When people buy from our company, some customers are pleased to hear that we give 4% of our gross profit to organizations we care about.

(It doesn’t increase customer prices, just decreases the amount of cash left over for the owners to split after paying all the costs to run the biz)

We’ve been especially active in and around our home area of Kentucky.

Today I wanted to tell you a bit about 3 of these Kentucky organizations and why we’ve supported them-- and hope you will consider doing so, too.

  • Louisville Leopard Percussionists
  • Royal Family Kids of Kentucky
  • Ronald McDonald House of Kentuckiana

Make a Purchase, Make a Gift

Looking to shop with a company that has a heart? CubicZirconia.com not only has a heart, we show it with routine gifting to organizations we care about, organizations in need. Each year, we give 4% of our gross profit to various charitable organizations that make a difference. 

If you're purchased from us in the past, chances are, a portion of your payment helped support an organization or cause listed on our philanthropy webpage-- such as Habitat for Humanity, DonorsChoose.org, or Canine Companions for Independence.

Today we wanted to tell you a bit about 3 Kentucky organizations among the causes we’ve supported over the years. When you shop for dazzling diamond-quality 5A cubic zirconia jewelry with precious metals, you may be pleased to know that part of our profits will support organizations like these that make the world a better place.

Louisville Leopards Percussionists

Established as a nonprofit organization in 2003, the Louisville Leopard Percussionists provides musical experience and instruction to children around the Metro Louisville, Kentucky community. 

Having been to a few of their rockin’ performances, and met some of the young kids that participated…we can say this: it ain’t just about the drums and xylophones. 

The organization's mission is to enrich the community by providing children from diverse backgrounds with percussion instruction, performance experience, opportunities for improvisation, and more. 

Louisville Leopards Percussionists serve kids in grades 2-10.  Through music, the children benefit from practicing musical discipline, growing their self-confidence, learning to cooperate with others, and enjoying their creative pursuits. 

And yeah, it’s pretty  cool when famous musical celebrities praise them for doing kick-ass covers of their songs and tweet about the kids, too (VIDEO: 6+ million views of kids covering Led Zeppelin songs).

Providing music and performance experience to kids-- and the confidence that comes with it-- is a worthwhile cause to support, whether you’re in and around Kentucky or not. And who knows, maybe reading this will make you think of an org in your own community that needs your support broadening the minds of children. Music to our ears!

Royal Family Kids

Royal Family Kids is a charitable organization that operates free summer camps for foster children. The children, who have been victims of abuse or neglect, are able to enjoy a fun summer vacation, making friends, participating in games, learning new crafts, and sharing a wide array of fun experiences. 

We first learned about the org from the movie “Camp” my wife Mrs. Cubic Zirconia and I watched on Netflix [IMDB link]. 

The movie shares the story of a child named Eli who attends a free-for-children summer camp for foster kids for one week. Eli has been badly abused, his father is locked up and his mother is dead and gone. And it’ll make you question humanity when you see the adult Eli is paired with as a camp counselor, Ken, is a jerk who really doesn’t want to be there. Ken is driven by a flashy car and climbing the career ladder at any cost. Teaching outdoor skills, developing confidence, learning to row a canoe…helping kids? ‘Pfft, that’s for suckers’ you could hear him saying (even as he shows up at the camp for an ulterior motive). 

The two characters collide in a way that frankly not only caused me to cry but inspired me to make a promise then and there that I would do whatever it took to help Kentucky create a Royal Family Kids camp.

It took a year or more after calling the nice folks at RFK before my wife and I could come up with the money to write that first check to help found Royal Family Kids of Kentucky. Now there’s a chance for a Kentucky Eli-- and Ken, too-- to heal. 

Is there something you’ve been inspired to do for others…but you haven’t yet had the money to do it? Decide you’ll do it anyway. Maybe the universe will provide you the wherewithal to do it (it worked for us).

Ronald McDonald House of Kentuckiana

The mission of Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald House Charities is to give "families what they need most–each other." 

The org provides ‘a home away from home' for families while their child is receiving medical care at area hospitals or other healthcare facilities. There are hundreds of these houses around the world-- where Mom, Dad, brother, sister and grandparents can have a room, bed, food, love and support-- inexpensively and super-close to the medical facility where their beloved family member is getting better.

When children are sick and need to travel for healthcare, RMHC is there to provide them with free housing so that they can focus on what matters most–and not worrying about the financial hardship associated with finding room and board during their visit.

We support the international organization and primarily the Ronald McDonald House of Kentuckiana (located in Louisville, Kentucky). Maybe you’ll find a RMHC location near you!

Choose a Charity

Maybe you’d like to pick what organization we give a gift to after your order?

Today’s your chance to do just that.

On the checkout page of www.CubicZirconia.com when you add a product to your online shopping cart and go to purchase, you will notice an "optional special instructions" or “add order note” box on the order form.

In this box, please type in the phrase “Make a purchase, make a gift" followed by whatever details you want to provide: a check payable to name, address, phone number, website or social profile link and name of the charity or cause you'd like us to support with a portion of our annual gross profits. Please give us at least one way to learn more about the organization that's important to you. This is one great way we'd love to hear about your suggestion in order to broaden our giving list.

If you aren't sure what organization you'd like to support with your / our dollars in our company's name, we recommend checking out GuideStar for all things non-profit.

Philanthropy is an important aspect of our business culture that we are proud to share with our customers. 

For us, part of success means being able to share with a full and open heart to others. 

We hope you, too, find the successes you seek

Shop with a heart,

Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Zirconia