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Do you love your past jewelry purchase(s) from www.Emitations.com? We thought you probably did since it appears that you’re searching around online trying to find the company’s website for more! We guess you could be unhappy with your past purchase, and trying to find out how to get customer service help, too, and that might be a bummer because we have the teeniest bit of bad news. www.Emitations.com as a company appears to be out of business (as of writing).

 emitations out of business
[April 7, 2018 screenshot. Source: The Internet "WayBackMachine" at https://web.archive.org/web/20150407071827/http://www.emitations.com/]

emitations defunct jewelry

[May 31, 2018 screenshot. Source: The Internet "WayBackMachine" at https://web.archive.org/web/20180531051034/http://www.emitations.com:80/]

Looks like close to two years now without a website or offer of customer service for Emitations. Ouch.

Not to worry!

As a possible past customer of a company that appears, regrettably, to now possibly be "out of business", we think you should have a special discount, just for the inconvenience, and our company CubicZirconia.com is willing to give a special new-customer offer to you to earn your business. Keep reading for more about that.

Whether you got engaged with an affordable www. Emitations.com engagement ring, celebrated by gifting earrings, a necklace, anniversary ring or whatever as a jewelry purchase from that company…it doesn’t look like it’s for certain that you will be able to do so again in the future. We don’t personally know the owners/former owners of www. Emitations.com (as of writing), but we’re sure they are great people. Though we wish the owners of Emitations.com no ill will, the jewelry business can be unforgiving and turnover can be high as companies come into business and go out of business regularly.

Hopefully we’ll see in the future that the company’s website is back on-line and they are “back in business”. Until then, we are happy to hear from past customers of Emitations.com jewelry and promise to provide great service as you peruse the high quality CZ products available at our company CubicZirconia.com. The truth is, our company is different in many ways you can learn about and enjoy as a customer, and we are still going strong, having had a website online since 1999.

A good start to introduce you to our company and the Top Reasons customers have made our company the ‘clear choice’ for cubic zirconia jewelry might be this quick read: Why CubicZirconia.com.

If you appreciate the finer things in life-- like getting great value for a great price -- and enjoy doing business with a company offering manufactured products of the highest-quality from ethically-sourced materials, sold with integral marketing practices then we hope you’ll give CubicZirconia.com a try.

We are so glad to have you here as a past customer of www. Emitations.com jewelry now finding our company instead, that we want to offer you a special “Thank You” first-time customer discount on any of our products, including custom-made “design your own” cubic zirconia jewelry.

How does 9% off your first purchase sound?

Yes! All past customers of www. Emitations.com jewelry (is that you?) can use special promotional code “emitations” when they place any order online at CubicZirconia.com. Simply add an item or items to your shopping cart that you’d like to buy, and from the shopping cart page when you’re ready go ahead and click “Checkout Now” where you’ll be redirected to a screen where you can enter your shipping address as well as click “Have a discount code? Click here to enter it” to open up a text box where you can enter the promo code provided (without the “quotes”). There you go!

-- Todd, Staff Writer

Note: While 9% off of our prices is a significant discount and seldom do we ever offer a larger discount with our company-- exceptions are some sales on certain items you can hear about from signing up on our email newsletter-- keep in mind that even with this 9% discount you aren’t going to find any finished jewelry products for $10.00 USD, or even very many as cheap as $100.00 USD on our website, as was common with the Emitations.com company when it was in operation. However, it’s not comparing apples to apples to compare the much more expensive prices for the diamond-quality and precious-metals-manufactured rings, earrings and other finished jewelry we make one at a time to order and sell at CubicZirconia.com to what (was) for sale at the, as-of-writing now-defunct, Emitations.com (different business model, more along the lines of what you might call “costume jewelry”, which has its place but is not what we offer).

Again, a good start to introduce you to our company and the Top Reasons customers have made our company the ‘clear choice’ for cubic zirconia jewelry might be this quick read: Why CubicZirconia.com.


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