If you’re a guy whose gal always has her nose in a book, then this simple, free, and highly impactful romance tip we call “Private Message In a Book Just For Her” is something you should do at least once during the course of your relationship. 

Is she always reading books after you do (not necessary, but nice)? Would she read a book if you gave it to her as a gift and said you were sure she’d like it? Or can you get your hands on a book she has in her possession but has yet to read? 

You can do this in less than a half hour, probably even less if you already have the book.

What you do is highlight or underline certain words on certain pages of the book with a purpose in mind to communicate a message from you to her (probably at a time when you’re not with her physically). 

You’re not gonna mark words randomly, though. Instead, you mark the book so that the series of words in progression as you read it creates a special message just for her. 

But trust Mr. Cubic Zirconia, communicating something sweet (or extra spicy hot) this way I’m about to share with you is going to be so much more impactful. 

For example, you might mark the word “you” on page _7_

She will notice it, of course, as she is reading the book. 

But she probably won’t immediately attach any meaning to it. 

There’s no context to say it means anything, though if it is a new (rather than used) book, it may be an oddity she can’t explain immediately. 

But hardly something to give brain power to figuring out. 

So she is just going to keep reading without giving that first underlined or highlighted word much thought. 

Even when she sees the verb “are” marked on page _11_, it’s probably not going to cause much internal dialogue. 

She’s reading a story in the book she wants to read, not searching for hidden meaning in random words. 

Plus, at this point she has no reason to think you marked any words unless you somehow tipped her off and made her suspicious by giving her the book as a gift and acting all needy and anxious that she start reading it immediately (i.e. don’t do that). 

As far as she is thinking on page _11_, who cares what word some random person highlighted or underlined? After all, in our lifetime, any even casual reader of books will come across random notes and jottings, highlighting and underlined text from used books so much that it kinda doesn’t register consciously when we see it.

But when she sees the third word “so” underlined or highlighted on page _19_—marked in the exact same way as two previous words in that book— I assure you something in her mind is going to click. 

I’ll bet she’s going to flip back to refresh her memory on what the other words were and put together the three-fold progressive message so far: “You Are So”. 

Those three words together each with just one word on a page marked is the beginning of pattern. Human beings are pattern-finding machines. 

Even if she doesn’t notice the pattern by the third word I can virtually guarantee you that by page _25_ where you marked the fourth word “beautiful” she is gonna notice the pattern and see that someone wanted to communicate the compliment: “You Are So Beautiful”.

It may immediately dawn on her that this is a message to her from you. 

She’s not only reading the book she wanted to read. 

She’s now also discovering secret communication from her romantic and thoughtful lover. 

It’ll take some serious willpower on her part not to give in to innate curiosity and skip ahead just to find the additional highlighted or underlined marked words from you. 

See curiosity-limiter tip below.

She may not, though, think of you immediately when she sees the first sentence pattern— especially if the book is older and used-- and you didn’t directly buy or give it to her. 

That’s where you can have some fun, because you’re not done and neither is she. Now that you have her attention, let’s see how many messages we can put in there from beginning to end. 

romantic couple reading

Curiosity limiter tip!

Assuming you want to put more secret messages in the book, the next message you put in the book can be something like “Don’t skip ahead”, “Don’t read ahead”, “Control your curiosity” or something similar. 

This will help save her from herself. After all, curiosity killed the cat and anticipation is the mother of all sexual favors. I may have made that second part up.

Even with a general compliment like “You are so beautiful” paired with a general warning like “Don’t read ahead” she still may not know what’s going on or connect these recognized messages to being from you to her. 

That’s when you make it obvious by including a sentence that she will know is from you to her personally. Maybe that’s because you have a pet name for each other, or a secret you know about her that no one else does, or some personal information like a school or city name. 

Whatever it is, you’ll know better than me. Go ahead and put in there next-- that ultra-personal message she can’t help but realize as soon as she reads it is actually a message directly to her from her man. 

From then on out, as she reads the book she was planning to read anyway, you’ve got as close to a captive audience as it’s possible to have…so have some fun with what you say to her. :)

Some tips:

              TIP 1: Don’t worry— about Capitalization. of Letters or Punctuation in Either your “Message” or The ‘book’ Itself, or You jus’ might Drive yourself Crazy? trying -- To find the right) Way to Say it. 

      After all, that last sentence was a grammatical mess because of random punctuation plus random words being capitalized…but you still figured out the meaning, right?

                  TIP 2: Take two words or more if appropriate, or a part of a word if you want

          The word in the book might be “habitation” but if you want to tell her how addictive she is you probably would be well served from marking just the ‘habit’ part of that word. 

          Partial marking is fine; she’ll understand it when she flips through with no problem. 

          Same goes for using multiple words in a row. If you want to highlight or underline “you are” on a page and “hot as hell” or “a great mom” on a page after that instead of doing one word per page then that’s fine, too. 

                      TIP 3: Adjectives and nouns that describe her are your friend if you don’t know what to say

              Sentences work well to express complete thoughts. “You are so beautiful” is a perfect example of a sentence of prose writing. But sometimes you may want to string together words that are related as a theme but do not go together as parts of speech or work together in order to express complete thoughts. That’s cool. That is actually how you write great poetry. 

              So by all means, pick words if you want that when strung together are all different adjectives or nouns for her, but don’t connect into a complete sentence. If she reads 25 highlighted words in a row that say positive, complimentary things like “happy wife”, “patient”, “sexy body”, “sweet”, “seductress”, “wonderful person”, “natural beauty”, “intelligent”, “best mother” etc…she’s going to have an “aha moment” at some point that someone is trying to communicate something more meaningful than a random word and phrase jumble.

              What's it like?!

              I once did this with Dean Koontz’s book Servants of Twilight when I was away for weeks from the woman who would become the future Mrs. Cubic Zirconia. 

              Maybe she cried on the phone when she let me know she had found my messages to her. 

              Or maybe I cried when we got back together in person and she let me know how much she appreciated that gift. She’s more sensitive about privacy than I am so I’m not at liberty to disclose which or whether either or both of those preceding statements is true. 

              I certainly cannot discuss the sweet or spiciness content of those messages. 

              You can use your own imagination.

              Author: Mr. Cubic Zirconia