taco bell marry me

Some people are exceptionally passionate about their love of
tacos, pizza, burgers or fried chicken. Indeed, fast food makes
a number of fast-food lovers so hungry for more of what they
love that some of the world’s most famous speedy snack chains
now host weddings and offer special wedding catering packages. 

When it comes to planning the nuptials, where to tie that knot

is one of the most important decisions. It’s perfectly
understandable that a bride-to-be is gonna want the perfect
venue to spend the happiest day of her life with the peeps they
love the most. For some brides, the perfect venue is a
fast food restaurant.

Catering…ok we get that.

Whatcha think about a wedding reception catered by Domino’s
Pizza or McDonald’s, anyway?

But it’s REALLY ‘thinking outside the bun’ to have a fast-food
theme and decorations at your wedding.

Is this is crazy or amazing?

Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda recently submitted a 30-second

video entry for a Taco Bell wedding contest. They won and began
planning a tacolicious wedding in the Taco Bell Cantina's "chapel"
in Las Vegas, Nevada (a city quite known for strange sights). 

dan and bianca ryckert taco bell wedding cantina

When the two first met online, Dan says he immediately knew
they would be a good match because of their shared love of
Taco Bell-- which came up in one of their earliest conversations.

He said his future bride Bianca admitted "she'd pick Taco Bell
over a fancy Mexican place any day of the week," and that was
when he knew they would be great for each other.

When Dan first heard of the Taco Bell contest, lots of his friends |

messaged him about it because they knew how devoted he and
his girlfriend were to the franchise’s menu.

He loved the idea, but worried it might be a little silly for even
his wonderful fiancée's
unique tastes. But when he forwarded
the idea to her as a joke,
the future burrito bride immediately agreed.

Bianca loved the idea, too, and even her parents gave their blessings
for the
Taco Bell wedding, too. 

Curious what’s on the post-nuptials reception menu at a wedding

catered by a fast-food TexMex restaurant? Imagine a feast of Taco Bell
favorites — tacos, burritos, quesadillas — followed up with a two-tiered,
custom Cinnabon cinnamon-and-icing cake for dessert. 

dan and bianca wedding

And nope, we didn’t make this part up: the couple’s plan called for
saying their vows in the Cantina's Taco Bell "chapel" surrounded by
their loved ones, as the bride holds a bouquet of Taco Bell sauce
packets. It’s almost enough to get you hungry, huh? Don’t forget to
wash down all that saucy goodness with champagne flutes full of
Taco Bell Twisted Freeze slushies.

Ahhh, the tacos may be gone…but for the Ryckerts,

the memories last forever.

Does that sound like a dream wedding for you, too?


Maybe not.

Every couple has different wants and needs.

For Dan and Bianca, a taco-themed wedding definitely
hit the spot. 

And the couple is not alone!

Believe it or not, fast food weddings are growing in popularity--
not just for the catering at the reception, either.

  • While Dan & Bianca won an all-expenses-paid Vegas trip for their wedding to be the first to be married at Taco Bell’s Cantina chapel in Vegas, the same package is available to purchase for $600 USD.

  • In Hong Kong, McDonald's even has hosted a few dozen weddings with its dedicated wedding party package beginning at HK$2,888 ($373 USD) on the low end, with the most expensive package costing HK$9,999 ($1290 USD)

  • Several couples have also been married in White Castle restaurants across the United States. A couple rang the wedding bells at a White Castle in Louisville, KY (where our company owners Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Zirconia were born).  Another couple in New Jersey won a radio contest for a wedding in their favorite burger joint-- and chose to get hitched alongside White Castle “sliders”. And of course, weddings are more and more popular at the largest White Castle in the world, built just a few years ago in Orlando, Florida.

A fast food restaurant is definitely a unique venue choice for a wedding. 

Probably a little silly, but hey if the couple is a little silly…
no judgment, we say go for it!

If you had to pick an oddball option for wedding venue,

where would you go? 

If the franchise provided not just the food for the reception but

paid for the whole shebang, too, would you decorate your wedding
with the logo, colors and theme of your favorite fast food joint?

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