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Custom Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Jewelry FAQ- "I’m ready to purchase my custom design..."

"I’m ready to purchase my custom design..."

A: Quality craftsmanship, unique design and original “made from scratch” manufacturing aren’t something you want to rush! We recommend that you allow plenty of time for us to make and ship your custom CZ jewelry. 

The time it takes to bring your custom design from concept into reality can vary, but our average minimum manufacturing time is between 23 and 28 days. This gives us time to create the CAD 360 degree digital image renderings for your review and make any changes based on your specific feedback until you are ready to approve the design for manufacturing. 

We have 5 phases for custom design jewelry:

    1.   CAD/digital rendering
    2.   Wax mold
    3.   Metal mounting
    4.   Stone setting
    5.   Polishing/finishing

      Each phase is essential and takes time to make sure we get it right; we hope you’ll be the next of many customers over the years who agree that the quality and savings are worth the wait.  Since manufacturing time for our custom jewelry pieces is seldom less than 23 to 28 days, we encourage you to order accordingly if you have a special date coming up by which you hope for delivery. If you have an important day coming up, please contact us before purchase and let’s talk realistically about whether we can expedite manufacturing.

      Sometimes it’s possible for rush manufacturing to create your custom ring, bridal set, earrings, pendant or other cubic zirconia jewelry piece from scratch in 14-18 days, but if so additional costs will apply and the availability of rush manufacturing is not guaranteed. Please note: this doesn’t mean we “rush” the actual manufacturing or change our process to risk poor results. Instead, we’d simply arrange for your order to be fulfilled ahead of some other products in our manufacturing queue whose customers do not need fast delivery, and we’ll be much more on top of timing during the CAD feedback and approval process to complete it faster, and we’ll also ship with guaranteed overnight delivery. In no case are we going to promise custom jewelry delivered in fewer than 14 days, so please plan accordingly!


      A: As soon as we have confirmed purchase of your custom ring, we’ll happily send you a set of ring sizers to try on at home and let us know your actual ring size.  Or if you’re making the custom ring as a surprise for a loved one, we can get his/her ring size by measuring another ring that fits.  And of course, sizing a ring up or down after it has shipped is always possible, but additional fees will apply.  Why not get it right the first time? Give us a call and we’ll help (as you can imagine, we’ve done this a few times!). We’ve got some creative ways to help our gift-giving customers maintain their surprise and be “sneaky” if needed to get the ring size without your loved one knowing.

      A: We accept full payment through VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit/debit cards; Paypal, Dwolla, or Google Wallet — all of which can be used for payment through our secure online e-commerce store. Our online shopping cart is secured and certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification by third-party merchant provider company Stripe.

      It is also possible to spread your purchase across multiple forms of payment. We can help you with this over the phone! If needed, call us to arrange multi-method payment at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 during our business hours.

      Are you seeking financing? We have several different "pay-over-time" options that you can learn more about on our Payment Options page.

      A: Sure, of course!  A deferred-manufacture payment plan can be set up with a $10 setup fee via Paypal through our layaway program (no credit approval required). We can’t ship your finished jewelry piece until full payment has been made, but we are able to work with you on payment arrangements if you’d like to use our layaway program to pay for your custom jewelry over time rather than in one payment.
      Additionally, once $300 US is paid on layaway plans, you can optionally apply the monies towards a non-refundable CAD deposit, This will allow us to provide you with the CAD renderings of your design so you can see the 3-D digital images of your jewelry from different angles before you pay the remaining balance on your own time schedule and we manufacture the final piece.  These renderings give you the opportunity to see the design, as well as collaborate with us to offer feedback so we can make any changes, and ensure that you personally have full approval of the design.  We don’t begin manufacturing until you’re fully satisfied and approve the CAD renderings, as well as make the remaining payment. However, this program gives our layaway custom jewelry customers an “intermediary” step to enjoy our design process before they’re able to pay for the full purchase.

