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Colored Cubic Zirconia

Finished jewelry with colored cubic zirconia and the best deals on quality colored cz loose stones in bulk at wholesale prices from the only CubicZirconia.com

Colored Cubic Zirconia (Finished Jewelry)

CubicZirconia.com features finished jewelry in these colors of cubic zirconia:

Amethyst simulant CZ Apple CZ Black CZ Blue CZ
Aqua CZ Brown CZ Canary CZ Champagne CZ
Citrine CZ Emerald simulant CZ Garnet simulant CZ Green CZ
Lavender CZ Olive CZ Orange CZ Peridot simulant CZ
Pink CZ Purple CZ Red CZ Rhodolite simulant CZ
Ruby simulant CZ Sapphire simulant CZ Tanzanite simulant CZ Teal CZ
Turquoise CZ Violet CZ Yellow CZ

        ...as well as other Birthstone simulant cubic zirconia gemstones not listed.

Details on colored stones: colored cubic zirconia loose stones.

colored cubic zirconia jewelry

If you need help choosing the right AAAAA diamond-quality Cubic Zirconia center stone carat size or stone shape, use the following resources:

Choosing the right Cubic Zirconia carat size

Choosing the right Cubic Zirconia stone shape

See below to see our collection of finished jewelry featuring colored cubic zirconia. If you're wondering whether any other products we sell can be set with colored cubic zirconia instead of clear/white CZ, the chances are good that we can. Please contact us for more information and special requests!

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Custom Stone Cutting (Deposit)
From $40.00 USD
3 reviews
Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones 5A Quality
From $12.02 USD $16.24 USD
150 reviews

Colored Cubic Zirconia (Loose Stones)

colored cubic zirconia
You can purchase 1-10 clear/white round-cut CZ gemstones in large carat sizes online via our secured shopping platform using the checkout process on our website and rest assured that our inventory of in-stock gemstones will be able to fulfill your order easily and without delays
. If instead of clear/white cubic zirconia gemstones, you are seeking to buy increasingly popular colored cubic zirconia loose stones, click that link provided and Contact us for pricing and availability.

Whether you're looking for a single colored CZ gemstone or inquiring about bulk pricing available to qualified business customers, sometimes we have many sizes and shapes of colored varieties in stock, and sometimes we don't, so we do not publish pricing and inventory online.

Typically, colored round-cut cubic zirconia gemstones may be purchased at wholesale bulk pricing from CubicZirconia.com in these colors: Amethyst simulant CZ, Apple CZ, Aqua CZ, Black CZ, Blue CZ, Brown CZ, Canary CZ, Champagne CZ, Citrine CZ, Emerald simulant CZ, Garnet simulant CZ, Green CZ, Lavender CZ, Olive CZ, Orange CZ, Peridot simulant CZ, Pink CZ, Purple CZ, Red CZ, Rhodolite simulant CZ, Ruby simulant CZ, Sapphire simulant CZ, Tanzanite simulant CZ, Teal CZ, Turquoise CZ, Violet CZ, Yellow CZ, as well as other Birthstone simulant cubic zirconia gemstones not listed.