"I am popping the question but I am NOT giving her a diamond engagement ring."

This was what was going on in my head as I was getting ready for the big date that night.

I was pretty sure she was going to say yes.

In fact, we’ve talked about getting married so many times, we both felt the entire thing was just going to be a formality. After all, we’ve been living together for almost 4 years now.

But somehow, I still felt a mixture of nervousness, excitement and anxiety building up inside me at the thought of finally making the “formality” a reality.

I looked once again at the cubic zirconia engagement ring I was planning on giving her tonight. 

Looking at the size, color and exquisite detail of the CZ stone, I knew if it were a real diamond, I would never have afforded it even if I worked 5 straight years with no days off.

I knew too that as soon as she sees it, she’d most probably know it isn’t a genuine diamond. She knows I won’t be able to afford a real diamond engagement ring looking exactly like this.

We both knew each other so well.

That’s why I’m bringing my other surprise with me right inside my breast pocket.

The deed of sale on a beautiful property I just put a downpayment on.

I’m sure, on a scale of one to ten, her level of excitement at me popping the question would probably be on the high five or low six – as I said, getting married for the both of us would just be more of a formality.

But I’m pretty sure she’ll be blown away by the fact that I may have scrimped on the ring, but I made sure I put my money on the right investment.

After all, she appreciates wise and mature decisions.

Why would I buy a real diamond and suffer getting though the payments for the next 3 to 5 years while, at the same time, trying to come up with the rent, the car payments, utility bills and making sure the fridge and pantry are stocked…

…when I can just go for the CZ ring right now, invest my money on a house we’re both going to live in along with the family we’ll surely want to build?

It’s not being cheap – it’s being practical.

Good thing, I’m one of the lucky guys who has found a woman who values prudence over anything that glitters and sparkles.

Anyway, no one at the restaurant would probably come up to us and say, “Hey, is that a real diamond?” while I was proposing, right?

Most of them will probably think, “Did you see the size of that diamond?” or “Look at that gorgeous ring!” or something to that effect.

Maybe, some will speculate and say, “Nah, that’s a fake.” But who cares. They won’t come up to us and say that out loud.

After all, even if that happened, I can whip out the papers for the house and say, “But this house I just bought for her isn’t fake.” And the discussion ends right there.

What really matters is what the lady right across from me will think.

I’m sure she’ll see through the cubic zirconia ring and right through my true intentions – to spend my life with her with a promise that I will always be someone she can depend on to make the wise decisions.

- The preceding account was written by a CubicZirconia.com freelancer employed by the company to assist with graphic design, website design, and product photography.