      A: Over the years, we’ve been told by a number of our first-time customers that they would have trusted us to design and manufacture their custom cubic zirconia jewelry much earlier if they didn’t have to pay the full cost “up-front” for their order. That sounded fair to us, and we wanted to remove any obstacles from future customers who might feel the same way. We completely understand if you’d like to step into the custom jewelry process a bit more cautiously.
      As a first step in the payment process, we can accept a non-refundable CAD deposit and provide you with the CAD renderings of your design. This way you can see the 3-D digital images of your jewelry from different angles before you make any additional payment.  These renderings give you the opportunity to see the design, collaborate with us to offer feedback we can use to make any changes you desire, and ensure that you personally have full approval of the design before we manufacture.  We don’t begin manufacturing until you’re fully satisfied and approve the CAD renderings.  Once you approve of the CAD design, we can work with you on the remaining payment due (the CAD deposit counts as payment toward the total amount due).  

      This is a sample CAD design we created for a custom jewelry buyer like you: CAD rendernig design layout

      CAD rendering profile viewCAD rendering top viewCAD rendering through finger CAD rendering band view

      After it's complete, you'll get to see the digital design for approval and provide us with your feedback so we can make any changes necessary to make sure you're sure we've got it right.

      We allow free revisions to the CAD design based on your detailed feedback and will work closely with you to make sure that all your ideas are brought to life exactly the way you imagine. We do not set a limit on revisions -- we will do as many rounds of revisions as it takes to get it right, as long as the requested changes are within the scope of the original design these revisions are done with no additional charge.

      If you decide after receiving your CAD design that you no longer wish to proceed with the full design manufacturing, you’re not required to pay any additional amount after the initial deposit.  At this point you only committed to what you already paid for the CAD design, which is non-refundable.    

      A: Yes to the first part, no to the second. We cannot cast your old gold, palladium or platinum into new jewelry directly; doing so could cause severe quality problems in the new piece and we would not be able to guarantee the manufacturing. We also would not be sure about the quality of the gold, palladium, or platinum (meaning we could not stamp the jewelry with our standard jewelry quality stamps like 10k, 14k, 18k, or 950 Platinum.  However, we can help you recycle your old precious metal materials by selling them to our metals refinery partner in exchange for giving you a credit towards your custom jewelry.  In fact, this is what we ourselves do with the “scraps” of shaved-off metal left over from re-sizing rings so it’s not a bad deal for recycling precious metal.

      The exact amount you'd receive would be based on a few factors (current gold, palladium or platinum metal markets trading prices, as well as the precious metal’s quality, content, and weight). While this is not a profit center for us, we'd be happy to help you determine the exact recycled value of your existing gold, palladium or platinum precious metals if this is an option you'd like to pursue. We can help you with this over the phone! If needed, call us to arrange custom jewelry program credit for your recycled precious metals at U.S. toll-free 1-888-355-2484 during our business hours, or contact us through the website to let us know you need help with this process. Please note that because this service can be labor and contact-intensive for some customers, we reserve the right to charge a $100 Metal Scrap facilitation fee for successful exchanges of scrap precious metal for credit towards custom jewelry. We're not kidding when we say that around the shop this is called the "pain in the butt tax" and we don't have to charge it often because we try our best to provide clear expectations and instructions for customers to follow when recycling their gold with our refinery partner in exchange for credit towards their custom jewelry with

      A: Our Custom Design process revolves around making you happy as a customer and ensuring you receive a piece that you love and are proud to wear.  Starting with the digital CAD creation you'll have full control of the design.  Our team of specialized custom CAD designers will work with you to make your jewelry perfect in every way and you'll have full approval of the design before it is manufactured and shipped to make sure that it's exactly what you want.  We don't limit the CAD revisions and encourage you to ask questions and be vocal during the CAD design process.

      And we don't start manufacturing until we receive your consent and approval on the design.

      But even then, we understand that there could be a situation where you simply aren't happy and need our help to fix it.  We are here for you!  In addition to a FREE Lifetime Warranty, we stand 100% behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee on all custom orders, and we’ll work hard to make your jewelry right for you.  Learn more about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

      If you have further questions after reviewing the hopefully-thorough Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) above...then feel free to contact us.

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