Take a look at the Google Trends for “cubic zirconia” (what we make and sell) versus “fake diamond”, “man made diamond” and “artificial diamond”.

What's more popular?
  • Fake diamonds
  • Artificial diamonds
  • Man made diamonds
  • Cubic zirconia

The answer might surprise some folks -- at least as far as the Google bot’s data is concerned.

what's most popular 5 year google graph

Do you see the relative trend we see over the last 5 years?

GREEN means go, right?!

Yes ma’am / yes sir, cubic zirconia has crushed and continues to crush in popularity.

A quick breakdown of each comparison “head-to-head” as it were...

Cubic Zirconia 51 vs Fake Diamonds 18

cubic zirconia versus fake diamonds

Cubic Zirconia 51 vs Man made Diamonds 3

cubic zirconia vs man made diamonds

Cubic Zirconia 51 vs Artificial Diamonds 1

cubic zirconia vs artificial diamonds

That’s what they call a whoopin’ as far as I’m concerned.

Those are 5 year trend graphs.

And the 1 year trend is even more favoring cubic zirconia versus fake/artificial/man-made diamonds.

The great diamond destruction is in full swing…

And we’re happy to be doing our part!

Once it may have been “fringe” to choose cubic zirconia.

Once ‘they’ might have looked down on the choice.

Not anymore.

Today, we’re mainstream. 

And our customers are in pretty good company.

Source for charts: Google Trends (research completed 04-25-20)