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We have Cubic Zirconia engagement rings to satisfy all tastes ... check out the full collection below!

cubiczirconia engagement rings for the perfect proposal
courtesy of cubiczirconia.comCustomize our Cubic Zirconia engagement rings with your choice of 12 center stone shape choices of AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality Cubic Zirconia, to be set in your choice of precious metals.

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Your engagement jewelry will be manufactured in the U.S.A. and shipped to you anywhere in the world to be cherished and enjoyed for decades with our lifetime warranty. Choose your unique style using the "smart menu" shopping catalog below and/or to the left; click-and-select check-box categories that filter products found to help zero in on your favorite. Note (especially to guys): Learn even more about our CZ engagement rings by continuing to read more text below the product thumbnail pictures.

Now that you've chosen CubicZirconia.com-- "The Clear Choice™ for Cubic Zirconia"-- you won’t be disappointed with the sparkle you get no matter which ring you choose!

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CZ Engagement Rings

The Victoria

Thank you for choosing to shop the world's trusted online leader for CZ jewelry — specializing in cubic zirconia (CZ) engagement rings of the highest quality comparable with diamond jewelry in every way except for being set with 5A cubic zirconia rather than diamonds.

From simple to elegant styles, we can help bring your (or her) dream engagement ring vision to reality. Vintage taste? Done. Solitaire, split band designs, halo settings, three-stone rings, styles featuring filigree or hand engraving, celebrity replicas -- these popular styles are all here and easy to find. Is your head spinning yet? Contact us with your questions. We can even accommodate custom made-from-scratch engagement ring requests through our Design Your Own Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Program, so dream away, and let your imagination soar!

Whatever our customer chooses, she who wears the ring will adore the result. And if your gift recipient doesn't enjoy the pre-manufactured, non-custom ring you buy her from our website, then we'll accept it back within 60 days for a refund. Let's make her happy together, shall we? We know the buyer who loves her and is seeking the right ring gift will appreciate the quality, beauty, price, and even the ethics our company offers, making her cubic zirconia engagement ring from CubicZirconia.com the Clear Choice™ for smart shoppers.


About the Cubic Zirconia Stones used in our Engagement Rings and Other Finished Jewelry

The Yuli

Not only will her hand be sparkling – and the conversation of the party – but the illustrious quality of our 5A (AAAAA) diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones set upon our top-of-the-line and designer engagement ring styles will also leave a couple's bank account-- and conscience-- feeling the relief that the two of you chose to invest your money elsewhere than in support of deadly blood-diamond mining practices and antiquated cultural norms driven by an advertising culture that tries it's damnedest to make us believe enough is never enough to "prove" our love.

No matter why you have chosen to buy a cubic zirconia engagement ring over a diamond one, one thing you will not have to worry about-- or ever compromise on-- is the quality of the CZ stone(s) that add the sparkle to the engagement ring you choose from CubicZirconia.com.

Now that you know our engagement rings are set with 5A diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones, let's define that in terms a diamond-shopper would know: we're talking about stones that are visually indistinguishable from flawless, ideal cut and colorless diamonds to the naked eye.

Unlike diamonds, which consider cut, color, and clarity, in order to determine a diamond stone's rarity and value...the AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality CZ stones we manufacture and use in our jewelry are made perfectly with respect to cut (comparable to ideal cut diamond), perfectly with respect to color (clear/colorless as the most valuable diamonds), and perfectly with respect to clarity (internally flawless, without any visible inclusions, as only the most expensive diamonds are visually flawless). As synthetic creations, we've decided that customers should have a replica of the BEST that nature can offer; our 5A CZ stones are manufactured to be brilliant creations that sparkle and thrill for every size of every stone, every time.

cubic zirconia engagement ring with rosesThe engagement ring collection you’ll find on CubicZirconia.com will convince even the most discriminating eye that if love needed to be "proven", you've done it with plenty of sparkle to spare!

When we say "stones that are visually indistinguishable from flawless, ideal cut and colorless diamonds to the naked eye" we really mean it. Even jewelers with decades of experience cannot look at the ring and tell the stone or stones in your engagement ring purchased from our company is/are not in fact an actual diamond, unless they use special tools with your permission.

In fact, in our opinion there need be only 1 or 2 people who will ever need to know that your cubic zirconia engagement ring from CubicZirconia.com is not a natural diamond (the buyer and the wearer). Shhhh . . . we won’t tell if you won’t!

Besides the considerable savings, you're making a choice aligned with a belief in fundamental human dignity by saying an emphatic "No!" to blood diamonds. There's much to be proud of in your choice. Gift buyers can choose to tell their gift recipients it is a CZ engagement ring, rather than a diamond one, but we will never divulge your wise choice even though we encourage our buyers to educate themselves enough to feel not an ounce of shame choosing cubic zirconia versus diamond. In fact, we ship all packages discreetly without labels or company names. No one else will be able to tell that you/she is happily showing off a gorgeous cubic zirconia engagement ring, and not one of diamond.

