Palladium is the fourth most popular precious metal in fine jewelry (behind gold, silver, and platinum). This naturally white metal has been called the perfect combination of price, beauty, and durability.

We love it...that's why we're working on creating our ENTIRE product line set with palladium as an option for our customers to select in customizing our high quality cubic zirconia jewelry pieces!

We've started the task this past quarter, and while it may take us a year or more to complete we are committed to doing exactly that.

You can follow our progress here with hundreds of styles already available:

- palladium cubic zirconia rings
- palladium CZ engagement rings
- palladium cubic zirconia earrings
- palladium cubic zirconia jewelry
- custom palladium rings

We're also working on a palladium education page for our website that will cover topics like:

- palladium versus white gold
- palladium versus sterling silver
- palladium versus platinum
- benefits of palladium
...and much more.

Have questions about palladium? Let us know in the comments below!