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Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Jewelry Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in the jewelry affiliate program. We've shared a few details here for your consideration. Please contact us using the contact form below for more information and your invitation to join this generous PPC or PPA affiliate program -- your choice-- for cubic zirconia jewelry and wholesale loose CZ stones. Please know, up front, however, that we are very selective about accepting new affiliates.

THE Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Affiliate Program

10 Reasons to Trust Doing Business with

1. We put the power to choose in your hands as our affiliate. Choose to be paid a generous affiliate commission per sale (PPA) or choose a flat fee per referral visitor who clicks through from your domain URL redirect, blog link, website link, or banner (PPC). Show us over time that you're invested in a relationship with our company, and we'll even convert your program to a hybrid where you have full transparency about what's going on with your referrals and get the greater compensation of either affiliate program choice. cz jewelry affiliate program- great perks!

2. We believe in the long-term relationship value of happy affiliates, and are grateful to our advertising partners
for sharing their efforts, time, and influence with our company. You'll never get shuffled off into "email hell" when you need help or answers, or be forced to deal with low-paid functionaries with our company's affiliate program. If we agree to work together, we believe you deserve to talk direct to a company owner every time.

3. Before opening our own affiliate program, in the past our key company principals have driven millions upon millions of clicks to publishers and merchants as affiliates. With few exceptions, we have been disappointed for a number of reasons-- slow paying merchants, poor communication to affiliates, website downtime costing us money, outdated information for affiliates published, feeling completely undervalued as an asset to the company, terrible sales conversion costing us money, suggestions we make to help improve sales being ignored, and even outright jealousy from the very people within companies (marketing and advertising) that should have been most grateful for our help as affiliates! With our own CZ jewelry affiliate program as publisher merchants, we resolved to do better. YOU can be the judge if we are succeeding.

4. We offer a 1 year cookie on your click-through visitors for the pay-per-sale (PPA) program. For those less experienced with affiliate marketing, that means this jewelry affiliate program will pay your commission on a click you refer to our e-commerce store for a sale made to that tracked and referred customer up to 365 days later. We're not aware of anyone else in the jewelry industry that does that (most you're lucky to get 60 days credit, if that). So we don't have to do it, but we want to do it because it's the kind of affiliate program we'd want to promote ourselves. Nothing is more fun than unexpected money paid for work done a year ago!

high quality matching cz bracelet, necklace and earrings5. Feel good about the quality of materials and craftsmanship for the cubic zirconia jewelry you promote with this affiliate programWe only use the highest-quality precious metal materials in manufacturing our finished jewelry: .925 Sterling Silver, pure Palladium, pure 950 Platinum and 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. No "plating" here, with the exception of a few inexpensive products that are clearly marked on our website as "plated". Plus, we only use the highest-quality Cubic Zirconia gemstones in manufacturing our finished jewelry: AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality CZ, the best grade commercially available, flawless and visually indistinguishable from diamonds.

6. As of 2/11/15, because we focus on a higher-end jewelry niche where our real competition are diamond jewelers-- without compromising quality to sell "cheap" jewelry products set with CZ and cutting corners on quality-- our average paid order value is $558.07 over the trailing 12 months. While our margins are reasonable-- some would even say slim-- we keep our overhead costs low, and what that means for you is that we can afford to pay a generous commission per sale or guaranteed per-visitor fee for quality affiliate referrals.

7. We pay a BONUS commission-- regardless of whether you choose to be paid per visitor or a percentage per sale-- for any $0.00 "request quote" sales leads you refer to our company's "Custom Design Your Own" Jewelry Program. If customers can't find a pre-designed piece of jewelry they really want on our website, we can custom-create anything they dream up with our custom jewelry and replicas program-- offering free quotes within 48 hours. Even if this customer doesn't wind up buying from our company, we'll still pay you handsomely for that referral custom request submission.

8. has been online since 1999. To put that into some perspective for you as our affiliate today...that's before Twitter (2006), before Youtube and Reddit (2005), before Facebook (2004), before Myspace and Skype (2003), before LinkedIn (2002), before Wikipedia (2001), and before Verizon and TripAdvisor (2000)-- and just a year after Google and Paypal (1998) were founded and launched. In a world of fly-by-night online merchants, that kinda says something, doesn't it?

9. We love domain investors! We have experienced awesome results with converting natural type-in visitors to keyword domains matching our industry. We are prepared to offer domain name owners with jewelry-relevant and verifiable type-in-traffic visitors significantly more money per click and visitor than domain parking. We'll even guarantee your past monthly parking revenue for 90 days to entice you to "make the switch" to sending us your traffic via direct URL forwarding to the most applicable products or collections on our website-- without any risk of income loss. We only offer upside profits to jewelry-related domain name owners. More interested in cash, immediately? We also buy jewelry-domain names for cash.

10. We pay via Paypal or Dwolla (preferred) monthly as a default. High-performing affiliates can request more frequent payments, such as weekly. We offer a 60 Day no-questions-asked money back refund on all of our non-finished jewelry products and loose stones orders. However, we don’t ask our affiliates that want to be paid per sale to wait 60 days to get paid on their efforts. Each payment period (typically 30 days) we confirm commissionable sales during the previous period and make adjustments in case of any returns (our refund rate is less than 5%). Commissions on confirmed sales will then be payable via the method you choose as the affiliate.

There you have it...10 reasons to get in touch with us now-- using the web-form below-- to start the discussion about working together.

We're looking forward to speaking with you, soon.

Danny Welsh
Company Co-owner
VP, Marketing

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