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highest quality 5A AAAAA cubic zirconia gemstonesThank you for visiting CubicZirconia.com, the world’s online leader in Cubic Zirconia jewelry and related products and services-- proudly serving you online since 1999.

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About CubicZirconia.com

Here at CubicZirconia.com we strive to bring you only the best of the best cubic zirconia jewelry, rings, necklaces, wedding sets, earrings and more-- and without all that costly overhead of brick-and-mortar stores! That’s why you’ll find our Cubic Zirconia jewelry prices are typically about 20-60% cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else…and that’s not even counting how much cheaper it is than diamond jewelry! 

And with our "60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee!" AND Lifetime Warranty for finished jewelry products you can make a great decision to buy with confidence today.

Executive Management
Chairman & Founder: Rick Schwartz, aka "Domain King" and "Webfather", is the Chairman & Founder of the eRealEstate.com Family of Websites, Former President and Co-founder of Targeted Traffic T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference— the premiere trade show for the domain industry— and an Internet Commerce Association Founding Board Member. He is considered by many as among the leading international experts on domain names, internet traffic, website flow and e-business valuation. Rick has to his credit over $19,000,000 in domain name sales and a growing number of websites and companies from which he receives a percentage ownership and income by providing one of his premium domain names in joint venture to his eRealEstate family of website operator partners. This network includes CubicZirconia.com, a business run independently with Rick’s passive ownership interest and role as an advisor to the business’s operators. 
President and Chief Operating Officer: T. Sanders is an entrepreneur, MBA graduate, and former Fortune 100 marketing associate who loves creating magical moments for our customers. She handles product strategy, manages the "create your own jewelry" custom-design program, and is responsible for company accounts.


Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer: Danny Welsh is an entrepreneur, real estate and internet investor, marketing consultant and copywriter, dedicated reader of thriller novels, lover of great southern barbecue, texas hold ‘em poker aficionado, and published author, as well as the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for CubicZirconia.com and a number of other entrepreneurial companies. Danny handles marketing strategy, targeted keyword jewelry domain name acquisitions, large volume wholesale order accounts, the company's cubic zirconia jewelry affiliate program, and is available to conduct interviews with media outlets both nationally within the United States and worldwide who want to know whether Cubic Zirconia is the real deal.


Mascot & Director of First Impressions: Meet Bailey, a 5 year old ½ Black Labrador and ½ Golden Retriever who flunked out of the service dog program for canine companions, twice, and now holds the dual distinction of being one of the cutest (opinion) and most photographed (fact) dogs in the entire world. Pictured here in his famous pink bra— which he wears out to “press the flesh” at breast cancer awareness charity events— Bailey enjoys chasing and catching Frisbees (also chewing them to pieces), wishing for pork chops, carrying around stuffed animals, long scratches on the belly, and posing for photos with his many admiring fans.

While this charismatic canine is an official member of the gang here at CubicZirconia.com, his responsibilities are pretty small and he prefers his assistant to take care of these for him so he can pursue fun stuff like acting lessons, taking long naps filled with dreams of being chased by squirrels, drinking Coors Light and traveling first class. Become Bailey’s fan on Facebook here, and see if you can keep up with this crazy canine.

About eRealEstate Family of Companies and Websites

CubicZirconia.com is operated by Florida and Kentucky company Until Then Business Management Services as part of the eRealEstate Family of Companies and Websites, an alliance of independent websites including some of the most popular category-defining destination domain name properties in the world— such as Candy.com, iCruise.com, Punchbowl.com, Property.com, and many more. Over 3,000,000 consumers per month visit the eRealEstate family of website internet properties, visitors looking for products and services to buy across over (50) different niche industries such as: education, real estate, adult entertainment, outdoors gear, gambling, business opportunity, travel, staffing, legal services, lodging, fashion, men’s and women’s clothing, web development, auctions, marketing services, aviation, medicine, wholesale products, jewelry, HVAC, the arts, online gaming, furniture, wedding services, technology, novelty items, horseracing, precious metals and gems, video services, snacks, dating and personals, telecommunications, and so on.


The eRealEstate Family of Companies and Websites, and principals are proud to have been featured at various times in the following respected news and media outlets…

The eRealEstate Family of Companies and Websites, and principals are proud to have been featured at various times in the following respected news and media outlets…


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