This naturally white metal has been called the perfect combination of price, beauty, and durability. Palladium is now the 4th most popular precious metal manufactured and sold for retail jewelry, gaining popularity at the expense of metals with whom it shares a number of physical and visible similarities such as white gold and platinum.

Did you know that in the United States, natural palladium metal comes from very few sources, chief among them the Stillwater Mining Company located in Montana (read more about them at, with whom our company maintains a good relationship.

And we’re celebrating this great relationship with our very first Palladium Sale!

You may have read about our company’s recent efforts to serve the requests of our many customers that have requested greater catalog offerings with palladium jewelry set with cubic zirconia, and so just this year we have begun selling as many of our stylish cubic zirconia jewelry designs as possible—rings, bridal sets, earrings and more set with the highest quality 5A cubic zirconia commercially available— in the palladium metal. We are not yet done, of course, but we continue to make progress to serve this desire of our customers so check back often and keep up with our progress by checking out new palladium pieces here: palladium cubic zirconia jewelry.

What’s that mean to you, today?

palladium cz jewelry saleWell, we invite you to review the palladium sale we are currently having on some of our most sought-after jewelry items that can now be made manufactured with palladium.

Check out our palladium jewelry sale here:

Palladium jewelry on sale <--- Engagement Rings, Eternity Bands, Anniversary Bands, Promise Rings, Earrings, Bridal Sets, and more!

(Over 72 pieces made in the U.S. by our talented team to choose from)


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