Interesting Facts about Genuine Pearls

  1. Genuine pearls are the only gemstones made by live animals (mollusks).
  2. A pearl's color is determined by the inside of the shell where they are growing, with genuine pearl colors ranging from the traditional white, pink and gold on one side of the spectrum, and from gray and dark purple to jet-black on the other end.
  3. Every genuine pearl is unique. Now two are exactly alike, and as such every real pearl will have both small differences from all others, as well as some imperfections.
  4. Pearls have culturally been seen to symbolize loyalty, faithfulness, friendship, and elegance.
  5. Many genuine pearls are part of heirloom jewelry, and have been passed down through multiple generations of owners/wearers.
  6. Pearl was named the official U.S. birthstone for the month of June by the American Association of Jewelers in the year 1912.
  7. Once a pearl is harvested from the live mollusk that created and formed it, it is actually possible to implant the mollusk with the makings of another (meaning a single mollusk may make many pearls over its lifetime).
  8. South Sea pearls are famous for their gold hues and Tahitian pearls are famous for their natural black and gray colors.
  9. Nearly 95% of pearls harvested today are cultured/cultivated pearls.
  10. The earliest known piece of pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophogus of a Persian princess dating back to 520 BC

Pearl Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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