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Fine Jewelry Polishing Cloths

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We offer two types of polishing cloths for fine jewelry:

1. Treated precious metal polishing cloth: This 8x8 inch jewelry polishing cloth is treated with tarnish-fighting chemical ingredients, and is for use on polishing the precious metal (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) jewelry is made of. It should not be run over gemstones or artificial gemstones.
2. Untreated fine jewelry & gemstones polishing cloth: This 8x8 inch jewelry & gemstones polishing cloth is untreated by any chemicals. A simple microfiber shammy, it is very useful to remove fingerprints and other environmental oils-- plus for buffing gemstones or artificial gemstones to a high shine.

You receive two polishing cloths free with every purchase of our Gentle All-Purpose Fine Jewelry Cleaning Liquid. Or purchase just the polishing cloths from this product webpage.


  • Size: 8 x 8 inches 
  • Expected usage: Each cloth should last 50 cleanings (8-16 months of weekly jewelry cleanings)
  • Cloth color: White
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Brand: Klean Karats

USES: Our fine jewelry polishing cloths are safe for use on a wide array of jewelry but are specially formulated and approved for use with the sterling silver, gold, palladium or platinum product line (fine precious metals jewelry made with our 5A diamond-quality CZ stones).


  1. Clean your jewelry using the almost-free "how to clean cubic zirconia jewelry" method we wrote up on our blog, or our Gentle All-Purpose Fine Jewelry Cleaning Liquid
  2. Remove and rinse with distilled/bottled water (not tap).
  3. Pat dry using the appropriate jewelry polishing cloth (treated or untreated).


  • We do not warrant use on any other jewelry not purchased from our company
  • Don't use on cufflinks purchased from our site (not fine jewelry)
  • Treated cloths with anti-tarnishing chemicals should not be used on gemstones or artificial stones such as cubic zirconia.
  • Only untreated cloths should be used on gemstones or artificial stones such as cubic zirconia.
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