buy a diamond and why they should choose a quality CZ vs a diamond. Save your money and have the wedding/honeymoon of your dreams. We rented a house on the beach last October for my birthday and had 14 people with us. It was such a blast that we decided to do something similar for a wedding, except with a bigger house-- with our savings purchasing CZ over diamonds. We're planning it for 5/24/15."

Shelly Mizell
Arizona, USA