Are you looking for the right stone for your jewelry? Look no further.

Loose cubic zirconia stones provide a great opportunity to enhance, repair, or even design a jewelry piece that you will love forever. Lost the original stone? Maybe the original stone wasn’t the one you wanted, and you’re ready to transform your jewelry piece into something that she will absolutely adore. Maybe this time, she can choose the stone size for your setting. Whatever the reason, is the right place for you. 

Speaking of design and getting what you want, have you ever considered designing the piece yourself? Of course, we would be delighted to send you loose stones in your desired shape and size. 

Unsure about the shape of the center stone for the ring you're designing? Check out our article Which Center Stone Shape Is Right For Me/Her? 

Or perhaps, you're unsure about the size of the center stone for the ring you're designing. Read our article, Which Center Stone Size Is Right For Me/Her? 

No matter what stone shape or size you end up choosing, the clarity of our CZ stones will be perfect, and the quality will be AAAAA (5A), just as you would expect from industry standard set by that overpriced, undersized, imperfect stone you might have been thinking of (we try not to mention the “D” word here, except when we preface it with the term blood,’ and we educate about why CZ is a better choice, both morally and economically). But since you are here, and we are looking after your important purchase, why not consider customizing with us? 

Contact us with your ideas for customization. We will astonish you. Whether you are starting from scratch, or upgrading an old friend, we invite you to consider entrusting your beloved piece to us for a spectacular, well priced result you can be proud to show off.

When you work with us to design the perfect piece, we can offer you special pricing on accent stones you might consider. Talk to us about your customization hopes and dreams. You will be pleased from start to finish. We have excellent shipping, including 2 days from the United States for most orders. We will be with you every step of the way. 

So, what do you think? We’re here, waiting for you. Contact us for a quote! Don’t hesitate! We will make sure you are excited about the process, the cost, and, of course, the result. 

Tekla Luchenski
Staff Writer