Each wife-to-be has her own personal preference for engagement ring designs, precious metals and materials, so you’ll find that most of our Cubic Zirconia engagement ring styles are customizable in many ways. We're talking about 12 different metal types, 12 different center stone "cuts" (shapes), as well as center stone carat sizes ranging from modestly small to in-your-face massively magnificent. Plus there's a bunch of other features and options that are part of our jewelry pieces; we'll attempt to list many here on this webpage and link to examples with pictures for those that ladies that aren't yet sure what they want...and those guys who are preparing a proposal surprise and aren't sure AT ALL where to even begin!

Proposal Advice and Engagement Ring Shopping Help for The Guys

The Phoebe

How hard can choosing an engagement ring be, anyway? Well, it does not have to be difficult, but from talking to many guys like yourself over the years we know it can seem overwhelming.

We know that some guys are focused on other things. They want to know they are getting something fantastic, with a great deal, and they trust our advice. If that describes you, have a look at our "collections" category for our bestseller cubic zirconia engagement ring designs (click this link to "filter" the rings available below to a fewer number of only "best-seller" rings that are no fail designs for popularity and appeal).

If you're a guy who's shopping for that perfect symbol of your love to give as a proposal gift for that perfect woman in your life, God love you. There are more choices available than you may have ever imagined, though if she's anything like hundreds of brides-to-be we've talked with just in the last few months...she HAS imagined, and already has an idea of what she wants at the very least. Let's take a few minutes and get you caught up on a lifetime of not being of the female lover-of-jewelry tribe, shall we?

Has she been dropping hints about a ring? Are you in the dark about "Peekaboo?" Is the idea of ring shopping making you nervous? Here is a hint: peekaboo has nothing to do with lingerie (peekaboo engagement rings). No need to fear any sting from "Prong accents" or imagine an passing the offering plate to friends and family to afford the price tag when she says "cathedral setting" (cathedral set engagement rings). These are happy clues for your quest. You will find excellent examples of these "ring features" at the links just provided, and examples of most jewelry terms we use on this page by using the "check-box" links to the left of this page, "smart menu" options that make up criteria our shoppers can use to "filter" the products showing at any given time.

Relax. We can walk you through this whole process and help you get a fantastic and affordable cubic zirconia engagement ring that she will love for a lifetime.

The Salome

Until now, you may not have thought much about jewelry, and particularly not about diamonds versus cubic zirconia for an engagement ring. Diamonds are 'traditional', so we are told. But today, more and more couples are creating their own traditions that allow them to be part of the cultural norm for a sparkling clear diamond engagement ring...but without playing the "how big is her ring versus mine?" game of social one-upmanship or paying more than they need to pay to get the look and feel they most want.

Today, people just like you still look for quality, dazzling beauty, durability and value for the money. It's just that people today are more educated about options just as durable and long-lasting for precious metal jewelry, and beauty and quality of diamond alternatives that make the value proposition for a genuine diamond no one can visually tell the difference between a poor value purchase indeed. Now, more people also care about where and how a product gets to the market, and dislike the idea that one or more human beings may have died to put that natural diamond on her finger.

An engagement ring creates a legacy; it will be part of your story for generations to come, and as a cherished heirloom (yes, the high-quality engagement rings produced by CubicZirconia.com are as well-designed as diamond jewelry able to be passed on as an heirloom). What will your legacy be? Whoa! Before we get too philosophical, we will start with the basics.

We have mentioned the words "legacy" and "lifetime." Please don't get all cynical on us and think those are just marketing words with no real meaning. Give us a chance to prove to you how much we care about providing the WOW moments our customers get to create for their gift recipients through the purchase and proposal use of the perfect engagement ring. First, we distinguish ourselves among retail and online jewelers by offering a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty on all of our finished jewelry products and retail loose stones (exception: custom orders as defined at the link just provided). Nice, huh? We knew you would like that, because that's what we would expect if we were our own customers (as sometimes we are, though honestly it's hard to make any kind of profit buying jewelry from and selling jewelry to yourself). Love the shopping process, love the result: we are all about making you and your partner happy.

The Azariah

Second...at CubicZirconia.com, we will work with you via phone and email as much as you want to help you find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life. We are experienced in helping customers just like you, and our website has been online since 1999. To put that into some perspective for you...that's before Twitter (2006), before Youtube and Reddit (2005), before Facebook (2004), before Myspace and Skype (2003), before LinkedIn (2002), before Wikipedia (2001), and before Verizon and TripAdvisor (2000)-- and just a year after Google and Paypal (1998) were founded and launched. In a world of fly-by-night online merchants, that kinda says something, doesn't it?

When we design, make and sell our engagement rings, we know that we are contributing to your legacy of love, family, and the stories you are going to create together. Our goal is for each couple to enjoy their ring, now and for years to come, happy with every aspect of its beauty and quality.

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