Personalized Wedding Sets

    Upgrade Colored 5A CZ Center stone (0.25-5.0 carats)

    $40.00 USD

    Show off your personality or celebrate a birthstone with a colored cubic zirconia upgrade. For any of our eligible rings or engagement rings that has a 0.25-5.0 carat center stone sold standard...

    CZ Wedding Set, Style 04-50 feat The Claudia Jeanine Engagement Ring (Customizable Round Pave)

    $1,105.92 USD$2,788.09 USD

    Choose this spectacular engagement set featuring anniversary band and engagement ring each with a series of impressive round pave side stones and milgrain work. As you can tell, there's a...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Abbey Ro (Customizable Princess/Square Cut Solitaire with 'Incomplete' Decorations)

    $259.47 USD$2,065.89 USD

    We initially hesitated to sell The Abbey Ro without an anniversary band. An early focus group member looked at the spec ring design and said "It's a pretty ring, but...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Dayanna Guadalupe (Customizable 3-stone Marquise Cut Design with Dual Baguette Accents))

    $388.56 USD$1,524.23 USD

    "The only thing I want is your love," says a special woman one fortunate man right then decided to marry. It's easy to feel happy surrounded by friends and family...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Sharona (Customizable 3-stone Design with Round Cut Center and Dual Large Pear Side Stones)

    $337.04 USD$1,394.88 USD

    M-m-m-MY Sharona! Do you remember that 70's rock song? No? Take a listen at this Youtube link. Note: video NSFW. If you opened that new window in your internet browser...