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Seeking Customer Success Hero


New applications considered up to June 10, 2021 submission, midnight EST only. Good luck!

Seeking: Experienced Shopify E-commerce & Customer Support Manager with 99% Follow-Instructions Accuracy, Sales-oriented Customer Service Skills and Desire for Long-Term, Single-Client Full-Time Work (Work From Home Position)

Hi there. We are a small-but-growing-fast E-commerce Jewelry Company providing high-quality jewelry products made of precious metals (.925 sterling silver, gold, palladium, or Platinum) to customers seeking an alternative to genuine diamond jewelry. Currently we operate from with cubic zirconia jewelry where the stones are visually indistinguishable from a flawless diamond, but have near-future plans to launch similar businesses selling the same jewelry products with a different real or artificial gemstone. These new websites will be hosted at (jewelry with white sapphires) and (rings set with alexandrite, a cool color-changing gem).

We're looking for a full-time (and highly awesome) "Customer Success Hero” to help provide stellar support to our customers and those prospects thinking about becoming customers. We're looking to hire someone to help these customers and prospects feel important, listened to, and most of all cared for very well as they go through the process of checking us out, asking questions, making a purchase and then after.

There are currently around 1000 customers each year, and you'll be expected to "WOW" every one with your attention to detail, problem-solving skills, prompt and courteous communication, and adherence to promised timelines for delivery of products or updates on shipment delays. If you’re interested, then please carefully read this entire page and follow the instructions for next steps… 

You, In a Nutshell:
This position will work from your own home (remotely) as a key support role on our team. As our “Customer Success Hero” you’ll work one-on-one with our awesome customers via email and live chat, answering their questions, proactively solving problems, and helping them acquire and enjoy high-quality jewelry.

One key skill needed is project management.  We want someone experienced with managing their time and keeping organized so that our customers can count on our consistency and reliability.  You will be balancing your time between completing various administrative tasks like: order fulfillment and job tracking, budget entry and tracking, supplier communication, product research, product search and tagging, blog posting (not writing, simply format-and-post), orders/products exporting, draft orders, customer account creation and editing, and so forth.

The second key skill we're looking for is "WOW" customer service skills. You should genuinely enjoy talking to new people about the same problem someone else also had previously and helping them through it. You should genuinely care that the person you're talking to not just make the first choice and get out of your hair but the best choice for them and for our company. You should have patience and great empathy for problems. You should make it a priority to proactively reach out to customers and anticipate their needs rather than waiting for them to come to you with problems or questions.

Salary is negotiable (perhaps relative to experience) and hours expected are 40 hours per week. Our ideal schedule for you would be from Monday to Friday along a normal office schedule in Eastern Standard Time, with a commitment to work only for us and at a minimum level of productivity to remain employed and be eligible for bonuses and raises; however, we are able to offer some work hours flexibility for the right person.

Us, In a Nutshell:
We’re Danny and Teather, a husband-and-wife team that started an online jewelry business using the Shopify platform. Our customers want the "Diamond Mystique" and the look of luxury without the price tag. As the company has grown, we've added to the team to help us continue to provide a high level of service. Some help us full time, some part time and some work as needed on projects. Our pride hangs on giving outrageous support to our customers, and they love us to death for it. Recently we've found our ability to keep up a consistent "WOW" experience for all customers has suffered due to growth and our administrative support staff being stretched too thin. That's where our next full-time hire will come in!

Are You and This Position a Perfect Match?

Hmmmm, could be. Depends, does this sound like you?…

  • customer support squadYou agree – It’s cool to work with a fun crew in a small biz, and be involved in helping its rapid growth.
  • You work awesomely from home – You’re a solid self-starter, and the idea of a 100% remote work arrangement suits you just fine. You’re quite comfy self-managing much of your own organizational activity, workload and time.
  • You’re naturally a “people person” – You organically come across as warm and friendly; empathy is kinda your middle name (perhaps literally).
  • You’re self-reliant and resourceful – You follow instructions well, but can also think for yourself and don’t always have to be told every little thing to do in detail. You can be trusted to take a requested outcome from your manager and think up how to do it, then get it done.
  • You're consistent – You don't get bored following the same instructions over and over, and you know that when your manager has provided extensive step-by-step instructions it's because he/she wants a certain task done the same way every time.
  • You’re an action taker and a finisher – Great at following-up and following-through to the end of a project, task, customer interaction, or order fulfillment without needing someone to check in or watch over your shoulder.
  • customer support teamYou’re conscientious – Naturally mindful (maybe even anal) about the details of a thing, and really need for things to be “done right”.
  • You’re a can-do problem solver – Getting out in front of problems and proactively helping customers with potential troubles comes easily to you.
  • You genuinely enjoy helping people – You’re authentically happy working one-on-one with customers, helping them “untangle” their situations and get a ton of joy with their shiny new toy (our products!).
  • You’re not a Debbie Downer – You’re fun, energetic, positive, a skilled listener, and naturally play well with others.
  • You’re maybe even a little weird – We have a unique culture (which you can read more about on the about-us sections of our website linked to from the lower left panel of our website theme). We’ve kinda mastered the art of not taking ourselves too seriously, while taking our business and customers very seriously. In other words, “characters welcome.” The person who had this job before you is pretty weird, but we love him.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading and read carefully

