Our clearance jewelry are items originally priced for many hundreds of dollars more-- but that we can sell you so cheaply you may find it hard to believe! 

In fact, we’ll sell you any one of these items in our clearance collection for just a bit more than it cost us to make it. 

Why are the clearance jewelry pieces so much less expensive than our normal website retail prices for the same item?

Actually, there are three (3) reasons: 

First of all, these products are not considered “new”. You see, from time to time, we have customers who return items they ordered.

Maybe the earrings are too big.

Maybe the ring came on the same day their cat dies-- and it was gonna be forever after a shiny, sparkling reminder of Little Chloe’s 9th Life ending too soon.

Maybe they have a metal allergy.

Maybe their engagement was called off-- or she flat out said ‘no’ when the guy asked her to marry him.

Maybe the customer ordered something that they actually couldn't afford.

And as long as the return falls within our return policy, we take the item back and issue a refund. 

Now, what do we do with these returned items?

We can't "unmake" them.

So what we do is confirm there’s no issue with the quality, sanitize the piece and sell it again on the site, clearly marked as clearance, priced at a discount.

This practice lets us at least recoup our manufacturing expenses for making the product in the first place. 

NOTE: These items are in brand new condition and
have pretty much never been worn (aside from being tried on
by the people who originally ordered them, of course).

Secondly, if you so desire, we have worked out a way by offering these clearance products at a discount so someone that’s never yet purchased from our shop can do so at a favorable cost.

These jewelry pieces are fully manufactured and ready to wear.

For rings, we even offer sizing to your specified ring size if you need it. 

Some of these items have 25%, 33%, 40%, 50% or more off their actual retail price for selling the same item on our website-- so you're really getting these clearance jewelry products at a bargain.

Moreover, since these are already on hand, we can ship your selection to you right away.

Unlike our normal made-to-order “contract manufacturing” jewelry, clearance items have no lead time whatsoever. However, if you're ordering a clearance ring and need it in a different size, please allow 3-5 days lead time so we can get it resized. 

So, whether you're strapped for time or strapped for cash, we got you covered...

And thirdly, we can provide such a sterling deal on these “clearance” precious metal jewelry pieces because our company is not overwhelmingly greedy

That's important we think. You see, many jewelry businesses are only in it for the money, but that's not true with our company.

Of course, we have self-interest and we do make a profit.

That's business.

When we say "we’re not greedy" though...we mean it.

Being greedy is not true of anybody that really understands the principle of getting everything in life you want by helping other people get what they want. 

Ready to shop? 

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