What Does a “Customer Success Hero” Even Do?

The job involves communication with prospects and customers, communication with suppliers (we get our products from 5 main suppliers), as well as a series of daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks that need to be done according to a loose calendar and with provided process documentation.

Our Hero will work one-on-one with our awesome customers (from your own home) answering their questions, proactively solving problems, and helping them get what they want and need. Some of this is “reactive” support, like responding to emails, voice messages and live chat on our website – while other aspects are “proactive”, like following up to offer prospective customers additional information to help them decide to purchase, or writing customer thank you notes to anyone who buys more than one product from us. Most items involve some communication...but some are administrative in nature.

Basically this person will be a front-line customer champion, and supplier's first point of contact. The job is not just “supporting” but going the extra mile to give people a great big “WOW!” experiences with us.

What Does an Average Week Look Like?

Each day, week, and month you will be responsible for things like:

  • learning and consistently using company procedures
  • learning and consistently using company FAQ's in your communications with customers
  • communicating with prospects that have not yet made a purchase
  • communicating with customers that are awaiting delivery of their order
  • being available for the website's live chat during every work shift
  • listening to voicemail messages, summarizing them for action or passing along to your managers.
  • reviewing and publishing approved customer testimonials to the website
  • interacting with fashion bloggers who want to learn about promoting our business or getting samples of our products to write about
  • reviewing customer orders and carefully placing that order with one of our suppliers
  • following up with suppliers to keep orders on track for delivery schedules promised to customers.
  • processing returns and exchanges
  • working with customers seeking a repair of their jewelry (an outside company handles repairs for us, so you'll coordinate)
  • working with customers that need to get a ring resized (an outside company handles resizing for us, so you'll coordinate)
  • creating new products on Shopify
  • creating a draft order on Shopify, and sending to prospective customer
  • cancelling an order on Shopify
  • creating (pre-written for you) new blog posts on Shopify
  • following up with prospective customers interested to make a purchase
  • developing the company response to customer payment chargeback attempts
  • investigating possible fraudulent orders using provided process
  • export customers, orders, and products and website theme regularly for a planned backup so we are protected from data losses in our e-commerce platform
  • creating, formatting and uploading product CSVs to Google and other online shopping marketplaces
  • making regular revisions to certain apps and text/image advertisements on the website for a promotional schedule
  • following up with prospects that request a custom jewelry quote, and lead to purchase
  • working with customers that purchase a CAD "computer aided design" for custom jewelry ((an outside company handles CAD work for us, so you'll coordinate)
  • replying to and working with customers and prospects that reply to company marketing emails
  • setting up customer payment plans and helping them purchase over time
  • managing company domain name investments (evaluation and renewal using provided process)
  • creating shipping labels to provide for suppliers to use to send finished products to customers
  • researching price and product ideas for prospective customers seeking help with shopping
  • fixing customer contact information problems and email bounceback issues
  • tagging products with Shopify product tags including one-time requests and annual 'most-sold' tags
  • checking and sending along pre-written price quotes for prospective custom jewelry customers
  • providing your managers an emailed daily work report detailing your work activity each day

There are many tools and resources to help you with this job. So if you've got experience with Shopify platform administrative tasks and offering great customer support via written communication...we can teach you much of the rest!

Learning resources you'll be provided include:

- a searchable 150+ page Frequently Asked Questions document
- picture jewelry glossary
- collections of successful email communications based on different scenarios with customers
- step-by-step documentation manuals with screenshots showing how the most commonly-completed tasks need to be done (we expect you to follow these procedures every time, not just until you think you "know it").


Yes! We already listed a bunch of them up top, but additionally to those already mentioned the right person for this will…

⟶ Know your way around a computer, the internet and using software in general.
⟶ Have super-high integrity, and a track record of being honest, dedicated and loyal.
⟶ Be extremely organized, with special attention to detail.
⟶ Be able to adapt and learn new things quickly, thoroughly, and in detail.
⟶ Be comfortable “failing forward” sometimes, and learning from mistakes along the way.
⟶ Have solid interpersonal skills, so extremely comfortable talking to and dealing with people.

Because there is so much communication via email and chat for this job...we would like to hire someone very proficient in English.

Bonus but not required: comfortable working with Google Apps products (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail); knowledge about jewelry, gemstones or precious metals; image editing. When you contact us, please be sure to point out any relevant knowledge or experience, and if you don't have these skills or information on these topics, don't worry. We're super-happy to hire the right person and provide training and resources to help you get better at your job.

The Remote Work Arrangement…

Fast internet is required for this job.
The use of employer-provided time-tracking software is required for this job.

Since we don’t have a “storefront” or physical office, we all get to enjoy the rare benefits of a remote work lifestyle.

Just about everything we do happens through the internet, email, Skype, mobile phones, etc, including bi-monthly team meetings. So you need to be cool with that. We expect a lot from our small team, but as a result we're super-flexible with work times, sick and personal days off (paid), as well as vacation schedules. We love to have fun and get stuff done; do you?

This is also why the “self-starter” thing is so important. If you can’t organize yourself well, or the idea of not working around people in an office makes you feel sad, then this isn’t for you. Yes, as crazy as it may sound, our ideal “Hero” is someone who’s both (i) wired to sincerely enjoy helping people, and (ii) great with working from home without others physically around you.

Hours and Pay…

As mentioned, our Hero’s salary is negotiable (perhaps relative to experience) and hours expected are 40 hours per week. Our ideal schedule for you would be from Monday to Friday along a normal office schedule in Eastern Standard Time, with a commitment to work only for us and at a minimum level of productivity to remain employed and be eligible for bonuses and raises; however, we are able to offer some work hours flexibility for the right person.

A Note from the President:

Hi, thanks for your interest. A few key things I want to personally share with you…

First, Regarding Our Culture: We have a fun and unique culture, and it’s important that we’re a fit for each other in this regard. Not everyone is, and that’s OK. We love to have fun together, while also very serious about serving our customers awesomely.

You should definitely get to know us a little more, including our core values and what we stand for here:  <–MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THIS BEFORE REACHING OUT TO US.

Second, Regarding This Position: Please understand, this role is sooooo much more important to us than simply having someone to handle chats and emails. Yes, answering questions and solving problems for our customers sells more products, reduces refunds, and increases profits. But more importantly, it’s a mission-critical aspect of our “people over profits” culture.

Having a warm, caring human being, personally taking care of our customers matters so much, because we’re real, live human beings ourselves, who think our customers are awesome, actually care about them and don’t mind in the least when they reach out to us. We truly get a charge out of helping them succeed.

Yep, that’s right. We’re like the anti-Comcast (or insert your own local cable or power company that never answers the phone, puts you on hold for an hour and then hangs up in the middle of you telling them why you're calling).

So if this kind of workplace attitude and position juices you, and being able to do a job you love that involves helping other people create magical WOW moments for their gift recipients (MANY OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE BOUGHT AS A GIFT, and we want to help them make sure the engagement proposal or wedding anniversary is awesome) gives you the “warm fuzzies,” then we look forward to hearing from you. 

How to Apply

If you think this is job is peanut butter and you’re jelly, then please email your resume along with a COVER LETTER to teather(at) Please note that standard form letters will be simply discarded, so make it personal. Résumé blasts kill puppies.

On the cover letter, we'd like you to write us exactly two paragraphs describing why you think we should hire you as the best pick for this position. Then also tell us what stood out to you the most when you read this page, and why? We think it will be a good way to get a feel for your ability to communicate. And don't forget to say something nice about Bailey in your email. 

Lastly, please also include a smiley face like this : -), plus your full name followed by "(customer success hero)" in the subject line of your email. That’s your first test to see if you are good at following simple directions, and whether or not you even read this entire posting. customer support squad


Feel free to offer any helpful details you think matter, but also be concise and make your letter as easy to digest as possible. I know we’re asking a lot here, but no novels please. There are only so many hours in the day, after all.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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